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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Non-member Rhino, Contest Winner, and More

Hi Everyone!
Today we have a quite random post about a ton of things.
Let's start off on an interesting note.
Y'all may or may not know, but supermonkeys is a non-member rhino. She was in beta, and when you became a non member after being a member in beta you could choose two animals left, and she chose her rhino. She sent me this picture awhile ago, to animaljamgoldfish@aol.com. She explained how Animal Jam counts her rhino as an Unregistered animal, and that's why she has two extra animal slots.

We have many finished polls!
I'm excited 58 of you at our Peck Party in less then an hour!
Many of you are excited about shamans returning on this upcoming Thursday, but I wonder why 11 of aren't that enthused? 
We voted on the new blog music, and many of you liked it. I kept it up for about 2 weeks, but then it started annoying myself.

And yes, our story contest poll is finally over!
Chorus2010 took a stunning lead with 105 votes.
She wins the Dragon Glove, Bow and Arrow and Mech Angel Wings.
Our second and third place winners, Blueberry1212 (Now on XxToastAndTeaxX) and Goofy8966 will receive mech angel wings. Click here to see all story contest entries.
Congrats, everyone!

Also, our Peck Party is in 40 minutes. Some of our are already preparing in my den!
Feel free to come by whenever, look forward to seeing everyone there!


    my cpu is like broken and i can't go on animal jam...=(

  2. Awww darn! I was at a friend's birthday party at a dance academy and real life, forgot about your party, went to your den like 2 minutes ago.... and it's vacant :(
    Maybe next time though!
    ~Jamaasian Wizard

  3. you can make a non member rhino or other animals if you lose your membership while your still playing aj o.o


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