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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #8: Scammin' is NOT Jammin' [Rewritten LoJ IN PROGRESS]

Hello there, jammers! It's Despare, and it's another Lessons of Jamaa post!
(I know we've went through this same LoJ post about a dozen times. Let's just ignore that fact, shall we? Thank you.)
Honestly I really think that if you don't understand the title, you really don't play Animal Jam or you're not using your coconut shell. Whatever the reason, the title should be able to explain itself, because scamming is not jamming. It's just the opposite; jamming is all about fun and games and spreading happiness, but all you're doing is cheating, lying and not to mention spreading a dozen rumors of you spreading unhappiness and anger. If you want, click these links for tips to avoid scammers.
[nyehehehe the link one is a pun nyeheheheh i love zelda]
I scammed once.
But I gave it away.
Yes I know, The Story "Glove Giving" From my "Rare Scan #4: Gloves"
But If You're to lazy to go to the "Lessons of Jamaa: I scammed" Comments
Here's The Story:
One Day, I used to have ALL Color Gloves (except blue), I was Extremely Happy When I saw Someone Had That, I said What For it? Any Other Glove Colors? She said No, I said Come to my Den, Then I Knew I would Scam her, I told her, my Sister, (MY SIS DOESN'T PLAY AJ AT ALL!), Who wanted one so Badly, So I told Her That Accept It then I'll give it back to you, But I Immediantly Logged off. But then I Got a Sick feeling for like A MONTH! Then I saw her and Said Sorry, She Said, Apology accepted, You can have my Glove. then I said THANK YOU!!! YOU'RE SO FORGIVING!!, I was Crying that time 0.0 Then We Became Friends :D
But Then, I Deleted her since she Turned out to be a scammer, cause I saw her Scamming once.
So I traded my Glove and again and Again,
until I traded it for A member rare. (I'm not gonnna say the name or everyone will ask what for it)
Ok, So you see,
"I got a Sick Feeling for like A MONTH!"
True, 'cause I couldn't go to Class.
And got low scores in most tests.
So Don't Scam,
Here are types of scams:
(Most Credits to Feelers)
1. The Sending Scam: If a person says something like, "Send me a rare and I send you a glove" then do not I REPEAT DO NOT DO IT. Hey all you scammers: Guess what you'll never believe this! Animal Jam invented something called Trading isn't that amaz-a-zing??!?!? 

2. The Pillow/Paw Plot: If someone says, "Come to my den and change the color of your glove!" you'll go to their den, right? Once you get to their den, you should see a pillow at coincidentally the bottom left-ish part at the bottom of their den. They will ask you to click that pillow/paw rapidly. As you do this, they put up a LOUSY trade like a pink plain necklace for your glove. The place you click a bunch is exactly where the yes answer is on a trade. 

3. The Decline Trade Deception: Some people around Jamaa say things like "I will decline all trades even the rare ones I swear try it out!" You assume that he is being honest, and you put up a glove for his necklace. DON'T DO THAT. He will accept it. Pretty dumb decision right? 

4. The Broken Trade Blackmail: Some Jammers say, "I'll trade rares for rares but my trade doesn't work please send me the rares and I will send you mine!" There are 2 parts to this. 1. They could be telling the truth, but they shouldn't be asking to send. There are some glitches where they're yes button doesn't work, or they can't click. 2. They will attempt to scam. You will feel bad for them and you will send your rares. They leave.

5. The Contest Cheat: You're walking in Jamaa, when you see somebody say, "Send me the BEST rare and whoever sends the best will get my [rare item]! You decide to send a rare and see if you win. You keep asking after 10 minutes, "When will you announce the winner?" Well have I got new for you guys. There is no winner.

