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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

*Important Post* While I'm Away..

Hey Guys!
I have some news for y'all.
I'm going to be going camping tomorrow, and leave in the middle of the day.
I won't be back until Saturday night, but then I'll leave again on Sunday Morning to go camping until Friday.
Yes, I know. A LOT OF CAMPING ^.^ So, all in all, from Tomorrow-Next Friday.

I'm going to be hiring out the best authors gems can buy.
Some are going to be from Animal Jam Fiery, some from Animal Jam Freedom, and a few that I've read their blogs, and they are really good writers.

If you want to be one, I may consider you an author. Comment With your username, 3 sentances of why you should be an author, a link to your blog, and your email. If you don't want me to publish the comment because it has your email, just say: *PLEASE DO NOT PUBLISH* On the bottom.

If you ARE an author:
  • Do not write posts on the daily items
  • Please write posts that fit in our blog series, and if you can, Label them on the side.
  • If you do write posts out of blog series, make sure they're interesting, and not about a trade you just made, or the person you're with, etc.
  • When the update comes, please only take pictures of the newspaper, and post them with a few sentences.
  • Please center each post.
  • Please add a picture to each post.
  • Please add a signature to each of your posts, you can use cooltext.com or mybannermaker.com.
  • Please Make sure their are 2-4 posts each day.
  • Please DO NOT Make a post introducing yourself
  • Some post ideas are: Interviews, Shaman facts, Item Comparisons, Comic Strips (Make sure their funny), Glitches, Mysteries in Jamaa, etc.
Thank you! I know that's a lot, but its' hard to keep up a blog!
Thanks for helping me out, and understanding! :)


1 comment:

  1. Can u add my quote?
    "Keep jamming quit scamming"



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