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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #26: MAKE IT STOP, MAKE THEM STOP!!!

(This is Thursday, August 30th's Blog post, just early because I was up late)


I've been dying to make this post FOREVER. I don't even know where to start. 
Let's make it blunt: Animal Jam is FULL of Attention Seekers/Complainers
I just had to deal with one.
I'm not going to name names, although. This post alone will hopefully show her what I've been trying to explain to her all this time, after she dramatically changed.
Let's just make this post a story, and that will show some points.
This all just happened in the past five minutes, no joke.

She came up too me, and said, "I heard you got a red worn.. sigh." Fact: I can't STAND when people 'sigh' on Animal Jam. It drives me CRAZY! If you sighed as much as you 'sighed' on Animal Jam, I swear I would send you to the hospital, 'cause you must have something wrong with your lungs, girl. People sigh when they're a tad depressed, and just need to hold everything back and take a deep breath that allows them to refresh they're mind. To continue, she said:
"you're probably getting so much attention... you won't even notice me."
Okay, hold up, hold up, hold up. She's been doing this kind of thing a lot recently. This whole, 'You-Don't-Have-Time-For-Me-Because-I'm-So-Worthless-And-Not-Rare-Like-You' act. She has been feeling this before she gave away her rares, and even her xat username went something like: I_Should_Just-Disappear_No_One_Notices_Me. So, she said she was quitting, and gave away her stuff, which included wings and giving my black top hat back to me. And right then, I was awfully mad, I just got in a huge fight which included deleting one of my friends, so I just straight up told her: "Cut the act." and ran down to the bottom of my den and logged out to go watch some joyful YouTube Videos.

Once I logged back in, an hour later, (this was the part that was just now 10 minutes ago) she was like, "Goldy.. come to my den."  I went to her den, she sat down and said, "Come here...."
So I went and sat across from her, changed into my fancy dancy tiger and sat across from her. I tried to put a positive spin on the conversation and said, "Like my new main animal tiger? :D" She didn't really respond on that. She asked why I said that I said that she acted like I was a snob, which is what I said to her earlier when I was mad. I explained to her how it offends me when she says stuff like that, and how It makes me feel like I'm selfish. I also told her how it isn't that enjoyable to hang out around people who complain and whine all the time. Yep, that's right. I said that to her, right to her face. That's how much I don't like complainers. She said, "Well I see you've changed your main animal from an un-rare animal to a rare animal, that says something about you.."
Whoa, hold up okay. I could explain everything about my new tiger and why I chose it, and I started too, but then she had to go. I'm still going to explain why.

This is my old horse. I didn't like it because, first the name isn't really my style. I'm not a real 'Spiritmaster', that sounds like witchcraft which I don't believe in, yet I don't want to go into religion. I remember when I became a member, and I was so excited to make a horse and I had a lot of gems. I made this one, and I didn't know what to put on it since I don't like to over-use rares, so I just made this. The reasons why I don't really like it, is because I'm not a legend glove person. I don't like how mainstream and obsessed people are over them. I also don't like how washed out the colors look on this horse. The general style and apparel doesn't really suit me, either. 

