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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Quotes, Quotes and even more Quotes!

It's Dreams Here!
It's Down to Quote Time!
Some quotes are pretty Funny.
And these are from the book Chicken Smoothie for the Kid's Soul

Quote No. 1:
When you're confused, sit down and think it through.
Ignore people who put you down.
Never ,ever, ever give up on yourself.

Quote No. 2:
When there's nothing in the refrigerator, don't eat dog food.
Never cheat because it's not worth it.

Quote No. 3:
When your dad or mom slams the door when they come home from work, it's best to stay out of their way. If You don't care what grades you get and do badly in school, main words in your vocabulary will be "Do you want fries with that?"

Quote No. 4:
Never ask your dad to help you with a math problem.
 It will turn to be a three-hour lesson.
If you have a problem or secret, share it with your mom

Quote No. 5:
Check if there is toilet paper before you sit down.
Don't make a bad impression on your neighbor when you first moved in.
Laugh at your parents' jokes.

Quote No. 6:
When My parents are talking, not to interrupt but wait until later.
 Unless someone is Bleeding or something.

Quote No. 7:
Read the book before you go in front and give a report.
Never leave your stuff with your little sister.

Quote No. 8:
When Your mom is mad, Hide the stuff that you don't want to be thrown away.

Quote No. 9:
When You tell a lie, you have to keep telling a lie.
When your parents are Divorced, you have to move on.

And last but not least!

Quote No. 10:
When You take off your sweatshirt, Your Shirt comes up.

Later I'll post even more Quotes! 'cause this is all I could type for now :\

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