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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Top 100 Pet Peeves

These are just random pet peeves that I want to get off my ... fur? :P
Even though I can admit to doing half of these things.
(In no particular order)

  1. When people call me 'Free'. I'm not on XxFreeSpiritxX anymore. I'm not free. I'm Goldfishypuppy. I'd rather be called Goldy.
  2. When people refer to others as 'famous' 'popular' or 'super rare'. Yes, I know in certain circumstances it's kinda necessarily to use them, but please don't if you don't have to.
  3. When you ask people what for a certain item, and they just say 'idk'.
  4. When people ask you what for an item, when you can just offer using the trade system. Sure, if they decline five times, you can ask them, but first make an attempt to offer..
  5. When people trade items that are gifts. 
  6. When people 'hide' their rares even though it's really unneeded..
  7. When people act COMPLETELY different around more known jammers.
  8. When your friends only beg to add your 'famous' friends, instead of hanging out with you.
  9. When people keep talking when you're OBVIOUSLY trying to make a music video.
  10. wen ppl tlk lik dis
  11. When people call themselves super rare.
  12. When people are stubborn about trading, even if it's not a fair trade.
  13. When people sit on the right bridge in Jamaa Township, and act like their better then everyone else. 
  14. When people act super slutty.
  15. When people act like gloves, legends, worns, and headdresses are the most important thing in the whole wide world.
  16. When people are on AJ, but on 'brb' 99% of the time.
  17. When people spam you with buddy requests.
  18. When people won't give you back an item that's yours.
  19. When people ask to get into your locked den, because their friend is there, but your having a serious conversation with their friend, and they spam you.
  20. When people can't make up their mind if they like you or hate you.
  21. When people complain and suddenly hate you for deleting you.
  22. When people say stuff like, "Omg I have this super huge drama secret with _____, don't ask" It's like, okay.. why did you even tell me?
  23. When people want you out of their den, or to go away and won't tell you the reason.
  24. When people won't trade back, yet you never said no trade backs.
  25. When people go mentally insane about rares, and only care about them and will do whatever it takes to hunt that item down.
  26. When people only complain how about how bad your life sucks. It's like, be appreciative that you even HAVE a computer, wifi assess, and can play animal jam.
  27. When people accuse you of stuff you didn't do.
  28. WHEN PEOPLE SHOUT AT YOU TO DO STUFF AND WON'T STOP SHOUTING UNTIL YOU DO IT AND USE A LOT OF EXCLAMATION POINTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  29. When people use the 'socially awkward' o3o face.
  30. When people do: <_< >_> >.> <.< faces.
  31. When people come up to you and go, "omg... your soooooooooooooo rare."
  32. When people follow you everywhere.
  33. When Jammers annoy you about stuff that's not for trade, and keep begging what for it.
  34. When people yell at you for declining your trades.
  35. When it takes forever for people to decide on something.
  36. When people keep offering you the same trade, that you already declined a kabillion times. 
  37. When people don't say brb when they go on brb.
  38. When I find out that one of my friends is a scammer.
  39. When I have a full buddy list, and suddenly one buddy is missing.
  40. When people won't tell you why they deleted you.
  41. When people only talk in caps.
  42. When people say "It's my birthday, send me rares!" all day long. And the next day. And the next.
  43. Imposters.
  44. When someone is like, "Haha, I blocked you! >:D" but then one second later they comment on what you just said..
  45. When people say 'chu'. It's not funny, or cute. Just say 'you' or if that's too much work, 'u'.
  46. When people keep requesting you to buddy them, then keep spamming you, and annoy you, and then automatically think you hate them because you won't buddy them.
  47. When people leave false accusations on the Scammer Page.
  48. When people argue about if someone is a scammer or not.
  49. When people just say 'shut op' in a comeback.
  50. When people have no better comebacks then 'Your just jelly of me' or 'Your outfit is terrible'
  51. When someone random will come up to you and say 'I'm waaayyyyyy prettier then you' it's like, umm.. like I give a phantom.
  52. When people swear on AJ, I've had my fair share, and it's not cool. >.<
  53. When people act like they don't have an item, yet they do.
  54. When people are like, "OMG COME SEE MY RARES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  55. Scammers.
  56. Scammers. 
  57. Scammers.
  58. When people say you're a scammer, even though you're clearly not, just because they don't like you.
  59. When people are obsessive over someone with rares.
  60. When people keep asking what's the rarity of their item, even though I've already told them.
  61. When people steal your trades.
  62. When people brag about their new boyfriend/girlfriend.
  63. When people say their quitting, yet their not.
  64. When people make a big deal out of the smallest issues.
  65. When people hate on you, for telling the truth.
  66. When people think I care about if they don't like me or not.
  67. When people act like their the coolest person in the world for getting a ______ item. Items don't make you any more specialer then you already are. Were all equal.
  68. When people think they're better then another person.
  69. When a person uses another persons IQ against them.
  70. When people think they're better then everyone else because they have rares.
  71. When people obsess over an item.
  72. When people think that their blog is the best out of all the other AJ blogs.
  73. When people only post comments advertising their blog.
  74. When a jammer obesses over another Jammer. Their just a person.
  75. When jammers share personal information.
  76. When Members pick on non members.
  77. When Jammers advertise in public places to trade them things.
  78. When people lock their dens ALL THE TIME.
  79. When people put things on trade that they really don't want to trade, but just to show off.
  80. When people actually ADMIT to just wanting to show off their rares.
  81. When people make pointless posts like these.
  82. When rares come out.
  83. Skyways on AJ. (Glitches that you can walk in the sky.)
  84. When people charge rares for teaching them a glitch.
  85. Scammers.
  86. Scammers.
  87. Scammers.
  88. When the Jamaa Journal has the same news four weeks in a row.
  89. When new animals are always member.
  90. When people automatically think you're stupid for having a strange pattern.
  91. How beta testers are looked upon as 'cheaters.'
  92. How people upload videos about 'scammers' even though they aren't actually scamming.
  93. When people act fake.
  94. When people act as plushies are the best, rarest thing in the entire world.
  95. When people lie.
  96. When people lie about rares to get a better trade.
  97. When friends betray you for rares.
  98. When friends fight, and you're caught in the middle of it.
  99. When people complain about how lame AJ is, even though It's their choice to play this game.
  100. The fact that I'm going to publish this post, even though I feel like I'm complaining, and that's one of my pet peeves >.<
That's about it!
Sorry if you read this whole, long, boring, pointless, annoying, complaining, post.


