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Monday, July 30, 2012

How-to #5: Categories List

Hi Guys!
This was a request from Trickertreee.
Here is my Categories gadget you see on the left sidebar:
Now, to get this gadget is kinda confusing, but simple at the same time..
When you post, you have the top bar and right sidebar. Many don't notice or use the right sidebar but on it there is a 'Labels' section. Click it.
(Click to enlarge)
Now, you can type labels for every post. Like all posts that have Foxes involved in them label 'Foxes', all posts with Monkeys label 'Monkeys's, and so on and so forth. 
Make sure to label every post. It also helps organize your blog :)
When you're done, click done. (Go figure? :P)

Now, go back to your blogger blog's homepage and into layout.
Click 'Add gadget'.
In the pop-up window, scroll down the list of gadgets to 'Labels' and hit the '+' sign. (Fourth one from the bottom)
You can make special settings like how it will appear, in a list or cloud, select only a few labels, and how it's organize.

Hope this made sense! I tried to explain as clear as possible.. :P


  1. I have another how to that I really want to know: how do you make a transparent backround on images using windows XP.

  2. Well I was testing out the gadget on a test blog, and my gadget came out looking like this (I took a picture)


    How do you get it to look like yours? Does it have something to do with the template? Thanks for posting my request by the way, I hope you can answer my question :)


    1. It's most likely the different templates we have! You could mess around with the settings a little bit, but I have the default Picture Window Dark Template, while you have the Travel Template! Sorry that it didn't work out as you hoped..

    2. Yeah the way the template messes around with some things is annoying. Thanks for the help though! I'll be messing around with the labels gadget, hopefully I'll find a way to make it look good :D


    3. Oh yes, is it unique to your template to make posts with space between them? The space will have the date the post was posted in it. If there's a way to make it that way for my blog, can you tell me? Thanks.


    4. Yeah, it does :l No problem, good luck!
      I think it is specially for this template and Awesome Inc. template. I don't know, because I've never used travel template :/ Sorry.


  3. How do you make BG's Please answer this questions Also, I switched accounts please add MoonWolfa

  4. how do you create categories? like, if you click on a category, up pops only rarity scans.. how to do that..


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