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Monday, July 23, 2012

Role Models #1: AnimalGirl58943

Hey Guys!
I know it's kind of selfish and disappointing to see yet another focus-one-only-one-jammer-they-get-all-the-attention kind of post or page, but I think I'll make mine a little more special and different then the regular 'Jammer of the Week's or 'Spotlight Jammer' pages.
This one is going to be called 'Role Models'. People who are not necessarily my best friend, someone who's super rare, famous, has a great blog, or someone that begged me to be featured. This is going to be a random bit, and I can explain very well why I chose them.

Our first role model is.. AnimalGirl58943!
We've barely been friends for a week.. not even. A few days ago apparently she read my blog, and jamagrammed me. She sent me a request, and said 'I need to talk to you' Immediately when I got on, before I could even spin 'The Daily Spinner' she added me. Of course, I accepted. The more friends the merrier, am I right? :P
She explained to me how she felt really bad for what a sort-of rough Animal jam life I've had. She continued on a little more, and then told me that she hopes we could become great friends. Now, this was an in-awe moment for me. She had always been Magic797's best friend, and she was there the entire fight. But she never chose sides, and was kind no matter what. I accepted the invitation, but still a little hesitant. I felt I could open to her, and explain how I was kinda hesitant to become buddies, but she understood and stayed positive. She reads my blog everyday, and tells compliments me on every post, gives some hints, and is very supportive friend. We can talk about stuff that I can't even say to some of my friends that I've known for months. I've told her dangerous secrets, and she's kept them in the most tough circumstances.
You may think, Wow, you're really just trying to bug Magic by complimenting her best friend, but no, her and Magic and still very good friends and she tries her best to solve our issues, and it has never ONCE, damaged our friendship or got in the way of things that she's Magic's friend too. She actually tries and helps us all become friends again, day by day, bit by bit.
You may not like me AT ALL for focusing on specific jammers, you can complain, say that that's what any friend would do, but it's hard.
I appreciated all the effort, kindness, and support that she has thrown out in the past four days that I decided to give her my Founder's hat, that I didn't give out to anyone on XxFreeSpiritxX, and it was my last member item. She said I really didn't have to, but I knew I found the right person for it. She promised not to trade it, which I respect very much, because some people easily take advantage of gifts like those.

Thanks, AnimalGirl! You truly are a Role Model!


  1. Congrats Animalgirl! You are awesome! - Dog26354

  2. Lol SHE's my buddy too and very kind.-infinitychips

  3. That's an awesome post Goldy! Animalgirl is my buddy too but we haven't really hung out! I'll try hanging out with her more. :)

  4. Congrats animalgirl58943 X3 !

    P.S. She has a Founders ! :O ^^

  5. To: Animalgirl58934

    Wow, Goldy is SO right, I mean, really! You are such a great friend to others, even if they are different and can make things right. Plus, you are a peacemaker! Congratulations, really!



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