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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Lessons Of Jamaa #24: Rares Can make a Bad Difference

As you can see, My title,
"Rares Can make a Bad Difference"
Maybe Confusing, It's Something, I will share a Story,
I heard this from my Follower, LoviAvea

Hey, Jam-Animals! ^.^

  This post is about how rares can change someone. 

  About 6 months back I had a very good friend who didn't know anything about Animal Jam. This was when she first started. She was a very nice jammer and never even thought of calling anyone any names. So I gave her some of my rares (before  I got hacked) and boom. She traded every single day. She collected clearance items. And everyday she got 2 times rarer. This kept happening for a few months, and later on she had Scary Bat Wings, 2 top hats, a tan carpet, a pilgrim hat and believe it or not - 9 worn blankets. Then she became a member. That's when I noticed she started to act differently. She started to bully me and tease me because I didn't have half the rares she had, and then she started yelling at me to send her some rares. I never sent any. She got mad. She "yelled". Cried. Eventually she deleted me. 

Rares can bring a change in someone.


This is the Story of Lovi's Friend,
How Rares can make a difference
I agree though,
 I used to be Like this, Almost Everyone (Or maybe EVERYONE) Was like this.
Believe me, I'm also Collecting Clearance items, But this time only for newbies.
I have 20+ Accounts with a LOT of Clearance Items for August. Most used to own 7,000+ Gems, But I used all of them XD
But, to tell You, We really should stop Doing this,
We are True Jammers, And True Jammers Don't care about rares.
Fake Jammers= Cares about Rares Even more then Scammers, Isn't a True Friend
True Scammers= Can Change into True Jammers then Scammers.

That photo is like
"Fake Friends are worse then True Enemies"
I also Experienced this.
Here's the Story:
Take note: This was After a month I joined.
I had a Friend, (I don't Remember the User), It was Early November (I guess before I quit)
I saw her in Jamaa near the right Bridge Sitting there, Doing nothing.
I went in front of her and said
"Hello, My name is Sakura, What's Yours"
She didn't answer anything,
"You don't have Free chat?"
She said
"Oh, You're New?"
"Yes." Again, Was she Replied
I gave her a Few of my Rares,
Later, When after I quit, She looked 4 times as rare before.
8 Non member Bat wings, 3 Worns, 7 Non member Gloves, 12 Legends, 3 Dragons, 4 Lava's and So much more.
I went to her and said
"Hi! Your so rare now!"
She said,
"Hey! Can you give me more rares?"
I said,
"Well, I don't Think so, Can you give me?"
She replied:
And immediately Deleted me.
Then I saw her, but she doesn't now me anymore, She was calling newbies [Insert bad word here that starts with a bi] 

I was so sad, She wasn't who she was, All because of Rares. I wish rares never existed, That's what I have to say.

Lesson Learned and Will be continuing: Rares Can make a BAD difference.

~ :D DreamsOfBlue :D ~
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  1. I think Jammers change because they have rares so they think they can boss who ever they want around. And yes it is upset to see a friend act all different andask for rares even though they have alot! But I don't think that happen to me or my friends before. :/

  2. I remember my friend (I don’t want to say the user) was one of my first friends on AJ. We met when I was searching for a clan and apparently, she was leader.
    We became good friends, and still are.
    One day, she came to my den and asked if I had a certain rare item for trade.
    I said no, and she said okay, then she went to Jamaa Township to search for a trading party. Since then, she's been in and out of trading parties, and getting more and more rares by the minute. We have drifted away from each other, but she sometimes drops in to say hi. We rarely have an actual conversation other than "whatcha doing?" and "nothing. You?"

    ~Scherazade (not my Animal Jam user.)

  3. Is Sakura your real name? XD

    1. Sorry to mini-mod, but I would suggest not to ask about personal information. It's agaisnt the Animal Jam rules(even though they don't apply here), but it is still rude. It can also be a danger to them if a hacker decides to check out the comments.

