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Friday, August 24, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #23: Hacking - Been there, done that

Yes, yes, yes, I have hacked.

But before we get into the story, let's clear the air.
My point in this blog is not to be the perfect role model, and say that I've done everything perfect with no mistakes. Because I'm not. No one is perfect, no matter how well they seem and hide their flaws. My point in this blog is to have you learn from my mistakes, so you don't make your own and have all the drama and stress I have had.

Yes, on XxFreeSpiritxX I did hack a little bit. Nothing big, not all the time. It wasn't very often. I remember when me and VisualEffects were friends. We were chatting late at night on Skype, and talking about freedom items and blah, blah, blah. I showed him the User ArticPaw (Who is now blacked out because he hasn't logged in in 30 days.) Who was wearing all freedoms, Mech, Wings, and Bands. Vis was in awe, and said he would 'guess articpaw's password until he died.' I remember I have heard of this stuff of hacking beta people, but not very often people succeeded. I started searching up random jammers, with beta names (Simple one word names) and found a few, tried to hack them, gave up. Some of them had nothing on them, most likely already had been hacked. I came across a jammer named Knowledge. He was wearing purple wings, and Regular (Purple and Orange) Gazelle Horns. I opened a new Animal Jam tab and typed in 'Knowledge' in the username box. I guessed his password for about five tries, and then to my surprise I got in. I recall telling Vis on Skype, I GOT IN!!!!!! I GOT IN!!!!!! And once I logged on, all knowledge has was the gazelles and purple wings with no den items. I remember really thinking if I should take the gazelles or not, and then I asked Vis on Skype, and he said, "Take them, I would, I won't tell anybody." and to this day I believe he has not, even though we aren't friends anymore. (That's another story..) I was pretty happy about the gazelles and traded them the next day and stuff for another top hat. (By the way, Visual ended up hacking nobody that night.) 

Later that day I logged onto Knowledge again, and became a local celebrity. At that time, not a lot of people knew about beta testers and stuff. I was a non-member wearing (Member) purple wings, because that's how it worked in beta. I remember on Knowledge someone offered a top hat for my Purple wings, and I declined, wondering if she would add more. I couldn't say anything except bubblechat in which I kept repeating, "Do you want to trade?" to this one jammer. PizzaWithIce and Aapen1 and the other jammer. (Who I will not name.) Were all hanging out in my den. Aapen1, (Pizzadrops brother) told the jammer that I was about to trade that you could wear my purple wings on non-members, because their special beta wings. She believed him, and traded me a Legend, Spike, Worn Blanket, And her Striped black top hat for my wings. I gladly, cleverly accepted the trade, deleted her and went to my locked den. She accused me of scamming her, and got her and her friends all around. There's more to this story, but it's unnecessary. 

I still remember her username to this day. I owe her a top hat. I know I do deep in my gut. If I ever    have the courage to send her a top hat, I will gladly do so, repaying a debt. I see her around every now and then, and avoid her. She doesn't know who I am. She will if she reads this. I'm sorry. 

The Point I'm trying to make is, Hacking or scamming or trickery of any type will leave a grudge in your stomach, no matter how many months past you'll always have that knot in your stomach get tighter and tighter and tighter.  (In this case It's been 5.5 months)

I have more hacking stories, but this was the rottenest I can 'fess up for now.

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  1. Gold, think of it this way and it will be simple to give a top to them. 1: It's a game. 2: It's virtual, and worthless. 3: Put yourself in their place. They LOST a top. 4:It is right, and nothing is going to happen to suddenly take the blame away. It has to be done, and i hope for your sake it WILL be done. Hey im just a random person, you don't have to listen to me. But i know you will make the right choice.


    1. Hey see? Im not the only one. Hey and i never even knew you had EVER hacked or scammed. Well thanks for opening my eyes. Look, i know how it feels... But seriously, It is a CRIME! It doesnt matter how big or how small, it's always a crime to do this. I have lost friends in the past because of rares. They make you selfish and uncaring, and the list can go on for eternity. Before i start my own Speech, i better end this comment but think about what i said.

