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Friday, July 20, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #2: Friends BEFORE Rares 7/20/2012

Hi there, Jammers!

Kay, open the file cabinet in your brain.
Take out the 'Virtual Worlds' folder.
Open it.
Go to the 'Animal Jam' section.
I bet there's a little dusty notecard, back behind all the big pieces of paper with rares, and how much their worth, blah, blah blah, blah, blah, blahh..
It reads:


Yes, we all know this. But little visual metaphor shows how we all know it, may not do it, and that rares sometimes are more important to us.

You may disagree, saying that you are always about friends before rares, but I bet if the situation was right, you'd have to double think.

I can name three friendships off of the top of my head that have split because of rares.
I'm going to tell about one, but use the name 'Leopard' instead of his/or her actual username, because this was a quite recent fight.

So, me and leopard had been best friends for a long, long time. She was one of my couple last friends I had, during this rough rough phase in my AJ life. I had given her rares before, because she was non member, kinda poor, and I had stuff I didn't want. This consisted of; Frankenstein masks, Tiki masks, and worn blankets specifically. Now, I never had asked for my stuff back, and one day was wondering if she would ever actually give the stuff back if I asked. So, I decided to 'test' her, secretly. My plan was too ask for the stuff back, see if she would, and if she DID give the stuff back, send it back and congratulate her, but if she DIDN'T give the stuff back, explain to her what my test was, and talk to her about why she didn't give it back.

So I asked her for the stuff back. Leopard kept questioning, 'Why' and "You're so rare you don't need them back' 'Why did you give them too me if you wanted them back', this continued for a long, long 20 minutes. I got VERY frustrated, screaming, and more. I explained to her about the test, and she was embarrassingly saying "oh.. you shoulda told me" Even though that was the point, NOT to tell her >_<

Another source came in, (Let's call him 'Tiger') who was very rare, rarer then me at the time, and questioned what was going on. We asked for him out, he demanded to stay. We told him what was going on, Tiger sided with me, and he was VERY mad at Leopard, angrier then me. The fight eventually cooled down, Leopard left, and Tiger gave me the stuff to replace it which Leopard owed me. 

We were very, very mad at eachother. For more then a month. Didn't speak, yet half the time we were still buddies. I eventually deleted her. We talked a few times on a different site, acted like our old selves, but we weren't acting nearly as close.. we both knew it. And to this day, she is very mad at me, for a different reason, which I'm sorry for, she knows that.. I still miss her, but,
 Lesson to be Learned: Friends before rares.



  1. First off I'm Leopard
    I know it o7o

    And first off, thank you for not mentioning actual names.
    Second off, I'm not mad at you, just a tad disappointed.
    Third off, I definitely don't care about rares. If I were to be hacked, I wouldn't care at all. You know this, at least I hope :I
    Fourth off, I constantly have mood swings. You know this too.
    Fifth off, I gave you the stuff back, so why are you still mad? I don't get it :/

    1. Heyoo.
      1. chur welcomee(:
      2. I asked you to explain, but all you said was 'everybody is turning into what they said they wouldn't' and I didn't get it, yet you didn't explain further ?
      3. I know you don't; but I can't I use it to teach others? that's why it's called 'Lessons of jamaa' isn't it? :p
      4. I knoww, I still love you doe(:
      5. I'm ain't even mad ! *insert meme here*
      I can't believe you saw this :oo you still care? !:3

      ~le goldfishypuppy

  2. 1. -no reply
    2. I thought you would understand
    3. ok then
    4. I still love you too little one

    And yarsh i shtill care little freeski

  3. 1. no answer I guess ? o;
    2. well I honestly didn't.. :/
    3. mhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
    4. <3
    5 um what? :D

    lol I miss your strange spellings((:

    1. 1. -le gasp-
      2. oh.
      3. -me gusta face-
      4. -squee-
      5. LOVEY DAT FACE GURL /what/


    2. 1.ikr shocking
      2. yeah...
      3.-sexy troll face-
      4. what if I sent a tiger in a cage to your house ?
      5. ummmm idk. catfish.
      6. will you ever add me back on skaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. I totally agree.

    My friend, who I shall remain nameless, keeps bugging me that she can NEVER get any rares. Once I got TWO trades in a row. I traded a purple clover to a black glove, and it was accepted! Then, someone traded me a red santa hat, and I accepted it, because I REALLY wanted one. I told my friend, and she said, "Lucky u. I'm so poor I don't have any rares." She was wearing pick mech angel wings and was COMPLANING TO me. I told her to keep trading, but... well, rares aren't everything. That's the point.

  5. I acually HATE rares. I am fine with my regular clothes/den, thank you very much. And I liked the part about the "opening the file cabinet in your brain" and "taking out the "Virtual Worlds" folder" and so on and so forth. Rares = Snootiness. Yuck. And yes, I admit it. I did have some rares before. (Rare Backpack, Rare Cool Hair, etc) I traded/recycled them though. If no one trades for them, I recycle them, unless if they're den items.


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