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Friday, July 27, 2012

Rarity Scan #4: Gloves [Rewritten RS 5/24/15]

Hello there, it's Despare on! Today's rarity scan will be about gloves. Take note I will be talking about the rarity back then and the rarity today [5/24/15].
Gloves. First, let's take a look at the past, because...well, just because.
2010-2011: GLOVES
Rarity: High in demand, incredibly rare.
Jammers back then wanted this above everything. Having one considered you cool. It's like having a rare black long spiked collar these days. At one point, no one really liked these, I've once wanted a blue wreath and would trade a purple glove for it and a lot of people didn't like it. So this other time when I came back, they were like 'bROo GiV mEEE GLUUVVVEEE!!!11! I giv AlL WriThs!!!' (Okay, they didn't say that. I wanted to make you laugh.) And well, I'd say they were worth scary bat wings or a worn back then. In our terms, most probably a spike.

2015: GLOVES
Rarity: Average demand, average rarity.
What would I trade for it?

  • A small den beta or two
  • Pirate swords (two or three)
  • Green worn (for black glove)
That's all it, have fun trading and see you in Jamaa, Jammers!


  1. Can the next rarity scan be Worn Blankets or eyeball hats I want to know what there worth.

  2. A have gotten a beta tiara now. :) And I agree, Gloves are not everything, Even though I own 2 but won't trade them

  3. i own all 8 non member gloves.

    cream, green, blue, red, pink, silver, gray, purple

    I have like 10 non member gloves, somebody sent me two silver gloves for free.

    And i have had those 8 non member gloves since beta. yup. thats how old they are.

    even though i like NEVER wear them im never giving them away for free, they have TONS of awesome memorys, some really bad.


    1. ummm actually its not gray its white :D i have it myself

    2. Be my buddy plzz loved2

    3. add me pls im genneral. ihav ever glove and pirate sword.i will only accept a rare bow in black!!!!!!

    4. trade me plez btw you said its free.

      -sia123 is my acc bye :)

  4. Hey i do too! I'm heii0 if you wanna buddy me!

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    HI i wanna get rid of my yellowish glove, (not gold)
    i really like purple.........

    so my user is PennyStroke,
    send me a jamaa gram that says happy birthday with wolf pack background thingy
    and i friend you,
    we meet up at your den,
    and we trade gloves ^D^


    i will pick who wins :) whoever is wearing the most FABULOS outfit will win!! my user is PennyStroke!!!!

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  9. i almost got all of the gloves once. exept purple and green lol

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  11. What the- you traded a beta tiara!?!?!?!?!? I used to have a glove but i traded it for mech wings.... i really want a beta tiara....

  12. Gloves are pretty cool.

  13. can a rarity scan be on freedom banner plz i have one and im scared to trade it for the wrong thing XDDD

  14. SO ANNOYING I asked for a nm white glove for my green one and someone tried to trade a silver glove god worst attempt to scam

  15. I haz blue and pink gloves my user is annabelle1616

  16. iva white one. I used to really want one so I put items on trade and said, anything for a white glove, and like 10 ppl immediately traded my silver gloves! worst scam attempt EVER

  17. Is a glove beta or just a rare please respond

    1. It's BETA, But lots of people think of it as BETA and Rare.

    2. you can get gloves at the TRADING PARTY. they are not rare at all

    3. Yes, the Glove known in Jamaa is a BETA - though, right now, a Silver Glove is sold in a shop in Coral Canyons.

      P.S., Gloves are everywhere :O!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I agree, I' have a black glove.
    I use it on one animal.
    Old Grand Paw.

  20. I think AJHQ saw your post, Cause' they realised it as Rare Item Monday. So its worth nothing now.


    1. Yeah, they're worth nothing down because they are in adventures plus they might come back. I really don't care if gloves come back, I just like them if they're good for looks. C:

  21. I just traded it .... now i have just purple one :(((

  22. Hi guys! I'm giving away some gloves! (But be careful I'm really picky and over trade if you want, not my fault if you get "scammed") Forget that, lets go to the point :)
    I have some colors.
    1. Black with white.
    2. Blue with blue.
    3. Yellow with red.
    4. Green with blue.
    You have to comment your username so I can give you one. Also, you have to leave an offer below.
    Thanks :D
    ~Cheesegobbler is the name of the acc~

    1. long red spike for all of ur gloves plz plz plz

  23. you should do a rarity scan for non rare spikes if you haven't already.
    I think people consider them much rarer then they are worth, since they are only worth slightly more than a currently avaliable diamond shop item in my eyes.


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