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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Animal Jam Stereotypes

Hi Everyone!
These are just some Animal Jam Stereotypes that I've noticed over awhile.
What is a stereotype? You ask.
Well, according to dictionary.com a stereotype is:
The one we are focused on is #4. But in more understandable words, a stereotype is a judgement usually based on the way someone acts or dresses that they are something. For example, if you saw someone with a cowboy hat, you would think they are a cowboy. But maybe they just really like the cowboy hat? You never know..
Anyways, onto the ANIMAL JAM Stereotypes.

(Model is Crazywolf333)
1. That a Headdress-wearing Wolf is a Slut and has lots of Legends and worn blankets
Commonly everyone thinks that girl wolves who wear headdresses dates lots of men, and has lots of member gloves and spikes, worn blankets, and halloween masks. Sure, this is a few headdress-wearing wolves, but NOT all of them, so stop thinking that way.

2. That anyone with the small ovalish eyes is a boy
Whoa, Whoa, No. Snowyclaw, Avril70, and firetigerx and sometimes even I are ALL Girls and we all use this eye. Their are boy eyes, and girl eyes, and some uni sexual eyes in this game, and this is one of the uni sexual ones. But unfortunately, because of the 'scariness' of this eye, people have adapted this of being a boy eye. >.<

3. That anyone with top hat/spike/non member wings/founder's/legendary glove/beard, etc. Only cares about rares and is selfish and stuck up
This happens a lot. Trust me. Random people would start hating on me in the Jamaa Township just because I had a lot of the listed items, and if you get in a fight with them, maybe over a trade, they would say things like, "At least I'm not the the one obsessed with rares" and it's like, dude, you don't even know me.

4. That anyone who wears dark black and grey colors, spike colors, swords, member gloves, etc. are mean and goth and cold-hearted
SO Not True. This is my good friend DarknessAkia1, and she wears darker colors and stuff, but she is one of the nicest people out there in our judgmental jamaa. Sure, like half of the population in AJ is dark colors, aka 'goth' but goth is a whole different almost religion and mabye they just like dark colors, or it's PEER PRESSURE from everyone else they see.

5. That anyone with bright, "mismatched" clothes are young, immature and don't know how to dress
(Sorry if this offends you TT) NO! NOT TRUE! Trickertreee is one of my great friends out there, and an Animal Jam Goldfish Role Model! He likes his clothes, he likes being bright, he likes the items he wears, and his looks. His wolf and tiger are both some of his main animals, and he loves them and will (most likely) never change. I hate this stereotype one of the most out of them all, because all this peer pressure in Jamaa to be having dark colors enforces that only young kids wear bright colors. 
I like bright colors..

Well, that's all the time I have for.
Maybe I'll do another stereotypes post again sometime?
Depending if you guys like this one or not..



  1. awesome! keep up the great blogging goldy! i luv your blog! =)

  2. Don't worry it doesn't offend me at all XD
    Who wants to be drab and boring? Wouldn't you much rather be bright and unique?

    1. Wierd and different people have character! Ever read Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli? x3


    2. Yes, I read that! I love that book so much!

    3. Star Girl speaks to my heart. JUST REMEMBER TO BE DIFFErent!!! XD Cuz being the same IS BOOORIINNG XP

    4. Lol, Sheesh4, I was about to tell you this is a really good blog. lol XD


  3. :L im not goth, mean, or cold-hearted.. and I don't only care about my rares, I care about other jammers.


  4. i think i made a whole stero type
    1.The snowyclaw
    When I first joined animal jam I had no idea of the famous snowyclaw. So my user was snowyclaw25381 one day when I was in jamma township a person came up and said "You're snowyclaw!" I didn't know who snowyclaw was at the time so I told her/him "I'm not snowyclaw. I don't even know who she/he is." Then the person did a suprise face. Another time someone thought that I was trying to copy snowyclaw when we look totally differnet and some people think I'm a fan of her. I am but I wouldn't be as much as to make an aj account after her.
    2.The Reporting
    There are mini things to this one.
    I was trying to get some help for a music video. I was asking people to send me stuff (I would send it back) and the first person who did would be in a video of mine. So then a random person comes up and says "Scam!!!" I ALMOST scammed once but never did. We fought for a while and she reported me. There's more to that story.
    2.Saying bad stuff
    I was making an AJMV for Dance Again at the Play Wild Party. I was almost done and there weren't many people there. Then everyone but 1 person reports me for singing a song. By then the song should have been known by a lot of people. This has happened to me many times. But I think my acc is glitched cause I apprently have 999 days or more til my membership is gone and I have said bad things a lot to do music videos and have never been banned.
    Finally for the last one
    This story combands with the scamming story. I hoped the person would give mercy on me when I told her my mom was dead. She proplay didn't belive me or was very mean but she laughed in my face -.- Another time someone actually didn't belive me.
    Then when I was asking for some help because I had 7 gems a person didn't belive me when she looked at my badges. You get the gem badges from OVER time not in a day and they can be used for telling how long the person has been on aj. I told her how many gems I had and she still wouldn't belive me.
    I get that those are for looks and how someone dresses though. These are a mix.

  5. Wow... I wear a headdress, so sometimes peoole say mean things about me. Also, people have called me a boy when I'm playing as my lion or my wolves, and when I refuse a trade, people have called me mean, stuck up and rare obsessed. This is really helpful. LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! Oh I have another stereotype for this list: All lions are mean. A lot of people think that everyone who plays as a lion is mean.

    1. Elektronik1012, people only call you "stuck up and rare obsessed" because their jealous!
      They try to make you trade them, so that they can get ur items.
      If they can't, they go to the "ur mean" and the puppy eyes/crying emote.
      Don't be fooled..
      It happens to me A LOT.
      At least once a day!
      Good luck, and remember, rares aren't everything anyways.
      Just block them!

    2. Yeah that happened to me 2 years ago. I had six rares from the daily spin two days in a row and some random jammer i'll leave unnamed kept begging for these rares to trade for their pet giraffe. I was like -____- and said no. They reported me then went offline and then a bunch of new jammers reported me then left for a few minutes one at a time. I seriously think they made a bunch of new accounts just to report me. - Gardpunny

  6. I agree. I don't like Stereotypical people. People who like ad wear black and gray are not Cold Hearted, Goth or mean! That's just for people who think that's true... How do you even know if Snowy is a girl ore a boy anyway...?

    1. My friend is a goth.. She wears dark colours.

  7. RjKingBeast here, even I use those eyes sometimes because I jsut don't like showing the eyes in public, they're weird >_< Respect the ladies.

  8. Wait, I thought Snowy never revealed his/her gender o.o So snowy's a girl?

  9. This speaks to my heart. ;-; thanks Goldy.

  10. I know 2 other sthereothypes:
    1. When I am being my koala, people start saying: `Oh you are rich´ just because I wear golden clothes. I actually have only about 100 gems.
    2. When people think my friend Ainoa18 is a girl because he wears dreadlocks. Dreadlocks are, in my opinion, a unisexual hairstyle.

    1. yeah I see more boys with dreadlocks in real life than girls it is a unisexual hairstyle

  11. another thing is, if you decline a trade you are a scammer
    these people have no idea what a scammer is!
    the person who declined is actually PREVENTING a scam by declining!
    lol no one ever is on this blog

  12. Please make more of these kinds of posts! I loved this!

  13. One thing I honestly really hate in AJ is when you're a girl but don't use eyelashes so everyone assumes you're a boy and when they find out you're a girl..... they say "Why no eyelashes?"

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