  1. I know right almost all of these are true for me too i'm caught in the middle of a fight right now :(

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. You put scammers 6 times. lol but most of these annoy me too

    1. not to be vain or anything, but i used to have freedom wings, people obessed over me, then i got a black dragon glove and now its even worse >.< i mean, im just 1 player, im not a princess let alone a queen -.-
      -wolfhead73601 (sorry if im being vain, which means thinking that oneself is better than everyone else)

  4. Thank you for making this post! I'm glad to know that someone is irritated by the same things I am. And the thing that really irritates me is when you have a popular nonmember item (bow and arrows, nm batwings, worns, etc.) that people really want, and then all of a sudden you find yourself with over 50 messages in your mailbox, saying the same exact thing: "What for____! Please I really want it!" or "Please give me the____! Not fair your super rare!" No fun being spammed. It happened to me very often with the black bow I used to own, apperantly the most popular color in Jamaa (Uh-oh! Gulp!) I was getting messages from people I didn't even know asking and begging for my bow. I can't imagine how it's like or people with nm wings and worns! Well, I
    would write more but I gotta go!
    ~***The Magical Wizard of Jamaa***

    1. I know, that bothers me too! I had it all the time with my top hats. I should've added it! :/

    2. I know right! People wont stop nagging me about my bows even though i never brag about it. I feel bad for the people with nm wings too ( i really want one though )

    3. I am being nagged NON-STOP for my worn, spiked collar and my freedom wings. Part of me wants to get rid of them, but another big chunk of me loves them and wants to treasure them forever.

