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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #5: Rares ruin everything if you don't handle them right

What do I mean by this title? Well I'll tell you.

When I quit and gave all my rares away on Free, I gave my red top to RJKingBeast. She loves red so much, and that's her dream item. I Loved my red top A LOT, and never traded it nor was it ever put for trade. I was offered the biggest overtrades for it, but never accepted. She cried tears of joy when I gave it to her, wore it on all her animals, and promised NEVER to trade it. I knew I found the right person until today..

She came up to me and told me that she traded it for a brown pilgrim hat to lvaderZim. Zim wouldn't trade back. Now I don't know WHY should would even do this, but she said that a lot of people were pushing her too. I left and went offline immediately. 

I guess it wasn't that special.I literally shed a few tears, not about the virtual item, but about being somewhat betrayed. Once I came back on I deleted her. I have this sickening feeling in my stomach. People kept questioning about it.

I eventually went and talked to her. She said she was sorry, and trying to get it back. She wants me to yell at Zim, but I don't think that will help. She wouldn't even give me the pilgrim hat back. Not that I want for it's rarity, I just don't want her to have it from my red top, and I wanted to use it to get her red top back. After arguing about the pilgrim hat, I thought: Whatever, I'll use my own items to get the red top back for her. I don't know why I want to get her another red top. I guess I feel bad, even though I'm not mad, just disappointed, as my friend once told me. 

I set out to get another red top. I went to Ace97, who wouldn't accept TWO TAN CARPETS for it.
Neither would Puppy99NMS, who rudely put up an act that she didn't have a red top, which got me very flustered even after I told her my situation. Those were the only two people with red top hats online. I just went to my den, where a party was kind of going on. I asked everyone to leave, and everyone kept saying sorry what was going on.

Funny thing is, I've been in the same situation.

Once IIIIIIIIL traded me his precious, favorite brown and red tip beard and stuff for my Solid Blue Top. We both agreed to not trade these items, since they were very special too each of us. I'm not a big fan of beards, and totally forgot about our promise and traded it to Ace97 for a very big overtrade. I was super happy, until IIIIIIL found out. Gingerpawz and L were very disappointed. I felt very bad, and got some dirty looks. I went through a lot of trouble trading back with Ace, and then just traded the beard for cheap to L. I felt better, fixing the problem. Until I found out that L was very mad, so he gave away my Solid blue top to Lovelost. Oh well, I guess I deserved it..

Anyways, back to our story. I don't even care right now. All the rares I have are my two tan carpets, which no one wants or will trade for since they aren't glitched anymore. I traded my non member wings and black worn for one tan carpet today, which I regret. Sure, I'd be OVERJOYED to get my wings and worn back, but I just want to resolved this issue and get RJ a red top, which I don't even know how it will, help but I guess it will.

Lesson Learned: Respect people's items, and don't mess with rares, or they will ruin a lot of friendships.

I can see why I intended to quit now. All this drama, yah know.



  1. What a great lesson!

  2. Actually, my blog is called The Jammerzine sorry if i'm being picky.


  3. I really regret trading her. I have even witnesses that asked her to trade me back, but she just had excuses. I actually feel I got scammed because she wouldn't trade me back when she traded me. I figured that she'd trade back HER rarer item, but I guess not. She coulda got more rares, but I can't doubt people's theory of how they see rares. I do really feel bad like I shoulda just gave you the pilgrim but I felt as if I did, I would get scammed. But, I'm just greedy pig that wants rares... I am truly sorry about everything I ever did, I'm still shaking since that moment when I traded, I just I am truly sorry and I might cry again. I know this is all virtural items but, I love my red. I'm just a child who is as stubborn as a 3 year old. I regret everything. This is my real life. My life is on this game and other games. I am really sorry.
    If anyone has a red top for trade, I'm jsut trading a pilgrim for it and I don't care if it's bad or not.

    1. I can't believe you traded it! You told me you loved it so much! :( And RJKINGBEAST YOU AREN'T A GREEDY BIG THAT WANTS RARES! :'( You are a kind person, just like Gold, it's just because you got so excited you forgot!!


  4. awww...that's kinda sad. i would try to get a red top for you but im just not rare enough. -_-

  5. One of my friends, that I know in real, gave me a Tiny Tree. I am never ever trading it, not even when it comes 4 sale.

  6. Can I do Lessons of Jamaa and Rarity scans too? Thanks,


  7. :O... you've really been through a lot, Goldy - a lot, I say... don't let this virtual game take over your life, Goldy. Don't make Animal Jam cause drama - which did, already.

    Be free! Goldy, you inspired all of us - all of us, yes! To stand up for ourselves and feel the outside world... thank you...


  8. Great lesson, I have learned the same lesson a few times. I just didn't have as much trading back and stuff. Trading ruined a friendship with one of my buddies too. I shall say no names though. ~tryhard51


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