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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Say What?

Okay so, today I was logging onto Animal Jam, just as I picked the server, this screen showed up!
Say What?
It reads: All Rooms for that Animal Type are full! Please reload and try again.
What do you think this means, jammers?
Could their possibly be new _____-Type of animal worlds in the future?
Or as it says, special rooms?
This confused me, what do you think?

Ps. I put a link to my Youtube in the sidebar! 


  1. You know whats funny, Trickertreee had that same glitch. I haven't :`( LOL I guess its happening to people everywhere! Oh and thanks for credinting me on your youtube vid. Even thought I didn't know It was a video.-infinitychips

  2. its happend to me before it just means all lands were full (all rooms) i clicked the same serve and got in and i couldnt get into any other world other than the one i was sent to :|

  3. This is both confusing and mysterious.... lol
    fades away

  4. This happened to me - say what?



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