      And I also really hate it when a small, cute animal (for example, a bunny) lays on the floor going "I need a ____! Please trade me one.."
      You never NEED an item. You WANT it.

      I also find it very annoying how people don't use correct punctuation and say something like "lol tht waz a funny joke" or something.

      -An AJ user who dosen't want to reveal her identity.. >:3

  5. All of these things bother me too. I'm sure I've done all of this at one point though. My brother still does about half of these things...

  6. Goldy... I kind of feel awful about this one thing. Here's the story. (And if you pay attention you will find out about how this kind of matches with this post.)

    Ok, so me and this person (not saying the username for privacy reasons) were ultra-super-duper- BFF's. I had a pink mummy glove, and her favorite color was pink. So she asked me what for it, and I said offer. She offered a "rare" viking helmet (With the rare sign on it) and I said I didn't know how rare it was, so I wasn't accepting. She told me that it was the rarest thing on AJ, and that I could get anything for it. So I believed her because she was my best friend. And...I accepted. She sent me fox hats and minor rare, saying she "felt bad". I asked her why, and she said she couln't tell. She didn't wear her rares for the whole day. I finally found out that the viking hat wasn't rare, and I cried a lot (Not because of losing my mummy, but knowing my friend betrayed me) and I asked her and she admitted it, though she would not trade back, even though I told her that I would send the stuff back that she sent me. She acted around her friends that she didn't scam it. I got mad and deleted her, ad I sent hater Jam-a-Grams to her, and she sent some back to me. So time went on, and I forgot about her for a while. And one day, we saw each other in Jamaa Township, and it just ERUPTED. I cussed her out and she cussed me out, and she told me that I was messed up in the head and "OMG look at your rhino you really are messed up!" that's what she said to me (which was at the time wearing bat glasses and small wings, it looked cool to me). I cried in real life becuase that's the meanest thing anyone ever said to me. She told me that she was way better than me, and she was way rarer and always would be. I told her that I didn't care about rares, that it was friendship that mattered. She went and said that I scammed my pink rare spike wristband, which I traded for it about 3 months earlier. So I went and told my other best friend (Funny, we met because of another scammer.) and she stood up for me. It was that time that she gave me my black pigtails which I will never ever trade. So time went on, and a while later, I saw her on my non-member account. I told her "HAH! I bet you don't know who I am!" I went on my member account and told her that it was me. She sent me a letter saying., "So, did you come here to bother me again?"and I sent a letter saying, "Can we just put this thing behind us and be friends again? We are acting like little brats (actually, I used a foul word that should not be mentioned) that are freaking out about a stupid scam." I buddied her, and she accepted. The moment I found out, my trust in her was broken, and I will never take advice from her again. Today we are still buddies, though not as close as before. Sorry if this comment was so long and it has some holes in it.

    Did I do the right thing? I'm sorry if you read this whole boring post.


    P.S. I am still sad, and my other buddy that I told (we are very close now :D) is my best friend forever. She told me her password, and I told her mine, because she had a TON of rares on her account and if she could trust me with that information, I could trust her. Plus, it has been a while and she hasn't hacked me, nor I hacked her.

  7. And I did see you as a regular fan, though I knew you were free spirit. I don't care about popularity and I'm just glad I have good friends. Though I don't know why you un-added me... (Not to make a big deal, sorry) :(


  8. P.S. What does slutty mean?


    1. whats a slut?

