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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Legends of Jamaa #4: Sir Gilbert's Legendary Visit

Before Sir Gilbert's Visit, there was not a stripe pattern on tigers.
Why you ask?
Well, keep reading. ;)

Everyone knows Sir Gilbert's personality, in case you don't know, here it is:
Sir Gilbert

Sir Gilbert, the regal tiger Shaman, is a proud warrior. He takes his ancestry very seriously and always makes it a point to honor those that came before him when going into battle. Even though he has a rough appearance, Sir Gilbert is a very thoughtful, spiritual animal with a caring nature. His personality is serious, reverential, and soft-spoken. He has a deep, low voice that can be as soothing as it is menacing. As a mentor to new tigers, Sir Gilbert can be a tough teacher, but he possesses great wisdom and knows a lot about the history of Jamaa and its ongoing struggle with the phantoms that inhabit the Animal Jam world. ~Ancient AJ Legend

(From Jamaa Culture Page)

After all the shamans had left Jamaa, (except Liza) after the phantoms attacked Canyon pathways, and so on and so forth, Sir Gilbert realized there was no fighters in Jamaa.  He worried around for a weeks, months, then finally stepped up to the Game. He is the warrior shaman after all, and was meant to be in Jamaa for a reason. 

He traveled from Mira's hidden land for days, clawing through all the rough patches of soil, the mysterious mushrooms and woodlands. Eventually he reached the edge of Jamaa.
He came across the wonderous river, and was beaten down by high phantom forces in this unhabited area.  He collapsed on a log, and started floating down the river. He drifted off to sleep, and had wild dreams..

Phantoms, Phantoms, Phantoms were everywhere. Swirling around, flying down like rockets on my piece of wood serving as my boat. Zapping me with pink poison, I felt weak, not living up to my warrior reputation. The skies turned black and purple, like a strong rainstorm was coming on. Lightning flew across the sky like dragons breath in a tornado. Windy palm trees were blowing in the breeze, trying to keep their roots planted to not end up on shore. The rapids got stronger as my boat shaked back and forth. With my best strength I rolled onto my stomach trying to see what was going on. A waterfall after many rocks, was ahead. I stuggled, not knowing what was going to happen. The skies parted, and the great Zios was looking down on me. "SIR GILBERT!!!... Jamaa Needs you.." He spoke. I looked up, wondering how he could still be alive.. and without paying attention to my surroundings, I began falling rapidly and a moment of shock was in my head, as lightning came down and zapped me while saving my fall.

Ahh! As I awoke, I noticed I was landed in some sort of forest. I stood up, dusted myself off, and saw in the distance a Mira statue, shining and glimmering in the dusk sunrise.
I strolled over to the statue, and hopped over a stone wall.
I knew with one look that it was Mira. I confirmed that finally I had made it to Jamaa again! The world had changed so much.. star striped banners and more. As I strolled down the pathway to the center of the township, I noticed many, many more jammers. Jammers had different clothes, were screaming at eachother, and girls asking for men to marry them. This was not how I had remembered it.. my fellow tigers seemed to not care a thing about protecting jamaa from the phantoms dark forces. A summer carnival was here, and I shook my head in disappointment. This city needed a teacher. This city needed protection, as the day of the phantoms was only ten months away.

I found a tiger dancing in the middle of the township, screaming something about whatever 'rares' are.
"Excuse me, fellow tiger." I asked.
"WHAT" He screamed back.
"Would you like to join me in training other tigers for protecting jamaa and all the citizens from the dark spirits of the phantoms when they come to take over jamaa in october?" I questioned.
He laughed in my face.
"XD What are you talking about dude."
I walked away, offended.
How am I going to get Jamaa to listen, to look beyond items and care about their own well being?

To be continued.. ;)


  1. This is a great story, Goldy! I feel exactly the same way, oh Animal Jam, you really have forgotten...

    1. The Jamaa world today must seem so strange to Sir Gilbert.
      *A elephant wearing flip flops walks by* it seems rather strange to me too XD

    2. @tt coyote- LOL
      the story's pretty awesome! you're very good at describing scenes!

  2. You really captured the essence of what Jamaa is today. People who don't know how to spell things correctly and all they care about is rares.

  3. Goldy, I could join you.... I have a snowleoapard I could use I can use my tiger or my snowleopard please reply if you can and thx very much if yes i can help you!



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