    2. No, I'm not Japanese, Sakura180 was my First Account in AJ.

  4. True. I have seen it happen to plenty of people, but all the same, many who became rarer stayed a real friend to me. Believe it or not, but rares are not all bad, they can make a good difference. Rares are a lot like money, some jammers beg for it, just like how poor people do. And when you give away those rares, like giving away money? It spreads happiness, and gives you a good start in life, RL or AJ. Although, the side affects(the bad difference you have been talking about on this post) only occurs in certain people. Rares are kinda like a drug, but as you have heard, "the strong survive". More like the strong in heart in this case.

    1. Wow. Amazing, Colour, Amazing.

      I understand that, You're such an Amazing Inspiration.
      And I almost Cried, I really Almost Did.
      And sometimes, Rares too Bring happiness other then Friends.
      Just like in Real life. Example:
      Money, is Rares You see a Person who is Poor, The person becomes Happy you gave him/her, But then, sometimes, Money/Rares can bring the "Change" Sometimes Changed can be good OR bad.

      Good Change= A change that spreads happiness and let's the Poor have a normal Life, like us!

      Bad Change= A Change that Spreads Scams, Hacks, and so on, It Gives a Bad influence, Just like In Animal Jam.

      And sometimes, People Use they're rares to buy "Drugs" Which is where the Bad Change starts, While in Good Change, The Rares are given and Donated. Giving Toys Money to Charity in Real life is just Like giving Rares to the newbies so they can have a Good Life.

      Well, That's all I can think of for this Comment, Bye!

      ~DreamsOfBlue (A.K.A. Dreamzy) :D

  5. Rares just disturb the peace in Jamaa. I hate that. D:

  6. Its true, Rares make a bad difference. My friend has over 92 rares BUT shes a good true friend. She'd pick friends instead of friends Idk but i'll ask her. I realized i don't care for my rares no more! When i had, black bow, legendary, tail armour, fox hat, and a purple locket I realized.. Rares can get hacked scammed, Picked on, But no matter what Everyone will only care for rares and themself!!.. I am very sorry to anyone who was bullied, hacked, or scammed ANyone bullied? tell me i'll report them :p Plus, i only have 1 rare now and I just don't care... I'd rather have friends, have fun, be in the sunshine, Play with my friends.. and watch austin and ally Then have rares and stay on aj 2/4/7!!!! People get to addicted, to it and rares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dumb rares :( p.s this is something to say, I once had a friend who was Nice and rare BUT THEN He started ignoring me for rares, he started betting, (scamming) he was calling me a lazy b*tch and saying, go get some ppl or some crap lazy butches! and being horrible, SO remember, Rares arent life ;

  7. rares r like drugs..... they destroy people......
    just like rares destroy friendship,fun,nice jammers,the nice nature,exploring.
    rares make...dramas,mean people,swaggers,bad crazy people,youtube stars.....SCAMMERS.
    drugs kill ur mind....rares kill ur friendship........
    AJHQ why did u make rares in the first place????? look wat it has done to jamaa!
    please help get rid of rares betas all the drama and scamming, please stop!
    thank u if u read this....i know im rare......but the mistake happend to me.....


  8. please help animal jam! if it stays like this everyone will quit!!!!!!
    ok maybe im rare? who cares im gonna give away my account soon so a i can
    start with a clean nm account. so ya............ scammers......... swaggers......
    (swaggers r poeple who talk like this:"hey? wuz up yo? not much na.... o realz?? lol XDDDD)


  9. oh and fyi: rares are suppost to bring out colours! not "hey im cool! send me stuff i never where so i can brag about it!" rares r not about dat at all.
    why couldn't they just put "rares" in stores for life? huh? so no dramas and stuff
    aj is being destroyed by rares......


    1. They can't put rares in stores bc then a lot of people would quit and then AJHQ wouldn't have mony bc everyone quit and they would stop paying for membership.

  10. A reply for "Fake friends are worse than True enemies" Yes, they are, they can be even more worse than true enemies, had that happen to me in real life


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