    2. Easy. Look it up.

    3. Kidding. I looked it up and it means a woman has numerous sexual relationships.

  9. i dont show off my bff lives in india now and i cant tell her like i have a fox hat or else people will bug me so i just put it on my trade list and then people accuse me of showing off

  10. but i still like your blog its awesome

  11. Gosh that was long but, I do agree.Come on! My BFF's friend from school hacked her account. I was a witness to it. The next day my REAL BFF was so surprised when she came into her den. It was completly different. I told her about the whole thing and she said it was her mean old friend whi hacked her. Then her friend came. They were fighting while I kept quiet. After my BFF told that her friend took some of her stuff but her maen friend said she got it scammed. NOT TRUE. My poor BFF

    1. That's terrible! I am so sorry for your BFF. Don't worry though, she will recover if she hasn't already.

      MidnightBeauty ( TheCrystal )

  12. I TOTALLY agree with number 20. I was buddies with someone who liked me, but then they hated me, so I deleted them. I eventually forgave them and added them again, then they liked me. But later they hated me AGAIN. I deleted them, and they threatened me not to post about it on my blog. I figured they needed to learn, so I did. And guess what? They begged me to delete the post and they begged for forgiveness. And believe it or not, I forgave them. Later, we were at a trading party - me, some other friends, and the person who hated me and couldn't decide whether to hate me or like me. She wanted someone's worn, and offered a REALLY bad trade for it, so the person said no. She called them mean (she's one of those people who think declining trades makes you a bad person) and all of us (like, EVERYONE there) started yelling at HER. Before, she called me mean because I wouldn't trade fox hats. So now, she's no longer my buddy, and never again will be.

  13. Those are most of my pet peeves. Here are my 10 pet peeves.
    1. When jammers buddy you because of your rares and that you know glitches (happens to me everyday).
    3. imposters

  14. Goldy please reply! I don't know if this is wrong, but I'm about the least "rare" person I know, I made I a storage account, I don't need one, but I did. Nobody considers me a newbie because I'm a member on my main account even though I kind of am new (I've been playing for almost a year) I never, really got into rares, until later, but than everyone was calling me a scammer when I said I was new, and didn't know everything about jammaa because I had epic wonder, and items from christmas D: So on my storage account I got a glove because I said I was new, and need some help around jammaa (I was new on that account technicly) And I asked a little about rares, because all I know about rares is from aj blogs, and the girl sent me a non-member glove, does that make me a scammer? Please answer because I wasn't expecting to actually get an item, but she traded it for my purple cushion which is 75 gem item, she said I could keep it, but that was just her being nice she had a lot of rares! Not that rares matter, but I wanted some so I could trade for the rares I really wanted (tan carpet, brick wall, top hats, and den items) But I'm not sure if this makes me a scammer because I feel like I was lying, because I wasn't "new" to animal jam, I just wasn't rare, never had been, and I didn't give her a fake promise, she did it to be nice, so why am I so sad? I don't know how you hacked people when you were on xxfreespiritxx I could never resort to something like that, Maybe it's my innocence, and how gulible I can be, but even if I could do something like hacking I know I'd resort to drastic measures to punish myself after. Anyways just tell me if it was wrong of me to do that, and should I feel guilty because when I got the glove I was overjoyed, but that shouldn't have been a typical reaction, should it have been? My username is peppywolf, if you could help me on animal jam, or reply to this comment I'd be so happy...

    1. No! You're not a scammer unless you plan, do, and have success in a scamming plan which is technically cheating or tricking someone out of their possession, which you seem to do nothing of! Don't worry about being called a scammer by others in the township, they tend to use the word so carelessly it's almost lost it's meaning. You're no scammer!

    2. Goldy, here are my pet peeves:
      1. When someone says "OMG NO, ONLY RED PIRATE SWORDS ARE WORTH SPIKES!!! YOU SCAMMER!" (Happened to me today o3o)

      2. When you say "What's going on????" and your friends are doing the 'Idiot' face, =-=

      3. When people have "it" on AJ. @.@

      4. Friends who are obsessed with rares.

      5. When people talk like: Omigawd I'm leik who bord rite now.

      6. RARES.

      7. When people go in Jamaa Township and say: 'ITS MY BIRTHDAY SEND ME RARES' for 7 days in a row.

      8. When someone thinks spikes are "beta"

      9. When you JUST beat your high score in a game and a buddy request pops up causing you to mess up!

      10. NorthernQueen and NorthernKing, "The king and queen of betas" No, they're just regular, obsessed with rares member arctic wolves.

