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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jamaasian Movement ~ For Snowyclaw 7/19/2012

Hey Jammers!

So I'm sure you hear a lot about this already, and possibly, hopefully, support it?! :P

Well I do. I may or may not be posting about this a lot, I haven't decided yet.

Snowyclaw is one of my good friends, and I invited her to join this blog, cross our paws she accepts! :)


A lot of you jammers know basically what the Jamaasian Movement is about.
Well I'm going to explain to you from the start what is to the best of my knowledge.
I know I may not be the biggest jamaasian, but I am a pretty knowledgeable one.

Okay so, two words. Jamaasian. Movement.
 What is a Jamaasian you ask?
 A Jamaasian is a cultural jammer. A jammer who knows the history, beginning, and culture of Jamaa. Such as spirit stones, Shamans, Mira, and the beginning. 

If you have absolutely NO IDEA what ANY of those terms/words are, no need to worry, I have some links for you!

AJS Post about the story and shamans: Animal Jam Spirit Jamaasian History Post

I'd also like to clear this up. I've been at quite a few Jamaasian Movement parties, and when with Snowyclaw, fans come up chatting about the topic.

A lot of jammers tend to scream: "BRING BACK BETA!"

But no, this won't help.
Why you ask?
Goldy explains..

'Beta' first of all, is a computer term.

Also, the real point of the Jamaasian Movement is to bring back culture.
Specifically shamans, spirit stones, and the real 'journey'.

Beta days wasn't as fun as you think it was.
A lot of my beta tester friends say it was hopelessly BORING.
Sure, they had top has, and everything you consider that is 'rare' now.
But they weren't rares then, because everyone could buy them?
So if they brought back beta, such as the items, the old crystal sands, and erased all the changes, I bet 99% would QUIT! 
This whole idea of an AJ 'Journey' hadn't really developed then. 
And if everyone could buy ANY rare, for a couple hundred gems, nothing would be rare.
Nothing to trade.
Nothing to 'show off'.
Nothing special about your outfit.
Everyone wearing your once-proud-of, worked-hard-for, dream-ultra-rare item.
It wouldn't be the same.

And sure, the old crystal sands was cool.

But beta people just were like: "Yep, another pretty cool land, I wonder what these tunnels are for.."
There was no water slides.
And sure, you walk past the water slides EVERYDAY, thinking: Wow, these are lame. But if they weren't there, I'm sure a good half of ya'll reading this would write into support@animaljam.com (AJHQ'S Email Address), asking for them to bring the water slides back.

With every update, each jammer takes it for granted.
In beta, there weren't many updates.
There weren't actually a lot of constant updates until 2012.
I remember in October 2011, when everyone would be joyful for a new item.
But now, everyone expects a new item each day.
Sometime, when you're exploring Jamaa, look around and think, "Wow, AJHQ Workers worked hard for this."
Imagine all the work they do to make that one item that you are wearing on your animal right now?
And next time you see a glitch, don't make fun of AJHQ, think of all the other things they work hard on.
And next time they bring out a rare item, don't think of it as AWW MAN. WHY OH WHY DO THEY HAVE TO BRING BACK RARES?! D: WHYYYY. Think of it more as, Wow, their stopping more scams and hacks from happening!
You may or may not believe me, but rares can be a pain.
Sure they are fun at first, but after awhile, you get bored.

Don't you think AJ would be a lot more fun if not everything was about rares, which every jammer constantly worries about, begs about, maybe sheds a few tears about?
Wouldn't it be fun to have a real objective in the game?
Wouldn't it be fun to meet AJ workers, and talk to them? [Shamans]
Wouldn't it be fun to challenge phantoms, and discover spirit stones?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, I suggest you join the Jamaasian Movement!

Well, congrats to any reader who made it down to end of this post! You get a cookie! *Gives Cookie*
 ( A lot of reading, haha. )
Well I made this post for snowyclaw because I know it can be difficult with all the haters, and I hope she doesn't give up! (Possibly joins this blog too ;3) 

I know this post would be better with pictures, but be patient, kay? -_-

~Goldfishypuppy, over and out


  1. I'm so sorry I can't join Goldy. >.< I wish I could! Thank you for posting this, it's pawsativly jamtastic (to much pun?) and I'm touched that you care about the Jamaasian Movement. See you in Jamaa!

    1. It's ok. No problem, I also added a page (with credit) about Jamaa Culture. No it's okay, I love puns<3 I don't even know why I made this blog in the first place..haha c:


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