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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #1: When a Friend Quits 7/19/2012


Often times when a jammer quits, she or he gives away their rares. Many times I've received rares, but I have one time in example. Grab your popcorn!

Around February, my best friend was Kookycc. We were the closest of friends, laughing, trading, all that fun stuff. She started getting rarer, unusually fast. She would say to me every now and then, "Look, Mister! My friend gave me _____!" And I would be in awe, and of course congratulate her. Or she would say that she traded an item for this new item, yet she would still have the item that she claimed she traded. Odd.. I looked past this, assuming she must have doubles. Rarer and rarer she got..
My best rare then was a Black Striped top hat, that I traded from Magic797 (Before all this drama..).
After about a month and a half, kookycc got a Solid Black top hat.
I found out she was a scammer about a week and a half before, but I was afraid to confront her. She was in cubanboy's scam clan (after I divorced him), along with lawsonrenie, infinitymagicheroisback, and silverstein. Eventually I got jealous and mad that she passed me in rarity because of a mean, and selfish act. I yelled and yelled at her, and she tried to fight back. We split up, deleted and blocked eachother. At parties when we saw eachother, I made a big deal about how awful she was and mean and cruel. Everyone believed me, but she just sat their and boasted about her Solid Black Top hat, which she believed to be the rarest color. (Which Isn't, The rarest top hat is Tan) Eventually everyone knew she was a scammer, and she kept on going, staying in the scam clan. She wouldn't appear at parties anymore. She kinda faded away. I forgot about her for a month or two, until.. One day she sent me a striped black top hat. And a red leaf. I was in shock, but I didn't know what to think. I never traded them, yet I gave them away when I quit on free. I don't know what to think of her currently. A best friend..? A betrayer..? What do you think? She wanted to rejoin once, and asked for her items back. I refused. Mostly because I was selfish and I believed she didn't deserve them back since she scammed them. I don't know now..should I have given them back? Or not? Did I do the right thing?

Lesson to be learned: You never always know the true colors of a jammer when it comes to rares.



  1. Hmm, well... as many would say: "Once a Betrayer, always a betrayer." But heres a story: A long long time ago, my friend *classified* was a scammer. She would try anyway to scam anything. Eventally, I sat down and had a talk with her about her scamming. She said that she really did regret all the times she scammed. She even gave everyone their items back.
    And Today She's one of the nicest people I know. She no longer scams. So no, not always will someone always be a scammer/betrayer. People can change. And if you give her a second chance, let her prove that she's changed. And determining on that, is who she really is.

    ~Puppy99NMS <3

    1. I'd Have to agree with you AJW, The same thing happend to me with a friend who is also *classified* They scammed ME And denied it all but later admited it and said sorry, and has been good too me since. To this day we are good friends.


  2. Free.. (i shouldent call you free anymore) its Avril. im am sooo so sorry that i got mad at you and said you "changed"... i just missed when we would hang out 4eva and please add me back i miss you and i cant belive i was so dum and thoughtless you are my oldest friend on animal jam and i would have never made it this far without you so im asking now... Please please forgive me
    Your buddie and twin


  3. Many times, AJ Rares like to overule the friendship between one another. My friend that joined in 4 months after me (we sorta broke in a fight because he tried to scam me) ended up getting a black worn and when I saw him one day he didn't remember me (he eventually did) and I was just questioning him all day... 'A' HOW DID YOU GET THAT WORN? and he said he traded it for and then for a while I just stopped questioning and noticed how jealous I was :( then the next few weeks I got a tan carpet (In a different account ><) and elf cuffs (Beta ones... They're in another account as well that I hardly use anymore :P ) and he just said "Are you happy now that you have a better rare than me?" ... I was never competing with him, and now he ignores me all day T-T


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