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Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Truth ~ By: XxFreeSpiritxX/MisterArcticClaw/InfinityEepdOutPaw/Goldfishypuppy 7/19/2012

*Yes, this is also a page. I just thought a post would be nice too..*

I am XxFreeSpiritxX.

I admit it.

I can prove it to you if you really deny me.

You're most likely thinking, But I thought you quit?

I did.


About 3 weeks ago (Today is 7/19/2012) I I told everyone I quit. I gave away rares, deleted everyone, etc.

I did, actually for about 2 1/2 weeks.

Visits were too tempting.

Everyone was FURIOUS I deleted them.

I 'made Magic797 quit' (long story).

So a few days ago I switched to this account.

I barely had anything to switch though. xD

I told a good handful of my old buddies that I was free, and made them promise not to tell anyone.

It started out fine.

No one suspected anything, or even brought up XxFreeSpiritxX's name.

But eventually a few people that I didn't even tell, or ever knew, were jamagraming me saying they knew I was XxFreeSpiritxX.

I know most of you won't see this post, so that's why I'm publishing it.

Why did I give up XxFreeSpiritxX? I'll tell you the whole, long, story. Get some popcorn.

So, I started my AJ adventure on October 13th, 2011. At about 2pm.
My friend introduced it to me.
It was boring at first.
My user was InfinityEepdOutPaw.
I didn't have much interest.
My first 'rare' I remember was  a clover blanket, which I traded store bought different color items for.
I did that trade again, and had two clover blankets.
A yellow and a green.
I traded them both for a purple heart locket.
I can't remember what I did with it.. or what I traded for it..
I kinda left the game behind for awhile..

My brother, who is 10 years old joined Animal Jam.
His username was MisterArcticClaw.
He really enjoyed AJ, and became a member.
He got quite rare. Headresses (but he bought them)
A couple worn blankets, member gloves, but thats about it.
I thought it looked fun having all those friends, unique items, and more.
We started sharing the account.
Soon after, I begged my mom for my own member account. She wouldn't pay for two.
So, I started playing more and more on MAC. My brother, less and less.
I eventually took it all over, and he quit.
I hate to admit that I was kinda an AJ slut.
Cheating, dating, all that nasty stuff..
I met cubanboy.
Married him.
He gave me a lot of stuff.
Anything I wanted.
I remember my dream item then was a mech angel helmet.
He traded everything for a pink one and gave it to me.
He was still rare, though.
That kept continuing, the item getting rarer and rarer..
Viking hats (when they were rare)
Planet walls
Leaf necklace
Worn blankets
Solid black top hat
I traded a worn blanket for my non member wings that I still have today.
I left him behind..
Went to other guys..
On MAC, I wasn't as 'famous' as I was on XxFreeSpiritxX.
Only a few of my current friends knew me on MAC.
I got sick of people picking on me about the 'Mister' in my name.
They judged.
Wouldn't add me.
So I had a poll, on my old blog, animaljamfreedom.blogspot.com.
What should my new username be?
Some of the options I remember were...

And others..
XxFreeSpiritxX won.
I liked that one the best anyways.

I switched to XxFreeSpiritxX.
Instantly more people were friendlier, nicer, and gave more respect.
I remember I met RJKingBeast, one of my best friends, the minute after I switched.

I became rarer, my blog had more views each day, and life was just generally better then. (This was in mid March.)

Months and months later, I got a few overtrades including tan carpets and red top hats.
I wasn't just super rare anymore. I was ultra rare. It kinda scared me.

A couple months later, I was even rarer. Since I had joined in October, everyone thought I became rare way too quickly. A few people spread rumors about me hacking. That was just the start.

People accused, judged, blamed. I was in hiding for about a week.
I hid all my rares.
Deleted many.
Not fun, if you're wondering.

In the past two months on XxFreeSpiritxX, It was chaos.
People couldn't handle their seflishness. Begging, lying, trying to hack me!
Friends were dropping like flies, due to rares, drama, 'famousness'.
My blog was pretty popular, and way too hard to handle.
When I deleted someone, their would be a rampage from them.
Hate would be automatic from all their friends.
Magic797 drama didn't help either.
Rares were too hard to handle. I could literlally get almost any item on AJ I wanted.
I had too much, and it was going to my head.
All top hats, 2 founders, 2 non member wings, Tan carpet, Mira statues, Fire pits, zios sculptures, Member gloves, Rhino helmets, Royals + and all leafs before they were rare, A LOT of stuff. ( I don't mean to brag )
It was too much, and AJ was creating to much drama in my reality.
I was on AJ too much.
I couldn't go in Jamaa Township without people attacking about 'What for my items' and they couldn't respect if it wasn't for trade.
But no one wants to stay cooped up in their den all day, am I right?
It was too much, I eventually quit my blog.
Sometimes you just want to hide.
I hid 90% of my rares.
I only wore my favorites.
Some friends were posting mean stuff about me..
There's more, but I think you get the point.