6. The Try-On Trick: Picture this: You're wearing non member bat wings. Then a friend comes up to you and asks, "Hey, can I try your bat wings on?" Since they are your friend, you send your bat wings or trade them to her/him for their necklace. They say, "Thanks! I'll trade you back! Oops! GTG! I'll give them to you tomorrow!" They will leave and take you off their buddy list.
   This is a really stupid thing that people say to try and scam, because why would you need to TRY IT ON? You can already see them on another animal that is the same as you! (You can do this, But You need a TRUSTWORTHY Jammer to do it like me, Tell Sparkykat38, She'll say that I AM Trustworthy)

 7. The Glitch Gyp: Picture this: You're a person who LOVES glitches. You see somebody in Jamaa Township saying, "Come to my den/Follow me to see an awesome glitch!" You, of course, go to their den, or follow them. They will say, "Okay, I need 2 [Worn blankets] for this glitch. Send/trade it to me, then I'll show you, then I'll send/trade you back. You send or trade them a worn blanket you have. They will leave with your worn blanket.

 8. The Cool Catastrophe: You see somebody in Jamaa Township. They are shouting out, "I will trade a glove for non member bat wings!" Ok, this doesn't sound like a very good trade, and nobody does it. Then they say, "If you don't send or trade me non member bat wings then you aren't cool you are a loser!" It's not you who are the loser, it's probably them acting like one. Just because you don't want to do their lousy trade, doesn't mean you aren't cool!

9. The Triple Trading Scam: Picture This: You see a Person Saying "Go to my den to get my Rares!" You go to his/her den She/he Arrives, That guy says "Put you rarest Items on trade" You do, "Accept my 1st 3 trades and in the 4th I'll give you my Worn" You did exactly what you needed to do, But, Then He leaves Leaving everyone Missing there Rares.

10. The Famous Person Scam: Your a Fan of someone who's Famous (like, Feelers, LoveLost, Snowyclaw, BeatifulBlackWolf, Sparkykat38 and Ect.) You see a Twin of Him/her, Same Looks, A non member (or member) Same name tag (if member), Same name, But you can't press the name tag so you leave it alone that they ARE the real ones, They Cought you with your Worn, They say, "Hey You! Would you like to be in My Blog?" then you say "Yes!!!" Happily, Then They Say "O.K. But first, Gimme your worn, That's the Price to get into my blog" You Send/Trade him/her your worn, They Leave, Goodbye Worn!

11. The Lion Code Trick: You've been Trying to get a card, But they don't sell it in your place, you see in Animal Jam a Person saying "Go to my den to get a Lion Code!!" You go to the Jammer's den den, that jammer says:  "Person to give me the BEST Rare will win it!" Here are 3 things when it reaches this point, 1. You lost, and Bye bye your Rare is gone, 2. You won, But the Jammer Gives a non working code, 3. She/he Leaves. 

12. The Flash Trade Fooler: You see a Person Saying "Flash Trade Me Plz!" But When They say that, 1st they will do the right thing of on the First Trade by not accepting it, But when the First trade occurs they Quickly Put thier Mouse on The Yes button, Then When They say it again and You Trade their necklace 4 a Glove, and before the Trade Starts, He/she Clicks the Position of where the "Yes" Button is and Wham! Your glove is gone.

13.The Bet Bribe:
Jammers have been wanting to "bet" with other Jammers for their rare items. 
They'll say something like, "I'll bet that I can [go make 10 friends in 5 seconds], and if I win, you have to give me your Top Hat."
Really? Here are 2 things Jammers have said to bet:

The scammer might cheat on their bet, or do something so you have to give them a rare. If you didn't "pay up", then they might go around saying you scammed something of theirs. ( I wanted to bet once, But Good thing I had to eat and Yay! My Rare Is Still here!)
So, If You want to stay away, Avoid these.

Ok, I'm sorry to say the name, but these are the WORST scammers I experienced.
Nasser76- Scammed my Hat and Wig, and 2 other rares I can't remember.
How? Look at my Blog And Find "Triple Trading Scam"
But I got Over it since I have my old one back and We Probably don't know each other anymore.
Hacked: Books, Tiny Tree, Many other rares.

Lesson Learned: Scammin' is NOT Jammin'

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