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Monday, July 30, 2012

How-to #4: Scrolling Text (Updates Bar)

Hi Guys!
This was a request from Hayes848.

'Daily Updates' Bar

I got this gadget from quackit.com. (Click Here)
There are many other versions of this gadget, if you click the link ^

Step one, go to 'Layout' in your blogger dashboard once you click your blog, and then hit 'Add Gadget'.

Step two: Scroll down in window that pops up too HTML/JavaScript and hit the '+' sign.

Enter the code in the box: 
<!-- HTML codes by Quackit.com -->
<marquee behavior="scroll" direction="left"> INSERT YOUR TEXT HERE</marquee>

Except where it says 'Insert your text here' type the text that you want readers to see.

Next drag the gadget where you want it, I put it directly under my pages.

Trickertreee's request will be coming soon! :P

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