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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #10 R.A.N.E. (Rares Are Not Everything)

Good Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening
Today Class, We Will Be talking about R.A.N.E.
Does Anyone what is R.A.N.E.?
 No One? Oh Dear,
R.A.N.E. Means
Now, What is a Rare?
~Someone Raises Hand~
Yes You There.
A rare is an item that is a Limited-Edition Item, Ma'am.
Now, In a Game, Who Would Give the Rarest Rare to Someone who needs Help?
~No one~
Now, Who Will Keep it?
~Everyone Raises Hands~
Well, Both of them are correct, but The Best answer is to give away.
Why so You ask?
Did you or did you not Clearly understand it?
It is just a game!!!!!!
And, in games, rares are just pixelated items, they aren't important
Now, let us talk about rares in Animal Jam,
For example, I had around, let's say 8 member gloves and non member bat wings
Now, would you think I will give it
Maybe, yes or no?
The answer is....
No and Yes
Well, if you base me now, Yes
Before, No
Surprised? Yes?
Because before I was selfish,
but now, no.
Talk to my 2 Best Friends,
Sparklepink21 and Sparkykat38
And they will say I was so kind to them,
Because I gave them what they wanted
And I promise to give them what they wanted
But then, I gave all my heart lockets.
Then, my pink glove.
But now, I have a feeling about this:
Giving everything I earned to everyone,
Even rare people,
Because why?
I decided to quit AJ and did writing rather
That's why I decided to be an author here in AJ goldfish
I feel like giving my 4 epic rare gloves.
My Legend, Dragon, Mummy, and lava gloves,
You might ask me,
Can I have it?
I need to trust you.
You must never trade my items.
But, if you want it to be gifted go ahead, I don't care.

So, this so much it.

Lesson learned: R.A.N.E. Rares are not everything.
What did you learn, and would you do the same?
This is the end of the post



  1. I have had lots of rares. But I tend to...er...reclye items a lot. The only rares I have kept are the ones I wear and the ones for the aj olympics I'm doing. I know rares aren't everything.

  2. Wow. Just..... Wow. I can't believe you would do something like that. Sorry if the way I'm saying this makes it seem like a bad thing, but you have to be a certain type of person to do something like that. You seem really nice.

  3. I have no rares and I'm not famous, in short, I'm the exact opposite of Goldy and Snowy, and I live in a country no one knows about, I'm a loser.


    1. Well, rares don't matter. Fame doesn't matter. Where doesn't matter. It's the inside. It's life.

    2. Rayan Moosa, rares or fame don't matter in life! What country you live in does not matter, as long as you have a happy, well spent life. I am just one in billions, and so are you! But i am happy with who i am and we all have our regrets but we all improve in the end:)
      Yours Truly,
      Random person on the planet


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