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Thursday, August 16, 2012



Hey Everyone.
Sorry this isn't the promised Lessons of Jamaa post, I was going to post about something but then something else more interesting and current happened so I decided to post about that instead, but the thing is it's REALLY long. So here are some glitches to keep you entertained 'till then:

Whoa! What is the giant 'Jam on' logo doing? This was in ZaneDBrat's den.

I've been playing Falling Phantoms, and recently I've been seeing a lot of unre-released Freedom Items and Orange Mech Angel Wings (Not the Rare kind):

What do you think?

Also, Once all the phantoms stopped pouring down, the clock was ticking and then I got logged out! What do you think happened?

Look at my armor!

Hmm, I'm not in edit mode but for some reason my banner is highlighted? Strange.

Quuick - Not a word, AJHQ.

What do you think about these glitches? 
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  1. The one at ZaneDBrat's den also happens at my brother pool54321's den.

  2. Hmm.. strange. Goldy, and I jus have to say, your Blog is so far off the hook you can't even see it! That's how helpful and awesome it is! XD

    -Skerrymalas- *Justice Angel* And, could you give me any tips on how to make my blog, Animal Jam bulletin, better? the only person i could take that advice from is you. :)

  3. Do u no Snowyclaw in real life?

  4. Hello Gold!
    I have had a ton of Falling Phantoms glitches! Such as...

    1. The scores at the end where someone earns NaN gems

    2. When someone gets out before me, and I stay all the way to the end but they get +100 and I don't.

    3. People wearing items that haven't ever come out.

    4. Where the scores at the end don't show what place everyone is and how many gems.

    5. When someone was at the top of the scores in the end of the game, but they got 5th place!

    6. When I click the Falling Phantoms game, the picture is pure white.

    And a ton more! :P

    P.S. When I'm not editing my den and my items are highlighted is a glitch that happens to me very often. Also, sometimes my computer shows the description of something that doesn't even go there!


  5. Wow, these are just awesome! I don't know how you discover so many glitches. I've had the den editing glitch happen to me multiple times however. And a really long time ago (when AJ was sort of young XD)there was a glitch with Spartan Helmets, if you put them on a wolf they would turn cool colors! Sadly it was fixed.

    You can see a really old picture that I took of the helmet glitch here http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-xfC5CUqeB0c/TsMaEmBKqfI/AAAAAAAAE0s/ZQwaEYh4yMs/s1600/4.JPG


    1. I saw that movie on your avatar!!!!! what exactly was it called again.......?

  6. Ik how to do the letter thingy ;)

    1. i hate you anonymous

    2. WOW you don't have to be anonyomous just go up to her face and say that Mr. Hater

  7. OMG the glitch where the phantoms stop pouring happens to me! except I don't get logged out. Every animal freezes except mine, then after like 30 seconds, All the phantoms that were supposed to come, come all at one time! ITS SO SCARY O.O


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