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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lessons Of Jamaa #20: I will Forever Be alone.

 Sorry Goldy for not Posting that much, :(
I was so much busy with school, but this time, I have enough time, Because this week, only 3 days of school (4 days of Rest) then Next week 1 day of School (6 days of Rest)
So that's probably enough time to explore Jamaa And post.

Now, This post ain't the Joke "I will forever be alone" 
I really mean
Why? How? What? Who?

Why? I have no Friends
How? No one adds me anymore, When I was in FunnyBunnyTeny or Thracey11, Everyone added me because of Rares. I only get Friends when I get adopted now, :( 
Sad I know, Sad.
What? I am Alone
Who? Everyone except Neo1367 (My only Friend in AJ who did not adopt me)
All I went back to AJ is to start fresh and Hang out with friends rather then Getting tons of Rares,
But, My plan is ruined :((
Even Sadder :'(
Sometimes, I feel like, I don't belong in AJ after all, No one cares for me, No one even Likes me, All just of this one teensy tiny thing from me:
I know, I used to be very rare, but this time, no, And If you know what I'm feeling, I guess you've Experienced this. Just when You were a Newbie
I know you wanna help, But I don't think you can, I want a True friend, A true one that can rise up from the shadows and befriend me, And someday, Be Everyone's Friend, Just like my old Friends, SparklePink21 and Sparkykat38, They were True friends, But they Quit AJ and went to another I game I also play.
But I will always Remember them Forever, Never Will I forget the Fun times We had, all those Memories, Random Dancing, Being Colorful, I miss those times, And right at this moment, when I wrote it I'm crying, I miss old days when Friends were not for rares, like in Beta, Everyone is your friend, And right now I wanna Cry so Hard, But I can't I just wish so, I have only very few friends, only 4 friends and 7 of them Are my own accounts. Please, Be a Friend to everyone, And, This time quit befriending those who have rares then those who have non, Because if you do, Your True color is Friendship, And if you don't, Like Goldy said, Rares Bring out the colors of Everyone,
 So this time, Stop befriending Rare Jammers only and Start Befriending non rare ones!
This is all I could write, I wish to write some more, but My time is up.
Thank You Dear Jammers for listening to me.
~ :D DreamsOfBlue :D ~


  1. Hey dreams of blue, it's kinda sad hearing about your loss, but
    No offense, I don't think you should use goldy's blog and lessons of jamaa for your own per poses, I understand that you're mad at people for adding you because of your rares, but this blog isn't your own, think about the people checking this amazing blog for new posts, and they want posts about new and awesome things in jamaa, not really a post all about you. But this is surely s great teaching for people who's only adding people because of their rares. Non of them should do that, as again, no offese, but please be more considerate about the posts also about animal jam's new things. Random1234

    1. AHHEM. Do you not have any sympathy?
      At least show a little!
      Why are you raving about the "This is not your blog, think about the, blah blah blah" stuff?
      Not a good time random1234.
      It's sorta mean, in this situation!

  2. You won't be forever alone! And can you add me? :P My user is jammie263! I already sent you a request, your user is DreamsOfBlue right? :D


  3. Aw thats not fair at all rares are nothing but pictures! sure, i have rares but i try my best not to let them get beetween friendships and it works :3 maybe we could be friends?

  4. Yeah, it happens with me too, there's like one more week of school at my place (in person) And ya it happens a lot
    so don't worry and at least you have some friends who can support you from being lonley

  5. What is animal jam turning into? Everyone is being mean to each other and scamming. I sometimes wish I could cry over it, too.

  6. Wait you weren't Goldy!?!??

    ~BunnyFoofee A Fan of Bloggers :)

  7. xerxes10000/blahblahblahblahblahmeAugust 20, 2012 at 8:57 AM

    Goldy i was your buddy before i got hacked, and i like you as a friend, so if you dont add me again its because you think i'm totally non-rare. i was blahblahblahblahblahme, you helped me get someone to trade me non member wings for my founders, i'm so xerxes10000, so will you add me again?

    1. sure! :D i'd love to! and who hacked u?

  8. dont worry! i can add u! i need some more true friends other than shockingkitty,fishflakes1234,andevilcat50 :/ everyone else, its kinda 50-50 :/
    P.S. U will not be alone forever! dont worry! u will find true friends :)


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