Since I can't upload pictures, I'll just use this one for now, although it doesn't show what I'm wearing very well. I chose the top hat because it's my favorite top hat of all time. It was a gift from cubanboy, he traded his striped blue for it (bad trade for him) and gave it to me so I could trade red top and solid black for a tan top, which I had never had before. Turns out the person was joking about the trade. Cuban quit that night, and sent me everything he owns. I originally gave the top hat to this complainer I've been talking about in this story, and when she 'quit' she gave this exact one back to me. People yell at me that I 'took it away from her' when she really asked if I wanted it back, and I can't lie, I did. I felt it was wrong of me. I picked the black worn to wear because it's a not a big show-off item, like wearing my wings would be. It also goes with Admiral Rockypaw, which that bunny means a lot to me, even though I hardly use it. It brings back the memories (even though only a month ago) of this whole mini-(I don't know what to call it), and reminds a lot of how well it feels to be true to yourself. It also reminds me how I always have y'all here to support me whenever something goes wrong. Onto the tan/cream leaf. I've always loved leaf necklaces and this new color, (Not beta) reminds me of when I had all the leaf necklaces. I had every color on XxFreeSpiritxX when they were rare. I remember when they came out, and I wasn't that mad. I was happy that everyone got the pleasure to wear them, and match, and have their dream item and experience new colors. Honestly, I wasn't mad. It always reminds me of how rares aren't everything when it comes down to it. Dressing your animal on Animal Jam is more of how you want to reflect yourself and personality. Next, onto the teal lava glove. I remember in late November 2011 when I first became member, and I had two regular non member gloves. I started picking up on gloves, checking out everyones feet to see what apparel they were wearing. I remember seeing a orange lava glove, and was so shocked wondering what kind of crazy item it was. They said it was a lava glove, and it was for members only. I asked what for it! And they said nothing I had and went away. Since then, lavas have became my favorite member glove because of how they look and that memory. Currently I have all lava gloves, thanks to my friends who have given me member gloves to trade for them. Next, onto the pattern. I didn't want to look too mainstream, and for those of you who don't know what mainstream is, it's like the cool thing, the thing everyone else is wearing/doing. I chose not to have a solid black base, because that's what commonly worn with solid black top hats. I chose aqua/teal, because it seems to be a color that never fades, and is a mix of blue and green, my favorite colors. I chose a tan/cream bottom, because it matches my leaf, it's another color to tie into the pattern, It's not a mainstream white bottom, and It's a bright, happy color that I like using and reflects off of the aqua nicely. The black stripes are a pattern that I've always liked using. I think they look really nice on a tiger. Every time I see stripes on a tiger, I remember my old lost friend Gingerpawz. I remember when she got my old red top hat, and was so happy she could match her best friend, but that's another story.. She wore my old top on her tiger, and had what I thought was the cutest red top hat tiger in the world, and wore stripes on it. Unfortunately, she wants nothing to do with me anymore. Every time I look at my tiger and see those stripes, it reminds me how I can always be a better person. I can always make improvements, and it's never too late to try again, redo, or apologize. I can't wait until the day I see Ginger again. Lastly, the eyes. At first I chose girl eyes on my tiger. I decided to change them to a unisexual eye. I remember when I met Avril70 a long time ago. She was a girl, but she used almost all eyes. She inspired me to not care what others think of my animal, or how my animal looks, or what others think of it. I also wanted to reflect if people ever 'recognize' me that it doesn't matter if you're a guy or a girl, we can all do the same thing, and one isn't better then another, and we can all get to have a pretty well known blog and I have rares. (NO BRAGGING RIGHT THERE, I'M MAKING A POINT). I chose to have a tiger because it's not quite an awkward animal to dress, and wolves are little to mainstream. Horses were a member animal, which is something I don't stand for. Tigers are non-member, pretty popular, and aren't so unpopular that I seem I'm trying to start a new trend. I forgot to mention earlier, that the name is something really special to me because it used to my wolf's animal name that I used all the time back in February. You can check out the first Animal Jam Freedom post and see.

Anyways, to get back on topic instead of showing off my favorited tiger. I'll try to wrap this up as quick as possible. I just don't see any point in self-pity, complaining or whining. It is BY FAR My BIGGEST Pet Peeve on Animal Jam. I'm a HUGE optimist, even though both sides of my family have serious depression issues... I still don't know how that worked out. Whining, Self-pity, and Complaining are the biggest reasons I delete, ignore, or ask for items back (That I gave to them as a gift) from other people. So I'm sorry if I've done that to you, just assume that's the reason why. I have a hard time telling people that they are complaining too much, because it seems like I've been a mean friend. But the max I can really do is just say "Sorry. D:" and let you be. This is a virtual game, right? I get you're sad, but enough is enough. I can give you advice if it's about Virtual Drama, but if it's about your parents divorce, I don't think you'd want to give me your address, have me go to your house, and tell they're parents they should love each other. I neither think they would listen to a random person who showed up on they're doorstep, and yet to have you explain it's your friend from Animal Jam.

Now, don't think I have no heart. I know how some bad things feel too. I'm not an angel, I have rough things happen to me. I'd be glad to do fun things with you, instead of sit and watch you cry. I'll do almost whatever it takes to make you happy, I'll throw a party, help you get your dream item (if I can), or play games with and help you decorate your den. I like to see life on the positive side. Look at this way - At least you HAVE a computer, ACCSESS to a computer, can AFFORD to possibly be a member, PLAY this game, and have ITEMS, and friends that CARE about you. Also, be happy you HAVE PARENTS, a HOUSE, and they still LOVE you no matter what. Look at everything you do have, instead of stuff you don't.