      ~Pugz781 The One Who Learned From Goldy :D

  15. 1: Don't hate the o3o face.
    2: Don't hate the <_< >_> <.< >.> faces.
    3: Don't hate the word "chu".
    4: Don't hate the skyways.
    5: Don't hate locked dens.

    These are epic things that you should NOT hate. :D Especially skyways, they're fun. ; w ;
    -An epic, super rare, better than ALL OF YOU, Jammer. ^-^

    1. they are NOT epic, they are annoying. "amg chu should tots daet dat gai" ughhhhhh

  16. Oh Come On! Your NOT better then us, Were Equal And I bet You Zios, That You are Probably A New person With No Achievements Or Items. Sorry To Sound harsh, But Geez I Agree With The Chu'' Thing, Its kinda dumb Chu? SOunds like Chew. ^ Is Obviously A New Person TRYING, To Get Popularz by ''bullying'' Well Kid, Its Not getting u Anywhere, =.=

  17. Um, I know you're not going to check but I just wanted to point out that, I like to lock my den a lot because I don't like it when people just barge in and are like, "Hello! I came! Your life just became became better now!"
    I know this is number 100 on your pet peeves list but I thought I would just put it out there.

  18. 94, because you put "scammers" about 6 times :/ so yeah, not exactly 100

  19. 3 of my pet peeves- 1- When people say 'I will deed if you not give me a rare/item'
    2- I know this isn't really, But, Everysingle day I am asked 'wat 4 skarf' Its infuriating.
    3- When people just ignore you, Including friends.

    1. ~Replies too self~ Also i have #4.
      When you are asked too be buddies if one of your friend's friend wants too get in ur den and they just talk too your friend, obviously when you are chatting to them. #5 wen peeps talk likez dizz
      And also be annoying.

  20. #76 Is probably the most relating to me. Members always think they are SO much better them non members because they get more items and animals. I say they are not, we are all equal, and I bet 80% of the time they report and block me. Also, I can see you really really hate scammers :P Here is a scamming story for you.( Actually it's a hacking story)

    Okay, so
    I was on my main account(duckieduck) trading and I got a Pink nm sword for my rare Clover blanket. I went to one of those If-you-want-something-on-my-list-go-to-my-den things. Well, there was a rare pink bow. I traded my new nm sword for the bow and was perfectly happy. Somebody traded me a purple bow for the pink bow, so I accepted. And THEN (Sorry if I'm boring you ^-^) Someone traded me a Silver bow for the purple bow. I logged off to my second-best account (Rubberduckieduck) I played there for a few hours then got bored and decided to get on my duckieduck account again. I tryed logging on several times, but it kept saying 'your account is currently under matinence, please try again' or 'Login error! Try again.' I finally got logged on only to find my Silver bow, Blue bow, and my Black bow were GONE! Then I noticed my clothing inventory seemed very empty. I looked and saw my white, purple, tan, pink and blue fox hats were gone. My brown and black top hats were also missing. My cream, green and red worns were gone too! Then I looked at my den items. My Cami frog, yellow sweets and Rocking horse were gone. I still don't know who did it, probably never will. I now have most of the items back, except the top hats, worns and the two bows. Also, here are some of my pet peeves
    1. When New Jammers are trading their tables and rugs for a rare bow and/or worn. I know they don't really know better, but still
    2. When new jammers have things like red nm swords, worns, gloves and rare bows and act all high-and-mighty
    3.When people think I'm mean for correcting them when they say things like "ppl trd meh some mech wingz" I mean, what the heck? Some can be misspelling, some is lazyness, but still.
    4. When people in the Pillow Room try to act cute saying things like "Pwease adwopt mwe I ish a wittle bwaybe" You can barely understand them!
    5. When your friend is the only friend you have online, and they sit in their den for HOURS talking to someone you don't know and they pretend your not there.
    6. When people use numbers instead of words
    7. When people usually use faces instead of words and expect you to understand (I usually have to look a bunch of things up like, 'What does o3o mean?")
    8. Scammers
    9. When your at a sleepover for girls only and a bunch of boys come
    10. When people say I'm a scammer when I'm clearly not scamming. Example: " Best trade wins my bow!" -Bow is on trade- - A random guy walks up- SCAMMER!
    11. DEER! Oh my glob I'm sorry if I'm offending you, but seriously! The deer, they just think they are the best! I know there's going to be comments saying "Well, I'm not mean and I'm a deer!" But really, this is MY opinion.
    12. When people lie and say "My dad/mom is part of AJHQ and they will ban you from AJ forever!"
    13. Fashion shows. Not best dressed, fashion shows. It's unfair because members get more items and when I protest, the members just say "Shut up non member"
    14. When members have stores and non members go and the members SEND the non members the items they want. Shouldn't they know nm's can't accept gifts?
    15. The diamond shop. Everything new goes there. Your like, " OMG SOME OF THE CHRISTMAS ITEMS THAT USED TO BE BETA ARE COMING TO ONE OF THE SHOPS!" Diamond shop. Big whoop. And I find it unfair that the only way for nm's to get diamonds is on the Daily Spin, which is super rare.

