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Monday, July 23, 2012

How-to #2: How to Start a Blog

Many of you have wondered this, so I thought I'd show a step-by-step tutorial on how to start a blog!

On the top of this blog, you can see a grey bar which is the NavBar. 
Click on 'Create Blog' in the Top Right corner.
You will come to a long form like this:
Fill out all the information that's highlighted.
Note: When you make your blog, nobody will see any of this personal information.
After that form is filled out, it will you bring you to the next step:
It shows your profile (I blanked out the part where your name is)
And you can either add a profile photo, or skip to the next step.

The next, and last step is confirming your profile.
It says your name and email and tells you about your new options with a google account.

Click 'Back to Blogger'
Next you can confirm your profile.
The new blogger way is to hook up your blog to a Google+ profile which is VERY confusing and much more work to find your blog and can confuse you along the way.
So I HIGHLY Suggest you click the option in red that says 'Switch to a limited Blogger Profile'. Don't get confused by the word limited, it's actually very handy :P
Once you click 'Switch to a limited Blogger Profile' this will show:

Insert your AJ username in the blank and then hit 'Continue to blogger'

After you click back to blogger, you will go to your regular blogger homepage and you can click 'New blog' You're starting to make your blog!

This will pop up. Choose your blog title, like mine is 'Goldfishypuppy's Animal Jam Goldfish and Stories' and the Address is the url, mine is animaljamgoldfish.blogspot.com. Select your template, the basic style and look of your blog.
You will be directed back to the Blogger Homepage, and see your new blog! You can click on the little Blue box that says 'Start posting'!

 Make sure to make a welcome post. (Click to enlarge)
I have labeled all the buttons for you:
Fucia: Blogger homepage
Red: Change the words font
Blue: Change the words size
Black: Bold your words
Dark red: Itailsize your words
Green: Underline your words
Dark blue: Change the words color
Maroon: Highlight the words, change the background.
Turquoise: Make a link to another site
Grey: Add photos or videos to your post
Lime Green: Center or change where your words are
Yellow: Bullet point or Number lists
Teal: Label posts to keep them organized

Once you're done typing your introduction post, Click publish!

You'll be directed back to where all your posts are.
Click 'Template' on the sidebar and then you can click 'Customize'

You will be at a page where you can change the looks of your blog. Explore the sidebars, colors and fonts, backgrounds, and more. Make sure to have a color theme that works, don't go TOO crazy with fonts, and make sure it's easy for the reader to work around your blog, and read it. Once your done, click "Apply to blog" In the upper right hand corner. Then View your blog!
I hope this helped, and have fun!

To see the blog I used while making this how-to; Click Here
ps. Like my new signature? I don't know if I do..

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