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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #7: Rares bring out the true colors in Everyone

There WAS a video to go with this post, but the author removed it.

A few days ago, my friend, RjKingBeast published a video on YouTube titled:
Big "Rare" Jammers bully Smaller "Unrare" Jammers
She told me to watch it, so I did.

I was heartbroken to see five of my good friends BEATING another non member, small, innocent jammer!
Now, I'm not going to be mentioning any names, because the video was removed for false accusation in the description.

The story goes:

Two of my friends were bickering in the Lost Temple of Zios.
A few other friends were there, but they just watched.
Another small jammer who wasn't their friend came along and asked them to stop fighting.
She told them it was mean, and not right and politely begged them to stop.

My so-called 'friends' thought this was hilarious and made fun of her for having no rares, or top hats or anything.
They started saying things like:
"Haha I have tops hats"
And so and and so forth.

-Virtual Jaw Drop-
MY FRIENDS. Who I thought were nice, considerate, and didn't think so highly of their rares. 
The jammer just stood their and told them to stop. This went on for another 5 minutes, While RjKingBeast yelled at them, then went to her den to wrap up the video, having the bullying continue back at Zios.

Once I was done watching the video, I deleted my friends immediately!
Right then, I was at a party they were at, too.
They right away questioned why I deleted them, I explained and more people got involved.

Everyone started watching the video, and was frustrated with them, too.
They posted mean comments on RJ's blog, about how she betrayed them about posting the video.

RJ had put the usernames of the jammers who were bullying the innocent girl in the description, and one of my friends was getting a lot of hate for doing nothing.
(I eventually re-added him)

Sorry that I don't have the video, but..

Lesson Learned: Rares bring out the true colors in EVERYONE

(There was a new signature here but something went wrong)


  1. I like your signature, epicness! I just can't really believe that your "friends" could do that to a nonmember. Rares totally messed up AJ...

  2. It really annoys me when people with rares brag about themselves and be mean to one another. Just because you have rares doesn't mean that you have the right to scam, or be rude to people.


    1. ya i agree. i have a spiked collar but i dont care. someone tried to scam me (not naming names because they will be attacked and i forgive them) and i once got kittensarelikethat a fox hat. why? because she really wanted one and i cared about her. i tried long and hard until i found someone who agreed to give it for a baking kitchen thinbg. i bought it for her and she gave the fox hat. i gave kittensarelikethat the fox hat and she was so happy! it felt good to me! i then becaome friends with her and im still friends with her today!
      -wolfhead73601 (sorry for long comment

    2. That's quite right. Now I feel like standing in the middle of a fight, and make it stop. Being rare doesn't mean that you're good or something...

  3. -angry-
    HOW could they!??? bullying makes me sooo mad. rares are making people go crazy. =(

  4. Rares are nothing but items. Everyone should remember that.


    1. Ikr! I saw someone who said in Club Geoz today "RARES ARE MY EVERYTHING LOLZ!!!" and her friend was like "NAH I <3 BETAS!" I said to them "Why are you obsessed with rares? They're just pixles -.-" They said "Back off, your just jealous" (At the time I wasn't wearing rares) It was really stupid!!!! ~pugz781

  5. Ik! I saw it the first time I looked at it, and then I saw a COOL TEXT sign the second time, and now it's totally gone... XD


  6. Just saying, mikey12093 was innocent but he started to before the video and stopped before I recorded. Mikey is innocent, just saying.

  7. I have been bullied for being nonrare what... 2, 3 times? It's also astounding that I was a member at the time. It made me cry, and it was so hurtful to know that some people can be so mean and cruel.


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