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Monday, July 23, 2012

Profile Photo and 1,000 views

Hi Guys!
So I updated my profile photo, and by just reading that you're most likely thinking: Why the phantoms is she posting about something so stupid, I don't care and just about to click away. But no.
I made this with all the common usernames I like that are ME. I have tons of accounts, 112, to be precise but these are my most popular. People need to get the memo, haha. If you want me to make you one, please ask or comment kindly. I can also make signatures, like I did earlier:

Wow! 1,000 views in 4 days! That's crazy. I remember thinking I was so famous on Animal Jam Freedom after it took WEEKS to get 1,000 views. Well, I know my hits are too small to have a blog party, but hopefully around 7,000 we could? :D I have never had a blog party for any blogs.

Well haha, goodbye now!
Oh and, send requests to animaljamfreedom@aol.com or comment on here.


  1. Can you make me a signature like Snowyclaw's and yours. I want it to be for Halloween, my user is brimad8.

  2. Actually, make it Christmas please.

  3. Hi Goldy (Is it ok if I call you that or do you want me to call you Goldfishypuppy because we never met in AJ T-T) , can you also teach me how to make a signature like in Snowy's blog (She hasn't commented on my comment yet, I think she's just busy but I'll wait though :)

  4. Greetings, Goldy! I really love how unique your style is whenever you'd make a signature - it's just genius!



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