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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #12: Quitting.

No this is a Lesson, Not Meaning I AM quitting,
I already did.
I quit yesterday.
I was Struggling on what to do.
But I did what Goldy did on "Lessons of Jamaa#11: When I "quit'"
I gave away.
I gave EVERY thing I own.
I gave my Member Gloves.
But I was struggling to do it.
I went into my Blog, And Put
"I'm Quitting"
Then, I followed Goldy,
Having a Secret Identity.
I turned up the Computer, And Went on AJ to Create an Account.
Then, I decided to quit and Give away everything
But then, One day, I Sent and Sent All my Stuff.
I made a Party,
Alot of people went
And I accepted everything,
But then, Just Then!
I saw everyones Color.
In my Post "Lessons of Jamaa#9: R.A.N.E."
Everyone, Asked it When I went online,
"What for this" "What for That"
Those 2 Times, Made me remember, That Rares, Are the True Color of my Friends.
Almost EVERYONE'S color is Rares
But Others, Have a color of Friendship, and now, I'm actually Crying.
Because of this Lesson, "Quitting" Shows the True Colors of Everyone.
Quitting Has happened to many people,
But Some Saw the Colors, and Some didn't
But Here are somethings why Everyone Quits
1. Rares- Everyone wants one, but they quit 'cause they have none
2. Dating- Everyone wants a Match, But quits if they don't have.
3. Scamming- Everyone, I guess WILL scam, Others quit because of this.
4.  Dishonesty- Everyone Lies, even in Online, some people lie just for Rares.

But here's the True Color of Me:
Yet Helpful.
Why? You may ask.
Everyone Wants Rares, And that shows the True Colors,
And the "Yet Helpful" Why?
I gave everything to my Friends,
Since remember this:
R.A.N.E. Rares Are Not Everything.
They Are just Pixelated Items, So Better to Give Away.

Lesson Learned: Give Away When You Quit, Rares are not Everything.

This is it, End of Post, this is how much I have time for.


  1. You make me feel bad... :( I'm sorry if you think of me that way. But if I quit, I was going to send all my rares away to my sister (in real life) and my oldest friend, shegirl. She reminds me of the old days, when there was no such thing as trading. But I have a feeling if she gets rares, she won't remind me of before... so maybe not. My sister didn't give anybody her rares, because sometimes people are WAITING for your rares when you quit. :*( Such a sad world... and please publish!


  2. Jammie, I understand You, Everyone is Like that, But At first My first "Color" was rares, then I became into Friendship, Maybe Your Sister Will Change and Became Friendship "Colored"

  3. but...I don't scam, date , etc at all!
    And I admit, it's fun trading stuff and collecting rares but I'm not gonna scam or anything for it. Sometimes I even give away rare items!
    ( Am I bragging?) I admit also, I will not give away two of my items.
    My special items.
    My first( rare)Mech angel wings and the light blue fox hat Pepdow23 gave me.
    I do not treasure these items because they are rare.
    I treasure them because they look nice or a special friend gave them to me.
    Hope you understand.
    And no,

  4. I don't care about rares at all, but I do sometimes date (if I'm that desperate!).
    I wanted a bow and arrow my whole AJ life, but when I logged on today and a got a bow and arrow I was ecstatic!
    So you see, I don't have any, or will, or care about rares.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. ) : im sad u left can u ever come back im not ur friend n aj but i love your blog and what u have to say if i was your friend on animal jam would you come back u are my role model im up in tears a little plese come back

  6. Ok, Serioisly members are nasty.

  7. Okay, I really care NOTHING about rares. Sure, they look cool so I wear some, but really, who cares about pixels...? Well, it's not going to be me. Today, I sent (Or traded, to nms) rares and/or betas to all my online friends (there were about 30). If anybody wants a rare or two, I'm Ducky5001 :( Sorry you had to quit over all this stupid stuff... I wish there was less drama on AJ.


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