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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Legend of Canyons Pathway

Hello! Thracey11 inspired me to write some other fictional Legends of Jamaa.
My first one is about Canyons Pathway, and why it's not on the map.
Long ago, after Zios died, and after all the grief and tears of Mira that created phantoms, phantoms were taking away everything in Jamaa, destroying the lands, chaos everywhere. Mira decided to take action. I created this, I need to resolve this. She thought. She used some of her last powers that the phantoms hadn't weakened, to create a very small, hidden land, that Jammers could hide in, away from the phantoms. Mira intentionally didn't put it on the map. She thought if the phantoms couldn't find us, they might think they destroyed all the other Jammers, and leave Jamaa. Canyons Pathway wasn't a pathway yet. It was a small cave, that had a good amount of vegetation that Jammers and pets could feed off of until the phantoms leave. It was very close to Halloween, the Day of the Phantoms. Mira was getting nervous if phantoms would continue to strike, more powerfully like the usually did on the Day of the Phantoms, yet Phantoms still didn't know about the Canyons Pathway. They were still lurking around Jamaa, Mira could sense it. It was the night before Day of Phantoms.
Mira sat on the flat boulder, where you see me. The cave was dark, and the only light was from the two torches. All animals gathered in front of her. She was tearing up, missing Zios, nervous for Jamaa, and all the animals. All the animals bowed down, and wished for the best.
The next morning, Phantoms busted in the top of the cave, and the exit and entrance of Canyons Pathway, where you see them now. Monkeys where ordered by Mira to guard the Entrances, so unfortunately the Phantoms destroyed them before Mira awoke.. that's why monkeys are endangered now, only their young lings survived. Mira promptly arose, and immediately shot out a force field around all the animals, protecting them. She was heartbroken that her land failed, phantoms outsmarted her, and the monkeys were endangered. She wished her best for the land, and flew off. Many of the Shamans followed her. Yet Liza felt it was her duty to stay and inform many new Jammers about Jamaa, so she bravely stayed behind. No one knows where Mira flew off too, but Jammers have passed down from Generation to generation that as she left, a few sparks of Magic flew down, and were absorbed by the Mira Statue in the Jamaa Township.

Haha, do you like my story? This was all *Made-up*, but who knows if AJHQ will actually like it and make it an actual legend of Jamaa? :D


  1. XD! I was there when you took the screen shots!

  2. Awesome story Puppy! Very interesting! I love it! Your friend, Dog26354

  3. Awesome story Puppy! Very interesting! I love it! Your friend, Dog26354

  4. im gonna follow your blog now!

  5. i made an account called goldfishykitty thats ok right?

    1. That must be ok because your making a complete different account name except for goldfishy. That shows that you just like her blog and like the name instead of you trying to imposter her. I know im not goldfishypuppy, but im just saying that in my opinion I think it would be ok.

  6. Too good :-D!



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