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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #3.5, Follow-up on MagicDream: So you say..?

Well, today MagicDream apparently came on for a visit, I don't know.
She found out 'bout my blog, most likely for a friend. And sent this:
(Yes I did find out how to do screenshots, although they are way more complicated on Windows then Mac)
'Wow....Great story! I think I am going to laugh so hardly! :D'
(This was when MagicDream was on Magic797)
So you say?

Nice of you, picking on me for being brave, sharing the truth, apologizing, and trying to teach other jammers?
Inexplicably rude, I say!

No, I didn't take this to heart. I just saved the file in my mind, to note for later reference how coldhearted this  is.
Of course this wasn't what I expected, and maybe that was her intention, even the thought if she would ever see that story, It would be expected to forgive and forget, Am I right? Apparently not in her mind.

First, why would you laugh at a sad story about yourself? I know I wasn't, and for sure she wasn't during the whole argument.
I really don't wanna start a fight again, but I felt this post was somewhat needed.. :T

Second off, maybe, possibly, actually, it was hard for me to share the truth? Like right now. Admitting you're wrong, telling about your experiences, posting them on the web naturally isn't easy for humans, so critiquing like that may be one of magic's unneeded specialties? Well on my side of the argument, I've learned that it is.
She may be laughing right now ? Like I give a phantom.

Third off, she wanted to make up in the first place, about two months ago. Now I apologize for all the nasty stuff I did, and you reject it with a mean message? Sour. Yikes.

Lastly, I posted that too teach other jammers, and share what actually happened. Our blogs made it seem like a whole other deal. Why would you even care if you quit? It was a learning experience for  both of us, wether you like to admit it or not. I'm sharing what I learned from Jamaa, what I took away from it. And if you don't agree with me, fine. I just know that's it's the cold hard facts and theirs nothing changing it.

You all know that this blog is my stories, and sometime they'll be yours (When you post them), and they can be entertaining, saddening, humorous, thoughtful, though-triggering, Whatever you make of them, fine by me.



  1. Magic was a really mean person. I thought she was nice at first, but then she started casting me aside and saying Get out of my den. She really hurt my feelings. No offense to you Goldy if you are her friend now.


  2. I think she was going to laugh because it's history to her, and maybe it's still ringing in your mind, but she's one of those people who waves fights aside. Or maybe the whole fight was a joke to her, and you being serious was funny to her. Either way isn't that kind of cold hearted? I mean really, she didn't feel bad about copying your blog? I knoe you'll probably never read this, but I really wish you would ~ peppywolf (p.s. I really wish I could see you on aj, I... I know it's stupid, but I'm a huge fan of your blog)

  3. I used to read Magic797 until I heard SleepySasha tell us all in Snowy's blog that Magic797 just copies everything in Snowy's blog and so does this person called Agent9 I guess!

  4. ..."for being brave, sharing the truth, apologizing"? errr...yeah... whatever

  5. I personally think magic is being bullied or feels like an outcast in her life, so she's targeting you. Don't worry about it goldy, she's being a wannabe. If magic can't even get her own ideas, how can he ever get through life?

  6. Magic is jealous of you, Goldy. She knows you are a pure, nice person who can live life the correct way. Magic just... Just doesn't understand. Please don't let her get to you. Bullying is a way of coping, and she needs to learn herself how to live life.


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