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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Foxes Update 7/19/2012


Well, unfortunately foxes are member, and I still can't take screenshots.
I'm going to summarize the things I think are most important in this update.

  • The Plushies at the carnival
Yes, more came, and others are half off. I don't get why AJHQ Keeps striving to bring more, because not a lot of jammers are interested in them, for the huge price. They would rather save up for a cool clothing item. Now I'm not gonna say that I can predict the future, but I don't think these will be a big trading item in the future, either.. they are quite small, and a den item >.<

  • The Horse Statue was named
The horse statue in the Chamber of Knowledge was named - Sophia! What a pretty name for a pretty horse. If you don't get what this means, then I know that you didn't read any of those links yesterday about Jamaasian Movement. That's fine. A quick summary: Our current goal was to send messages in every single purple input circle saying: NAME THE THREE SHAMAN STATUES! Because in the Chamber of Secrets, all the other statues but the three recent ones have shaman names. So by doing this, we made a difference already. Hopefully AJHQ names the other statues! :)

  • Foxes are here, of course
Yet they're member. Oh well, you can't get everything you want in life. But this does encourage non-members to buy membership, which is what AJHQ needs (money) to keep bringing updates to Jamaa. So I'm cool with it. They are the most 3-D Looking animal at Jamaa. The actions are very adorable, yet their head to feet ratio is quite off. Along with foxes came Fox plushies, the fox member badge, the fox jamagram (which strangely doesn't have any words..), and along with the jamagrams came many new stamps!

  • The Painting activity
Quite un-AJ related, boring, and no objective in this game, but when your brain bursts with a colorful idea - you know where to go! I'm pretty sure this is to help with future AJ contests, and to maximize the gallery in the Jamaa Township (if you click on the bulletin board.) Yet at the end, when you X out of Painting, it reads:
Are you finished coloring?  No, I'm not, I'm finished PAINTING ;) -_-

  • The Den Depot
Exactly where Coral Corners once was, the canyon path stretched and a huge little shack appeared selling DENS? Well, this wasn't really needed ever since they added the 'Den Shop' button when you switch dens. But I assume some Jammers who were afraid to explore the buttons and settings around them were confused  where to buy dens..
That brings me to my next bullet point.

  • The settings button
This is a very useful button! You can now unlock or lock your den when you're NOT in it. Good for keeping meanies out. This also tells you if you're non member or member, and how many days of membership you have left! Even though there is currently a glitch, it says '999 days left' [of membership] Hopefully that will be fixed soon, so they don't confuse anyone. You can control the sound in the settings tab, too. And the Overhead in Jamaa section is back! (It used to be a Jamaa Journal Column) Except, when it was an article, it would have somethings that Jammers said, like "I love Animal Jam!" ~Snowflake Spiritmoon Or something like that. At least it's off to a good start, giving tips and such! :)

All for now. I'll hopefully add pictures later. c:

Ps. Snowyclaw can't join our blog due to blogger accounts being phantom'd up :/


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