AJ was also taking over my studying time, which caused a lower grade in math.
I had written a post that I was going to publish about why I want to quit in April.. but I never finished or published it.
Here it is, directly copied from Animal Jam Freedom.

Ello, Jammers of all animals! FS XxFreeSpiritxX Here.

Here is an A-Z to list of mostly why I want to quit:
A. Animal Jam is a game.
Animal Jam is an online website, meant for fun and games.
More and more jammers everyday are exchanging Phones numbers, Skype adresses, planning to meet each other and giving away REAL life information. I admit to doing some of it, but it is already going to far.
B. Blogs.
Blogs! Just like this one you are reading right this very instant. Everyone feels a need to make a blog, trying to compete for a bigger and better one. LoveLost's blog take for example, nothing against her but everyone wants to be like it. Everyone gets overworked in trying to create a popular blog, and if they don't get enough views then they think they are lame! :(
C. Codes.
Codes, simply. Animal Jam brings out codes to get free stuff, but that hasn't been happening very lately.
Think of it this way..Kids are learning codes, which can be described as a form of Cheating. Codes can be very effective, and if some kids learn this way, Imagine what real-life things they can accomplish (Not in a good way) by using codes?
Yes, we all can admit to doing it. But that's not the soul purpose of Animal Jam, like many people use if for. I bet you if you log into AJ Right this very minute, there will be at least 2 Jammers in Jamaa chanting "If you Like me say I" or "If you like me come to my den", "I need a guy", "I like naughty girls" or something like that. Also, it can be very socially awkward, I would know. If you really want to find a relationship, use eHarmony or something, seriously. I am not saying there is something wrong about it, it's just overrated.
Playing games all the time doesn't provide for much energy. You and I both know we need energy to get thru the day. In science class we are learning that energy makes things GO, RUN, or HAPPEN. Don't we need things Happen in life? Don't we need things to run? Or to Go? Exactly. I know I am ALWAYS about to fall asleep after being on the computer for 3+ hours after school. This topic leads me onto my next one...
I can't focus anymore! I have been spending SO much time on the computer, staring at a screen. I am in honors classes, and gets a's. I have to read a whole lot, and when you can't focus, you can't read. I also play sports. Including Hockey, Basketball, Track, and Volleyball. If you can't focus, you cannot play sports. This is probably affecting my lifestyle most of all. In school, I tend to zone out a lot :|
Gaming alone takes up much of our daily lives, a little too much. I always prefer outdoors, and I can't believe how obsessed I am with this game. It makes me mad at myself, feel alone, and feel bad about myself. I don't like spending half my nights on gaming websites, let alone get addicted to another game. I don't like how I am just staring at a screen. It is a scientific fact that you tend to eat more in front of a screen, which is bad for our health if you don't the exercise to be equivalent to it.
H.Haters :(
Yes, the Unfortunate truth. Haters most commonly go with clans, clubs, cliques, and rares. People become  way  to Jealous over rares. Which if you scroll down to 'R' you can see my wonderful, practical description of what rares REALLY are. Which I know that Spino11 agrees with me. Also, Haters come with 'Fame' that is usually developed by blogs, or then again rares. Greenfun told me which is a true statement, that not a lot of us realize is that - On Animal Jam, everyone is equal. None of us are more important then another, which a lot of us think we are. Yes, there are Hater DENS made, Hater POSTS made, hater CLANS made, and much, much more out-of-the-box and unnecessary ideas and things made against another Jammer.
I recently just got an impostor, thank you to ilovekats for telling me. xXFreeSpirtXx is their name. Do you guys have any idea how indescribably rude this is? I Have my own individuality.Now, if you want to be like me, you don't have to make up a name that is almost like mine. You can copy my patterns, dress like me, design your den like mine, or something. I don't care, I take it as a compliment. But when someone goes around PRETENDING to be me, that's just obscure. Actually, in the Adult world ILLEGAL. You can be put in JAIL or PRISON for having a fake identity or stealing someone's Identity, which again --- What is this teaching children?
There is Jealously all around as I have mentioned before in this post. Mostly between rares, like Freedom items, top hats, nm wings and worn blankets. Also, I have seen horrible friendships spilt up including my own with Crystal82 broke up, and now she can't even stand to look at me ;( I miss you, darling. Anyways, it also commonly happens between Jammers 'Boyfriends' and 'Girlfriends' friends become jealous of each other's partner, and how rare they are, handsome, pretty etc. It's disturbing, because we are all equal.
K."Kill them!"
As in Clans. In my opinion, clans are gangs. Gangs in real life never turn out good. Their is excluding, violence and bullying. I have been in a few clans before, and it never turned out well. I have had a whole clan against myself, for a reason that wasn't even my fault. I have been in the 'famous' Madjaster's clan, and he is overrated too. He added me, and no offense to him, but he sure has an ego. Wonder how it happened? Fame. So now this poor guy is probably also stuck-up in real life, and again, What is this teaching children? I deleted him.
