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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Glitches, Glitches, and more Glitches!

Hey Jammers!
These are just some random glitches me and my friends discovered around Jamaa.
If you have one, please send me a jamagram.

I was in falling phantoms, and looked at the girl next to me, and she was wearing unreleased black mech angel wings that you only see in best dressed! :o These same kind of glitches happened when the Jamaa Derby was first released. 

In these pictures above, I saw three of the same panda doing the same, impossible motion! I clicked on each of them, and every time it showed this user of a BUNNY! Wierd, huh?

When I clicked from my inventory to my trade list, it showed that this blank space was a Rare Heart Locket, and I'm almost positive it's not! :)

The switched up my animals back item! Usually my seal is wearing wings, and my bunny is wearing the black worn! :/

Mikey12093 showed me that one of his spikes is detached! I highlighted the floating spike for y'all c:

Largemuddydog Discovered when you wear a witch hat on a lion, you can see a tidbit of your mane through the rim! o.o

Mikey12093 also discovered that his bunny hat has dots/pixels around the edge, see it?

When Mikey goes underwater, and you click on his nametag, it shows an nonexistent red necklace that it claims he's wearing, but he's not! Strange..

Our final glitch shows that Mikey's necklace is only half existing! It doesn't go all the way around his neck!

Man, these glitches are just confuzzling as when you're dolphin on land!
Only if I saw some of those today..

If you have glitches, send me a jamagram our send pictures to animaljamfreedom@aol.com!
(I still need to make a new blog email.. e.e)



  1. the wolf wearing the black mech angels were probably a bot. You know, like AJ has guides who tests out new items...etc. bots test out games, lovelost spotted a monkey bot- it had a peace stamp or something on it's chest!

  2. a few times i saw a horse wearing freedom wings! and then 1 time, i actually HAD freedom wings! weird, right? i thought they weren't released!

  3. I was a dolphin on land once! *^*

  4. I was a dolphin on land once! *^*


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