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Sunday, July 22, 2012

How-to #1: How to change your Username

So, you want to change your username but not have to switch accounts and buy a new membership?

First, decide on three choices you want your username to be switched too. Your first choice, second choice, and third choice.

Say I wanted to change my username, for example:

To make sure that your username(s) that you want are available, make sure to search them up like so:
1. Open your buddies list
2.  Click the 'Search' button
3. Search up your usernames (that you want to switch too)
5. If it says 'That Jammer couldn't be found!' that means your username is available! but, if it shows the Jammer's profile, that means it isn't open :( So you will have to pick other options.

6. Next step is too write an email to AJHQ.. First, open a 'Compose' to write a new message. (You may need your parent's help and permission) 
7. Address the Email to support@animaljam.com
8. Make the subject be: 'I want to change my username'
9. Next, is typing the email. Copy this exact email, except fill in the right information in the brackets.
Only fill out the part after the warning if you are a member.
(Click on the picture to enlarge)
10. Now send it to AJHQ!
11. It may take them up to 3 days to respond, since they are very busy.
12. They will respond back, ask for more information needed, and hopefully one of the next times you log in, your username will be changed!

Note: You will still have all your buddies, but it's a smart idea to tell them who you are, so they don't think your a random buddy and delete you! :)

Hope this helps!


  1. I just sent a request for my name changed!!! Thanks for posting this, U R FAB!!!


  2. Wow! But wait, if I change my username will my buddy list be gone or will it be restored somehow ? Will other people recognize me or will they just unbuddy me for not knowing who I am?

  3. question, when u new user comes, do u log in with ur old or new user?

  4. awe, thanx! ill be changing soon <3

  5. Wow, I didn't even know you could do that...


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