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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #3: MagicDream

First off, I didn't have a clever enough name for this story.
Second, I only mentioned names because EVERYONE would recognize this story, and only knows half of it.
Third, I don't even know the moral of this story. I just know that I learned something from it..

So please, grab your popcorn and movie treats and sit in a big, comfy, cloudy chair. :3 This is about to get intense.

I had just gotten non member wings, after I traded cubanboy's tan worn that he gave me for Valentine's Day for wings. They were my dream item. I thought a top hat would be snazzy to go with it, so why not give it a shot and go top hunting? I tried for awhile, it kinda failed. One day, I had a minor party that me and HatakeKakashi had started in my new Snow Fort den. It was going great, I thought. I logged off, and about three hours later logged back in. The party was HUGE. I was getting a lot of buddy requests, and felt a tad 'famous' for the first time in my AJ life. I got a buddy request from Magic797, and she invited me to her den. She was a HUGE lion (compared to my little winged bunny, I thought so :o) with non member wings, and a striped black top hat. She wanted to know what for my black worn, but I was kind of sensitive about it since I had had it for so long. I kindly told her it was off limits, and questioned what for her black striped top. She put it for trade, after a little discussing, a little bickering, I traded her for the top! The trade was a black worn, orange and green flag, and a few other items that were way rarer at the time. I know if she even remembers it to present day. I LOVED That top hat. I have a picture of my old look from Animal Jam Freedom with me wearing it:

It was from my 'Shout outs' post awhile back. Here's what it said to MagicDream, when she was on Magic797, (honestly I didn't edit this):

13. Shout out to...Magic797! I can't thank you enough for trading me the bestest top hat in the whole wide world, and for letting me keep it although you wanted to trade back. Also, thanks for taking me gazelles away! LOLOLOLOL jk...It was a good trade!

I don't even speak like that anymore, anyways..
So here, I'll explain. A few hours after the trade, she asked me to trade back. Lawsonrenie, Kookycc and I were all having fun because I got a top hat, and they were happy for me. I almost died. I was soo attached to that top hat. Young free's heart couldn't take it. I argued and argued and begged and begged to keep it, and kooky and lawson backed me up. She eventually had to go, and about 45 minutes later, came back saying it was a test to see if I would trade back, but laughed about it and said it was okay. The 'gazelles' part of the shout out was because I traded her these black gazelles, which I REALLY liked although she held it over me that she let me keep the top hat so I traded them to her.. :/ Oh well.. sorta rude but, oh well!

We kinda faded away from eachother.. I made new friends, because with the top hat and wings a lot more people added me. (Shows AJ Logic, yah know)We didn't really speak, and I one day deleted her. We met up again later, she got mad at me for deleting her, but the argue meant didn't really last. I switched to XxFreeSpiritxX and we came across again, buddied each other and caught up with our pasts. We weren't mad at each other, but neither close friends. She looked up to me, I could tell. I had my blog than, with about 6,000 views. She knew about my blog, and made her own. Magic informed me of her blog, I looked at it on the first day, it was pretty nifty! The layout was recognizable though.. I forgot about her blog.

Weeks and weeks passed, and I was bored one day, derping around on AJ Blogs, and came across Magic's one day. Oh Yeah! My brain told me. I checked it out, and some of the pictures were mine, and the pages were exactly mine, but some XxFreespiritxX's were replaced with Magic797's. I kindly tried to explain to her that this is plagiary and it's techinically illegal, but if she would change it I wouldn't get into anything big. She kinda hesitated, said she would, but never did.
It sort of bugged me for awhile, but her blog wasn't that popular, so I wasn't gonna let it hang over me.
I kept checking her blog, she added more pages like mine, copying them. I kept reminding her to do it, constantly. 
This fight got huge.
Deleted each other.
Emailed each other. (Harshly)
And gave mean looks to each other.
But we didn't tell anyone about it.
One day I blew up. I had enough! She recently started copying my best friend snowyclaw's blog, too. >.< I made a post sticking up for myself and snowy, and at that point my blog had about 15,000 views or so. I pointed out all the blogging copyrights at the bottom of blogger's blogs, and took pictures of the posts and people were MAD. FURIOUS. OUTRAGED. Fans of AJF started attacking Magic's blog, posting mean comments, and she took down the posts and pages. They still commented, though. And to this day,it is still the most viewed post on Freedom.
But that's not all. She kept copying my blog, in smaller ways though, yet they grew bigger.
Eventually I set out to talk to her again. I explained if she would change the template and the pages it would all be cool. She did only change the template, and demanded that I buddy her.
I didn't really want to,because my list was quite tight and I didn't have complete trust in her after all of this..
She was furious, changed the template back and left.
We kept hate-mailing eachother.
And Over again.
We came to a deal, if I made her one of my Banner's for her blog, she would change it.
I did, but she still didn't change it.
Greedily, she asked for changes made to the banner.
I did all that she asked, until she asked for a complete redo which pissed me off.
I blew up at her, yet again, and we HATED eachother then, and everyone knew it.
Hated eachother for about a month.
All my friends knew.
All her friends knew.
More and more mutual friends between us two came about, and it was hard to go a day without seeing eachother more times then wanted.
Dirty looks were shot every which way.
Constant fights between us only, because our friends were scared to side.
Her blog got more popular, and fans of Freedom were still commenting.
She posted about me a couple times.
I posted about her again.
I was kind of getting sick of this fight.
Another couple weeks flew by.
Eventually, we apologized to each other.
Her blog changed anyways.
Our friends told us too, we buddied each other, all in all was good.
She took a picture on her blog of us in her den, and the post was called 'History was made Today!'

Three months later..
I quit. You can read the story on 'The Truth'.
She was only really asking for my rares, when I quit.
On the first day that I quit, I gave out everything except top hats and said I was going to give out my extra striped black. She spammed up my inbox asking for it.
I didn't give it away until one of my visits when I gave out all my tops to closer friends, who were always there for me.
During my two weeks away from Jamaa, I kept thinking about the whole past with Magic.
I posted mean anonymous comments on her blog everyday.
Cussing, I'm afraid.
It's not something I'm proud of.
I regret it, I'm sorry.

And on one of my visits, I cussed her out. It's true. I yelled and yelled at her, and she did back.
I'm honestly sorry.
She closed down her blog because of me..
..quit because of me..

I regret it, I know.
She was a pretty good friend when we made up, yet always emailing me for favors, banners, blah blah blah.. It kinda got me mad, how she was always asking me for stuff. Her blog was very self-centered. Even one of the days when we couldn't stand eachother she emailed me asking for a banner.
When we were friends, I kinda felt like a working horses. Carrying around a wagon full of people all day, yet  their nice to you and friends to you, yet mostly using you. I felt she only wanted me because I was 'famous and rare' as she said..
I don't know.
I don't even know why I'm posting this.
I learned something.. I don't know how to describe it..
I'm sorry, Jammers.


Note: There are a few parts missing to this story, oh well..


  1. i feel for you

  2. Ur best friend snowy claw? do u know her in real life? Im sorry u had to go through all that...

  3. Yeah, sorry from my cruddy name. I quit this blogger, because i don't like it. Its all drama.. crudz. alright. bye.


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