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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #18: I'm not going to be that XxFreeSpiritxX again

Hi Everyone.
You may or may not be confused by the title.
Lately I've been a little depressed, and posted about that. I apologize.
This blog is for learning from our mistakes, and not complaining about them.
I'm going to set that straight again.
Recently I've had a lot of drama. Funny coincidence, whenever I get a red top hat I get drama. This must be a curse. A lot of you think I care about rares. I can assure you, promise to Mira that I don't care about rares, I care about looks. That may sound bad, but I want my virtual animals to look epic, right?
When I posted this, my good caring friend Rainye commented something that took me by suprise:

(Click to enlarge)
It reads:
goldy.. i'm sorry.. i don't what to say except isn't this xxfreespiritxx again? i didn't want you to take the membership because sometimes that can cause drama.. sorry goldy that you feel so sad right now. =/

isn't this xxfreespiritxx again?
isn't this xxfreespiritxx again?
isn't this xxfreespiritxx again?

Those words rang in my head. I don't want to be my old self. That's why I gave away everything and switched. I don't want to be a whiner, selfish, jerk who only cares about rares and is snotty to everyone. I'm going to stop complaining, and focus on the good things in Jamaa.
I'm just going to be myself. If you don't like me, that's cool, you don't have to.
I'm going to stay away from drama completely, and focus on what I love:
Entertaining and teaching Jammers.
If you don't see me doing that, comment just like Rainye did.
I hate whining and feeling down.
On XxFreeSpiritxX, that's all that ever happened.
I'm going to focus on the new me, and people that I usually glance past, and reach out to them instead of ignoring them.
I'm going to make new friends, who share common interests, instead of drama all day.
I'm just going to be me.

Sorry for the short, self-centered post. Look forward to a new post about another author soon.

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. You obviously don't care about rares. I mean, look at evrything you gave up. Why would you give all of your rares away if you caredso much about them?

    1. Yea, not everyone has to be dramatic, selfish, trading freaks. Come on, guys, I don't think Jamaa was made for that.

  2. im glad you realized that we should look on the bright side of things! im happy that you read my comment and thought the whole freespirit/goldyfishypuppy thing over...=D

  3. I'm proud of you. You are trying to correct your mistakes and I hope that everyone can see that. We all deserve second chances in life. Your one of my heros. - chorus2010

  4. I am willing to be your friend. :3 In fact, I've gone through the same thing! It's not fun, but I'm seriously proud for you to stand up to everyone and show the world who you really are. C: I have a black Top Hat and many more rares, but I don't brag about them. I got every single item in my Inventory from trading and Shopping. I am always sick of being called a scammer and bad things. I hope we can be friends, we do have things in common. You can also think about this comment if you need to. XD


    1. You know what I like about this blog? It's not news, it's actually INTERESTING stuff!! Woohoo!

    2. Signature Wolf, same here.
      See, I used to really like to get people mad. Really mad. Now, Im kinda different, because I look at things differently when Im older. When I was younger, I was a little ...err...do you get what I mean? Now, im a better person, and I think people don't view me as a spammer, bully person.

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