Their is so much lying going around Animal Jam it sickens me. Even the HQ has lied to us. The one time I specifically remember it is when Animal Jam published it's last December 2011 newspaper, saying that horses will come in 2012. We didn't get horses until two weeks into the new year. Also, lying has to do with scammers. Scammers lie to say that " I swear to God why would I scam you? " "My parents work for AJHQ so I can't scam you " " I have never scammed" "  I have been scammed before""It's my birthday send me rares" And so on and so forth.
M.Money/ Membership
You have all probably heard your parents or another adult complain about the Economy, or just money problems in general. LIFE comes with a COST. My dad has retired, and pensions don't come with a lot of money. My mom, me and my brother were also all in a car collision two years ago. That means a lot of money is spent on Physical therapy, lawyers, law suits and much more - along with the regular things we have to spend on regular life. I AM a member, and addicted to the privileges that membership allows. This does cost money, maybe not a lot but it's sad that I am paying for this, when all it really provides is addiction, debates, and coordination loss. This does lead me into my next topic...
These Jammers are treated AWFULLY! My great friend BeautifulBlackWolf who is an author of Fiery, is treated terribly by the other Moderators! It is not non-members fault that they can't afford membership, or their parents are strict. Or, just maybe did some wake up to reality, sorry to say. Also, Animal Jam is being WAY too pushy and unfair in new updates, which are mostly fo members. On my non member accounts, I get 5 jamagrams a month telling me to get a membership, and how great is to be a member.
Overrated! This whole site is overrated! Friends forever, turns into real information. Love, turns into meeting each other in real life, which I know a couple who is planning to do {Won't mention any names}. RARES! SCAMMING! BLOGS! FAME! CLANS! Everything! It's so indescribable it's hard to put into words. This is an online game, wake up to reality!
Everyone always says the are going to quit, make it dramatic and want to seek attention, to feel special. (Again, Jealously, Attention Seeking, Lying, What is this teaching children?) I am so sick of my best friends saying it, and I know they won't be back. Yet if I don't seem like I care, or cry and stuff then I won't be considered a good friend when they WILL/DO come back. It is so irritating, I just want to go and hide in my den. Also, people give out their items and rares to their friends as a 'Remembrance of Me' gift. I have gotten many of these gifts, and people always want them back. Some I have given back, considered if it is important or special to me. Also, it is so Judgmental that these 'quitters' give out their rarest items to their closest friends, their partner they are dating, etc. It's just rude :| I will be keeping my 'rares' to prevent that from happening. (No offense to my good buddies)
You most likely knew I was going to do 'Rares' for R. Well, first of all I sometimes don't want to be 'Rare' after all. It wrecks your whole Animal Jam life for you, and gets you hooked up in pixelated clothes to be on an ANIMAL that you are pretending to be in a VIRTUAL world. See how sad that is? I mean, sure I love the cool clothing but it gets depressing. People so desperate...so...so desperate.
Of course, we all know them don't we? I have been friends with many nice, kind and caring Jammers that have turned into scammers. I cry whenever I hear there is a new scammer clan. By the way, Solidblue02, Silverstein, InfinityMagicHeroisback a few other Jammers I didn't get to see have started a new scammer clan, and aren't afraid to admit it. I have described scammers many times, and I am not that good at hate speeches. But they apply all around this post. Careless, rude and and famous. Famous, Rares, and Cool they become known as... Again - What does that teach young jammers - If I steal and cheat, I become cool and known. Not a good life lesson!
U."U Were not Hacked"
Sorry, I have to be kinda clever for these end-of-the-alphabet letters. Anyways, Jammers DO get hacked. But it's very uncommon to guess someone's password. Also, people fake this all the time. "I was hacked send me rares" or "I'm sorry for being mean I was hacked" But, if you WERE actually hacked, why wouldn't the person who was being mean to you steal all your items? Huh? Need to think it thru before you guys try to trick us.
I'm sorry, but the humans that work at Animal Jam Headquarters seem to not have a care in the world about our problems in the Game that we are playing. I ordered a lion gift card about a month ago, thru Animal Jam Outfitters, and I never got emailed my code or sent thru the mail. I sent AJHQ an email about it, and of course they sent a robot reply back, not having anything to do with my issue. Once I told them that I never got their confirmation email, they never replied. Ace97 emailed AJHQ about this mail glitch he has been getting, that has caused him to loose a very rare brown beard and hasn't got some of my letters that I KNOW I did send. Tiger05430 supposedly sent me 20+ letters one day, but I only got about 4. Sorry that kinda of got off topic..
So yeah.. that's a lot, I know. Some were cheesy x3
I'm kinda tired of typing right now..
That's why I kinda quit.
I guess I'll kinda be on AJ, but not as much.
I don't need rares, for my blog to be famous, or to have fans again.
I don't need it.
I just need my friends.
Shout out to all my friends who have stayed with me this whole time..
Snowyclaw, Fatpanda96, RJKingBeast, Puppy99NMS, Moonbeam1, DarknessAkia1, Nikisongs, And many more..

