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Friday, July 20, 2012

An Item to actually talk about! 7/20/2012

Picture credit to Snowyclaw

Hey Guys, Goldfishypuppy here!

So, sorry for the late post, but I warned you yesterday.
As you can see, this blog isn't an update blog, but I feel the urge to discuss this one. The Knight Helmet! For non members!  I love this item, and I haven't logged into AJ yet today, but i'm sure this is quite a popular piece! It seems members only armor isn't always that popular, except for elf cuffs, elf armor, and rare elf armor. It seems an item is automatically 'cooler' if it's for non members, and members are happy for non members, too. Which is cool, because you may or may not know, but once played Club Penguin too. My username was Decihe56 (Don't ask, I don't know why I chose that name..) So feel free to add me on there? But I quit when Disney bought club penguin.
Anyways, my point is that on CP there are no non member items sold. Only one or two non member pieces are given out free during Festivals and parties. There is also no trading, not many friends, and bad graphics on there, so I don't know why people still play CP except, for of course, ... the dating. Well, this isn't a Club Penguin blog, soo.. back to Jamaa! Do you like the new blog look? I think I made it look funner, yet sort of serious then before. Comment with what you think! I'm also bringing a new form that will be a side link soon. You'll see what it's for later, when you hopefully check back! Also, thanks for everyone being so supportive! This blog has only been open for 2 days and has 300+ views! Yay AJG!


Ps. I'm getting my mac fixed later today.. so I can start how-to posts! :3

1 comment:

  1. Yep I agree >< I quit when CP bought Disney
    Wait I meant Disney bought CP! I can't even buy a single thing T^T in there! I think that the Helmet looks best in a Fox (My opinion X3)


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