Sorry if you don't like the highlighting. I know how it feels to not be in the mood to read something long, but only read the featured quotes, bolded, and highlighted words. I know y'all too well. ;D

~Goldfishypuppy (Who still can't upload pictures)

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  1. sunshinedracoluv,WootMoo?

    1. Now, let's not name names. But, those aren't the people I was talking about.

    2. -cwies- that hurt my feeling too!

      P.S. Sunshine and Woot likes to trade tootsies! c:

    3. that is SO ANNOYING... know what u mean. When I was a non member, I had no friends. Just 2 animals and this incident happened with Commander Strongspirit. Doesn't really suit him, cos he's a penguin.I was in the pillow room and no one wanted anything to do with me until a pretty fox came up and said: "Hmmmm... should I adopt you?"
      "Please!" I said.
      "No," she said. "cause you're a stupid non member."
      I got up and walked out. I didn't report her.


  2. Whoa, I understand your grievances Goldy. It'll be ok though, just calm down and take breathes, you are truly a good friend, and you were there for them, they will be alright, trust me. We all go through bad times, but soon good times will occur, and we will forget all about those bad times, and throw them away for good. :)


    P.S. Heh heh.... Free advertising, why not? My blog is Animal Jam Wild (animaljamwild.blogspot.com). Heh, hope you don't mind, Goldy I just couldn't resist. ^.^

  3. I try not to look 'Mainstream' but I have something like 8 wolves. And all my animal slots are full.
    Feauture my blog maybe? gvsanimaljambang.blogspot.com

    1. I have 2 wolves,2 dolphins, 2 horses and 2 foxes. I LOVE MY FOXES!!! Countess Vonviolet is good at posing for screenshots and Little Sleepyclaw is A-MAZ-ING at falling phantoms.

  4. Thanks for featuring my blog, it really means a lot to me. And, you inspired me a lot to be who I really am on AJ. ;) I do seem like a Mainstream person, but I'm not. I hate it when people shout out: "YOUR A SCAMMER!" Or: "WHY DIDN'T YOU ACCEPT MY TRADE??!!" Anyway, have to look on the bright side of things. :)


  5. I don't like whiners much either >.< I feel bad for them and try to get what they want for them. Ps. Blue and green are my favorite colors :D

  6. I love this post. but it kind of reminds me of my parents... oops. I like koalas and bunnies, and my dream item is any color top hat! I remember when I saw you once, I didn't know that you had Animal Jam Freedom (you were still free spirit). I was obsessed with rares and you had all top hats I was jealous. Now I see I shouldn't have been and that I was a stuck-up snob like pretty much everyone else.


    P.S. Here's my blog URL AnimalJamRiot.blogspot.com I am currently having a contest in which I will end when enough people enter. Prize is a lava archway, and there's one fairly easy question Thanks for your participation!

  7. There is so much BS in what she is giving you, it's not even funny.

    NEVER think that. It makes everyone look like an arse. Trust me, I literally just went through this.

    "Well I see you've changed your main animal from an un-rare animal to a rare animal, that says something about you."
    LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL oh she is serious.
    Is she so judgmental that she bases your attitude by what you wear on a game.
    That is very shallow.

    Seriously, if people are going to base you off of what you wear and how rare that stuff is, I would just block them and delete them. Those who mind don't matter, those who matter don't mind. Just be yourself, Goldy, and your true friends and honest people will love you any way you are.

  8. :) I used to be a complainer and I'm not afraid to admit it. But now I see how annoying it is. XD
    - chorus2010
    P.S. I love your new tiger!

  9. Your right. Wolves are a bit mainstream, but I only use my the most because wolves are my favorite animal and I use my animals to reflect my personality.....and lavas are my favorite too....I would never ever trade my green one. Even haveing lots of rare can express our personality. Even though you might be called bossy or snooty like everyone says people with lot of rares are because they think they are so special, but a person with a lot of rares (like when ou were still XxFreeSpiritxX) could be expressig their personality and maybe they like those items and they like to collect….
    That sounded a bit stupid.
    But now for my confession.
    I used to hate this blog. I was so jealous that just because you were extremely rare and you quit that everyone kinda worshipped you and thought you were just oh so great. But now I've changed from that....and realized you aren't so bad after all, Goldy ^.^

    1. I understand your confession, if you ever come back to read my reply. I didn't think I was 'oh so great' as you said. I really thought it was pathetic too, for people to do that stuff to me, just because of my rares. But now, with a bigger approach in blogging, and me, still rare but not really showing them and trading as much, hopefully that won't happen this time. ;)

  10. Can you feature my blog? The Daily Howl. http://blog-thedailyhowlnewz.blogspot.com/


    P.S. I don't care about mainstream, but I like wolves.

