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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Even More Glitches

Hi Everyone!
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Whoa, I came into crystal sands and he was stuck like this, light green!

Also, a few animals were stuck in their running position. Wierd!

When I switched animals to my horse, it had my bunnie's name!

Then, my horse had my bunnies clothes and pattern! o.o

All my clothes and the trade sign are gone!

I thought I had made this cool glitch in my princess castle, but..

When I showed BreatheCarolina, he said he saw nothing. :\

Yesterday Animal Jam went offline, and the URL changed and the tabs were missing..
Just like when the phantoms took over Jamaa a few months ago.
Do you think their coming back for revenge?

Hope you liked 'em!
P.s. Make sure to check out Goldfishypuppy's Blog and Animal Jam Goldfish Contests!

1 comment:

  1. Br-br-BreathCarolina???? LOVE THAT BAND!!! Awesome band :)))



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