      ML AJ

  2. Goldfish.. Gie up your Top and give it make it's a Virtual Item and not real please don't let that grudge in your stomach get tighter.
    It is not your fault that you hacked it's trying something new but now that you have felt how it is to hack and the consiquences. I was tempted tho hack my Best Friend in Aj... by a some Jammer that looked nice.. and I had the same grudge in my stomach just like you Gold.. part of learning the lesson of hacking and scamming.. never let it over take you again. As for Visual Effects... tempoting you to take it. It wasn't entirly your fault.

  3. It's true, you shouldn't lie and say you are perfect. I can't believe it, before I thought you were an innocent jammer who was nice and had a ton of luck. Scammed, hacked, I guess Hell0 was telling the truth all along. Btw, you were friends with him when he had rares, he said you wouldn't add him now because he doesn't.. I would recommend adding him again.
    Anyways, I'm happy that you aren't a person who scams and hacks all the time, and doesn't feel bad anymore. Scamming and hacking is horrible, and as much as you may not believe me, I have never done that. I'm grateful that you will go and admit it, unlike a lot of other people. I'm guessing you just had a lot of pure pressure.


  4. No, were not all perfect. I've hacked, I'm not afraid to admit it. Oh-well we can't go back in time. .-.

  5. I thought you came to the revelation that items were worthless a month or two ago.
    You didn't seem to forget this in the five months, so why haven't you already sent any of your many rares to her?
    You preach about how you are turning over a new leaf, but you need to face up to your mistakes. The fact that you want to give it back will alone make her happy, but waiting won't make her feel better.
    Just saying. But either way I know you will make a good choice.

    Coming from personal experience, being hacked is very scary. You can lose personal information, money, even your identity.
    Scams in the real world are worse. Since, you know, real money and you need to buy food and pay for the house, bills, etc.
    This is real world stuff though.

    Talking about being hacked on AJ, I lost everything, even some items that were like memorabilia. I didn't care about items after a bit though.

    Also, some trivia I learned, AJHQ does not give a care if you are hacked because people lie about being hacked. They especially don't know how to help you if it's a security matter. Fun times.

    Long story short, don't scam/hack others. It's really not necessary and you make everyone look like a fool, to put it politely.

  6. Well at least you are one of the people who do own up to their past. I don't think of you any less. The point is that from all your stories you have changed and you are sincere. No one else in Jamaa (except maybe SILVERSTEIN i hate her) are willing to admit their faults. You have my respect because of you owning up to it. The past is the past you have to forget and move on or else you wont go anywhere.infinitychips HAPPY JAMMING :D i was too lazy to log in

  7. Animal Jam isn't for the rares. It's for the fun. Plus most of the beta items are getting unrare. I'm seeing many jammers with betas.

  8. I got hacked a few weeks ago.. by stupid firstfounder. He scammed my art easel for a member sword. It was SUPPOSEDLY a non-member sword from Sky High, but it was member. After I knew I was hacked, they said LOL and left ;-;

  9. I got in on a beta account before. It had purple wings too and a leaf necklace back when they were rare. Tho I didn't trade the wings I think someone else hacked and took those

  10. I scammed once, and that feeling still creeps around me. Then I sent the item back...

  11. SERIOUSLY????. YOU HACKED SOMEONE'S ACCOUNT??? It breaks the rules! Don't you want to get banned forever?

    1. I never hack. Well, I got hacked before by a jammer who tricked me saying they will give me membership if I share my username and password. Instead, they got into my account, wasted my gems, changed my den, and banned me.

    2. I was about to get hacked once. Someone said they would give me betas if I gave them my account. I asked tons of stupid questions, in which they still asked for my password. Then, I finally gave them my username (Cookie0417, like a stupid head). They asked for my password then, and I gave them a fake password.

  12. I actually hacked on accident this one beta account it's user is watermelon. Personally I love watermelon so I just thought it was mine but when I logged in it's password was pretty easy I realized it wasn't mine! it had beta member music like the jammer anthem and something like that so I sent it to me. it's whole profile was black like you couldn't view animals and stuff and it had no pets so it was beta

  13. I have tried to hack.... I ADMIT! It was wrong.... I hacked my now BFF on aj and feel horrible... We were not friends then.... IT FEELS HORRIBLE


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