If you read this, please don't hate. A comment would be nice.I Don't know what you could say.. but ok.


Note: A lot of important events have been skipped in this biography, but those are for another time.


  1. Inspiring post Free, really made me rethink my time on AJ. I'm so glad that you'll still be visiting Jamaa. I'm no good at comments. . . No idea what to say. ^-^ Anyway, see you in Jamaa!

  2. Free, Always Remember I'll be There for you, ALWAYS. Don't you ever think different. Don't mind the scammers, hackers, or haters. Aj only depends on friends. And I'll be that friend thats there for you. I'll always be your friend. <3


  3. Aj was created to talk to People. At first there was no Trading System, that clearly shows that Aj wasn't made for Rares, Trading, Scamming, ect. And Free, you know that I'll be there even if you don't have Rares. Even if People say your a Scammer, or Hacker. I'll be there for youuuu! I hope you know that. But unfortunatly there is a time for People to quit sometime. For the rest of my Youth, I'll never forget you. Everything you said is SO True. But as Dori says, "JUST KEEP SWIMMING" Bye Love(:

  4. Glad to hear you're not completely gone! :D
    I don't get quitting though... If you find you're spending too much time online, just come on less often! Tell your parents to put your computer on a timer ( they're really easy to find , really... easy...) Your situation is unique , though, Free. Math; Bleh. Stuff like that isn't a problem for me though... instant A's. Anyways, thanks for telling us what' REALLY going on :) I'm sure we all appreciate it. I know I do

  5. Thanks Free, for telling us, I get what you mean the pressure of all the people around you. I spend too much time on the computer...You don't know me but if you ever need a friend, I'll be there for you and my user is bunnyhopcarrot. Friends is the truly thing that matters :) Bye Free. ♥

  6. Free, you don't know me but I will always be there for you. Crazee4horses

  7. Hi Freespirit. That stuff really made sense (including the 'dating' which I did once...).

  8. What about me free? You didn't put me there :,9 (Ok, I'm only putting this comment, because when I said on Niki's blog soul and niki were my bff's on aj, you said "What about me Yingy :,(", so thats the only reason why).
    And anyways, you put niki there but not me 3:
    I've known you longer! (Sorry if I'm hurting anyones feelings, but sometimes, it's the right thing to do :|)

    1. Yingy;; haha. I sowwy :/ Well, me and niki hang A LOT and she and those came off the top of my head.. I did put 'and many more..' soo, yeahh. && we kinda stoppped talking..

  9. Wow, long comment.
    Okay, first things first.
    I think it's pretty brave of you, Free, to put all this on the internet. I respect that, and also your ability to put your reasoning into words. Now...
    About the Non-members thing:
    I am not a member, and I for one think we are treated very, very well. Are there some things I would like to improve? Yes. I'd like non-members to be able to buy one, just ONE pet! I like to be able to change the colors of things again. I'd like a new animal. But I can completely understand Animal Jam! They've gotta make money somehow. I think that their memberships are fairly priced and offer the correct benefits. Also, letting people join for free is quite impressive. I bet there are more non-members than members (but in the blogosphere, there are more members). It's actually pretty amazing that AJHQ has been financially able to let everyone play for free.
    Dating: Dating is not what AJ was meant for! I wholeheartedly oppose it. (Sorry.)
    Focus, Schoolwork: I play a lot of sports (Swimming, basketball, soccer, field hockey, track, cross country, and tennis to be exact). I do believe that playing AJ too much is not good for focus. Same with schoolwork. I am now entering an INCREDIBLY competitive school. (It's as hard to get into as any Ivy League school.) Seriously. Google "top ten schools in America" and mine will be there. I'm gonna need to step it up on the schoolwork side. This means cutting down on my computer and recreational time. I'm gonna use it to spend time with my friends, both in real life and on AJ. I'm not gonna use it to complain about my rares, AJ dating life, or whatever. Doesn't Jamaa Township seem a bit like Wall Street to you? Crazy buisnesses, tough "competition", dirty rumors and tricks?-wait, I'm getting it mixed up with reality TV and soap operas. (See my point?)

  10. that post really helped... so yeah im not the rarest jammer but i try my very best to be positive. awholenewworld

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