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Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Pages 7/19/2012

I have added new pages to AJG!

They are pretty self-explainable if you click on them, but I thought I'd inform you anyways.

  • Beta Times - A page showing videos, pictures, and informs you on AJ 2010.
  • Ask Goldfishypuppy - A page where you can comment asking me questions, and I will reply to them as truthfully as I can!
  • Other blogs - A page with links to many other blogs, comment your blogs URL and I will add it to the list for you :)
  • Codes - A page where you can type in the code box (When you log in) and they will give you either gems or an item.
  • Scammers/Hackers/Imposters - Lists of each and Jammers to watch out for! Comment with any others to add. Note: If you see a jammer listed who isn't  a s/h/i then please let me know, and I will research.
  • Jamaa Culture - A page informing about the Story of how AJ was born, and about shamans. Credit to snowyclaw.
  • INfo - This gives miscellaneous information about Animal Jam, Me, and Animal Jam Goldfish.
Do you want a page on AJG that we don't have?
Leave a comment and it will go into consideration! :)



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