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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Spirit Stones [Rewritten Story 5/24/2015]

[Originally titled "The Legend of the Crystals" and "The Crystals of Power"]
This crystal, the crystal of purity and strength; it's color white as the moon, silver as the diamond, and is considered to be the heavenly stone. As a Jammer who's journeyed near and far, writing the legends and stories of the Alphas and many other things, I've decided to write this legend of the spirit stones. A crystal full of magic and beauty, this holds the power and essence of the elements. I've heard of many tales of this spirit stone, and after years of research and travels, I have finally solved the puzzle to this legend.

A long time ago, when Jamaa was but a fresh land, when animals were few, Mira and Zios were both creating the first few elements. In a few days, these elements rather rotted, and Zios and Mira had to recreate them. Every few days, they'd have to recreate the element, but since they knew one day they will be no more, they had a problem.
After a few weeks, after tirelessly replacing the elements continuously, Mira had finally gotten an idea. With all her strength, she gathered a bunch of rocks and muttered a blessing. In a moment, the rocks grew taller, and soon became a white, clear crystal. When she called onto Zios, the two of them, with their magic combined into one, Mira chanted. "Spirit stone of purity and strength...multiply. Gather the essence of the elements and hide among them; keep the sacred beauty of each essence you keep; lock yourselves in the clouds, the oceans, the earth, the sun, the rainbows, the fire and rays of the sun. May each of your essence continue to burn the light of the candle and may you continuously make up the world our creatures will live in." And when the chant ended, the rocks spread through the winds and all kept inside the elements it represents. Throughout the years, Jamaa was at peace...
But at one day, a stolen piece of the spirit stone of purity was dug into the ground. It seeped into the phantom's hideout, and was turned into the the phantom stone. Black as the night sky, mysterious as a ninja, this was considered to be the keeper of all evil; and the one that crowned the Phantom King. With the phantom stone, the phantoms invaded Jamaa, but with the Alphas and their Alpha Stones, they defeated the phantoms. But Mira and Zios, after being long gone and only now roam Jamaa as spirits, know that the phantoms will come back, and with the legendary purple crystal of peace that was found in the center of Jamaa when the war ended, it is only time for the warriors of Jamaa to rise up and fight for Jamaa.


  1. Hey by any chance did you get that pic of all the colours from AJ Cheats & Codes? Because I made 1 just like that for AJCC. if you did get it from there, I just want to say that I am so happy you did! I am glad that you use my pictures for such an awesome blog!

  2. spike got scammed by ajstar24 plz help ~yateltn

  3. EVIL= Every Villain is Lemons
    Sorry for the random spongebob note. -.-

  4. Black is always Evil T^T
    I like Grayscale colors ^^
    Black White And Grey (or Gray??) is my favourite XD

    P.S. Don't correct me for mispelling the word favourite =.= I always do it and I struggle to correct it DX

    1. We're the same, I always put a 'u' next to the 'o' in spelling favorite!

  5. @AJ IAmPriceless and Icy Dueji
    Oh, that's perfectly fine! I mean, that's how British spell "armor", "favorite" and some other words I do not know they spell a "u" after the "o" :-).

    PAWsome story! You have such a unique style of writing, really! :3 Total support :-D!


    1. The British also do color as colour


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