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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #14: I Don't Know What To Do

Hi Jammers!
Well, I've talked a lot about this, or at least poll-wise.

At first I was thinking about getting a membership, just for a month, because I have a lot of member items now, and sometimes non members get wearing.
I made a poll about it, just to see what y'all think I should do?
So far, more then half vote for No, You Represent more non-member.
Then as more and more people voted, more and more people told me on AJ that I'm a 'Role Model For Non-members'. 

So then I was like, Okay, whatever I don't have to be member, I'm a role model, I should keep that.
But then I got more, rarer member items that I'm now dying to sport off.

But THEN, I was offered a Free Lion 3 Month Membership, from my good friend (Who shall not be named, because everyone will attack her) And trust me, it's not a scam, and she's gotten lion membership for 7 other friends.

So, I don't know what to do.. I know the membership isn't forever, but I'm worried that I will disappoint everyone if I become a member. This may not be quite the usual lesson of Jamaa, but I know once I have made my descion, I will have learned something.

I know it is my user, but I'm worried If I'm not longer a non member, I won't be that role model I once was. People have told me that I still will be, because I gave up every single member items, but I just don't know..

XxFreeSpiritxX is a member, and I love to put my member items on her and decide what I would look like on each animal if I ever was a member on Goldfishypuppy.

I guess I'm really just asking you this, would you be mad if I became member again?
Would I not be the role model I was apparently was?
What do you think?

You can still vote on the poll on AJG's side, but that's only up for one more day, so why not just leave it..
I have another poll on Goldfishypuppy's Blog.

I'm sorry this isn't really a lesson, yet. But I really need this advice.
Please please please vote and comment, saying your honest opinions, because I'm really clueless.
Thank you so so so much!

P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!


  1. Hi Goldy! That must be super hard. Here's my opinion: it's your user so it's your choice but I think many people might get mad if you accept the membership. Your friend is awesome. I personally think that you should stay nonmember but the idea of trying on items is tempting. If you do become a member, I think you would still be a role model and it's only for 3 months, right? Besides you've given away all of your member items in XxFreespiritxX but I would support you no matter what :)


  2. Its your choice goldy. Your still a role model to me, even if you are a member. Others might disagree with you, but if your member then maybe other people (who are members) will follow you, and support nm's. Its really you choice, but no matter what im going to support you, and im sure others will too.

  3. i look up to you more as a non member...im a nonmember and i think that since your a non-member, i feel...more included, less left out, you know? well it's your choice and i support you no matter what!

  4. i look up to you more as a non-member...i feel more included when you do things as a non-member, mostly because im a non member too! well it's your choice and i would support you no matter what!

  5. You can be member if you want. I mean, it is your decision but if I were you, I would accept it because it was a nice offer. I would still look up to you Goldy.

  6. It is totally fine with me if you want to be a member.

    I personally think that if you were to stay a non member, you would be the role model and the special person who would help us to keep on going. No offense to all the members, but you guys have not felt how unfair AJ has been to us. We Non Members, We need someone like Goldy/Free to represent us. I feel more safe and sound and more included! I know that there is someone non member who knows alot that will help me. As for your rares, just move them to XxFreeSpiritxX! That would work. But it is your choice Goldy, and I will be supporting you every step of the way. I wish I could express all the feelings about you staying a non member and convert the feelings into words. I would still look up to you Goldy!!! :)


    1. Actually members have I didn't become a member for a long time, now I am, but I know what it's like and what it's gonna be like again when I lose my membership.

    2. I actually do. I was a non member and I felt the pain. The next few months my parents got me a membership. For a few months I enjoyed it and then it started to get boring until the next updates. So being a member will get boring soon.


    3. Thats up to u to decide Goldy :) if u want membership, get it! if u dont, then just saty nm! its your desision! sorry im commentign so late >.< anyways, i hope you like ur desision :)

  7. I think your the same, nonmember or member. Just as long as you don't become proud. :)


  8. Dear Goldfishypuppy,
    It is your choice whether you would like to accept the membership or not. I'm not saying it's the right thing, but it's not the wrong thing either. Whatever you choose I will accept. And if you do accept the membership, and certain people start writing nasty comments on your blog, don't let them bring you down. Remember you will always have friends and fans who will support you, no matter what. Follow your heart, don't let the public totally influence you. If your heart says "Maybe I should accept it." or "Maybe I shouldn't accept it" just follow that intuition that you have within you, what you think is the right choice. Also remember that you have free will, and you may choose whether to listen to me or not. I am not trying to influence you into making a decision.

    ~Jammasian Wizard

  9. I'm with ya either way goldy, its your choice, :)

  10. It's your choice. I wouldn't want it PERSONALLY, but you have your choices and I have mine. Don't let anyone tell you to get it or not get it because they think it will affect your position of being a role model. If you think that it would affect how you behave, then you might have a problem. I think you should choose what you want.

  11. Goldy, No Offense but isn't this XxFreeSpiritxX again?

  12. Goldy I won't care which decision you make. Just pick the one that your happy with.

  13. wolfhead73601 the nacho wolf!February 9, 2013 at 4:40 PM

    ya! im a member with non-recurring membership and people still like me! i sugest becomingh a member, but its ur choice! :)
    -wolfhead73601 the nacho wolf!


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