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Friday, August 3, 2012

Focus: Greely the Wolf Shaman

Hi jammers!
Today I thought that I should do a medium sized post on my favorite shaman, Greely the wolf! He is often known as dark, even though he has helped Jamaa many times over. There are rumors that he has worked with the phantoms and that he is an evil magician. It's possible, but I'll leave that up to you to figure out. 
Here is a picture of our shaman:
My opinion of this shaman: mysterious but loyal. Yours? Please comment! Also, what other shamans would you like to know about? I may not be a expert on these things, but I'll type what I've heard and learned! 
Ducier, signing out,


  1. Ducier!!! I didn't know you were an author on here!! :O cool!! Love this blog!!

  2. Ducier!!! I didn't know you were a author here either! =D
    Hope you post more soon!

    1. Oh hi Rainye! I will try to post more!

  3. Hi elektronik!!! Well, I am! :D Thanks! I know right, it's so cool...:D It's by Goldfishypuppy. :P Maybe when you get blogger, you could be an author for one of my blogs or this blog, i don't know.

  4. I think Greely is loyal and brave, and it is also true he has great respect for Mira. But I think he just isn't a laugher by nature. Maybe something that happened to him in the past made him that way.


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