    ~duckieduck or Rubberduckieduck or Airforcesister or Duckiejammer
    -Yes, I know. I have a lot of accounts-

  21. My pet peeves of AJ are (saving largest pet peeve for last):
    1: When people say stuff like "HOP ON THE BRIDGE TO GET RARES" or "BREAK THE ICE TO GET RARES! or "BE WHITE AND DANCE TO GER DIAMONDS!" It doesn't work!
    2: When someone wants to buddy me for no reason. I always keep buddy requests off and only buddy someone when I want to. I don't have to waste buddy space for random people.
    3:Scammers/Hackers/Imposters. Obvious to anyone.
    4: The Diamond Shop. So unfair! The biggest reason: Eagles. 1st and currently only flying animal, and guess what? Diamond shop only! Why AJHQ, why?!
    5: CAT CLANS! Basically "cats" who are actually wolves claiming to be cats ATTACKING people! There should be a warning if you say the word "clan" in AJ.
    6: MEMBERSHIP! Basically, giving people advantages over non-members. It's not the non-members fault that their parents are strict, or if they don't have enough money! I thought AJ was a free site! AJHQ sure can take the "free" out of AJ. And I'm even a member saying this! Non-members get bullied because they are non-member! I even see people say "(insert event at a den here) MY DEN! MEMBERS ONLY!" and I ask "Why members only?" and they give no awnser and continue on. I even saw someone in the pillow room adopting. But what did they say? "I NEED (insert some type of example of thing someone being adopted in pillow room might be) THAT ARE MEMBER!" I saw some non-members asking and the person just said "MEMBERS ONLY!" I just hated in when that person did that! Excluding innocent jammers just because they don't have all the advantages of a member! I hate it more than yucky medicine!


  22. w h e n p e o p l e l e a v e a 8 m i n u t e v o i ce m a i l a n d t a l k r e a l l y slo-wlyy

    ortheytalksofastlikethisthatyoucantunderstand them

  23. :v Hey Goldy, I wanted to tell you something.
    I got accused of scamming by Pasutti.
    We had a fight (Merr... Not proud of it >.<)
    And she said ''You scammed my founders and my spike!''
    (Er, Hello.. I barely knew her, she suddenly accused me so we started fighting.)
    :l Has this ever happened to you? I don't even know pasutti that well, so what the duck?
    and she said ''u went to ur friends den after u did it!!!'''
    My friend (Not naming) Said. ''Pasutti, She wasn't even on that night, I swear. And she didn't scam, nor did I.'' but she wouldn't give up.
    All because I rejected her trade and wouldn't flash trade her.

  24. Yup, Goldy! It really is annoying when Jammers start to accuse, scam, stalk, annoy, be a brat, and just BLEH!

    *a ticked off* ~❤biamorawesome❤~ >:U

  25. I hate scammers >:l (Although sometimes I'M a scammer)

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