    1. Feature mine 2 - ajchatchatchat.blogspot.co.uk

  11. I forgot to add to my last comment, my blog is www.animaljamleaf.blogspot.com


  13. =D
    You are such an awesome person. I am sooo glad you made this blog- not only do you learn from your mistakes, you aren't afraid to teach other people too.

  14. The girl you just called 'un-rare' just logged off.
    The boy you just told looks dumb and childish deleted all his items.
    The girl you just said will never get any rares didnt log back on for months.
    The boy you just scammed quit.
    dont be a bully, dont be a scammer, dont just sit there and watch, be the one who notices and cares about other people.
    (btw this has nothing to do with you or this post goldy, just something ppl should think about. PS. Love ur blog)

  15. I found someone like this, koalajem17. As keeps begging for my nature archway because "oh please I need it for my new den please!!!!"

  16. Must've been supastar101

    1. Supastar101/LaurenJune 4, 2013 at 1:12 AM

      Yes, It was. I don't really care if people know it's me because I've quit and this is my past and I have to face it ^-^

  17. Hi ya'll :D g0ld, you don't deserve any of this bull. The Girl your talking about probably just wants attention. Drama drama drama. That's all I hear on aj. If I knew aj was gonna be like this I would have never joined. I know; I can get a little dramay... It's something I have to work on. It's something everyone has to work on! (unless you don't do it) when you made this post; I made a lake with my tears. I don't ever get emotional. Put when you brought up dierce... It got me upset. Anyway.. Sorry; I can't finish what I'm saying.. bye ;(

  18. I feel sorry 4 u. Honestly, I think you should've gave the rates to SOMEONE else. ( I don't know if I skipped it or what)

  19. ppl always ask me for my spiked collar :( its so annoying that i never put stuff up 4 trade. and ive been scammed out of my hat and wig so that some random person would get out of my den. srry ppl, but i dont want strangers in my den.

  20. Thanx for this story! I know to have my own style and do what I want and not care what anyone else thinks! Thx


  21. I understand completely. Today i found an attention seeker who was a bit different, and 10000 times more annoying. Even more in fact, that she got people to send stuff to her(including a black worn, which she decided to wear). SO what happened? I was in Jamaa Township, and then i she the A-S. She is talking about how bad her life is and how she is 'suuuuper' poor, and living on the streets, without a dad, and her mom beat her. I didn't mention that she had a computer, and how she could be poor. Then people started sending stuff to her. Then i pulled out the 'if-you-are-so-poor-why-do-you-have-a-computer-? card. She replied by saying, my friend gave it to me, and it is a beaten down desktop. She is living on the street. With a desktop. And no electric plug. So i decided to confront her, which was stupid of me. I asked her,' are you lying? You can't have a desktop out on the streets, and how do you survive? Please stop baiting jammers with lies, if you are.' ALL the jammers surrounding me said i was a bully, which i may have been a little, if you find the above statement cruel, and decided to report me. The jammer herself started sighing and sobbing like this, *sighs* *sobs* *sobs uncontrollable* and then started screaming REPOT HER SHE'S SO MEAN DDDD: and so they did. I hope to not to be suspended for this unfair thing, and i doubt i will. Sadly, the user ran into the bushes, so i couldn't report her. DO you think it is fair if i get suspend? Please tell me, so i will refrain from doing anything stupid again. IS this jammer considered a scammer in your book? tell me again, so i will again refrain from stupidity. Thanks!


    1. yes that is a form of scamming

    2. she was definitely a scammer, my opinion: one of the most stupid scams ever, i cant believe ppl would fall for that
      if i had a phone and knew AJHQ's number, (im a kid) i would call AJHQ every time i saw a scammer, and since she could accept gifts, she must of been a member, wow, if she lives on the street, how could she have any money

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. :laser comes out of mouth destroying all bad comments nm nn:

  24. Wow! That girl was a bit... mean. No offense to her! And WOW Heliena Smith, non members are NOT stupid! I have actually seen quite a lot who have REALLY good Rares! Although the Rares don't matter. That person who (almost) adopted you has gotta think about that!


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