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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

NOTHING Will be Rare in the Future

Hey Everyone!
Kay so, I recently got in a fight about how rare a certain top hat was and it made my mind swarm with all these thoughts and I've decided to jot them all down in to a fancy little post for y'all. :3
So, today 0521chris thought that his Brown/Pink/Purple top hat was rarer then my Red top hat. And if you read this blog enough, you'll have seen that It is clearly not. He thought that his Purple top was the 3rd rarest, when Red top really is. (It even says this on Lovelosts's blog).
He said that he thinks that because he doesn't see much of them.
He claims that he'll keep his until their 'all gone'.
I don't get this. You can't just judge something's rarity by how many times you see it. There are over 50 servers in Animal Jam, and they are adding more constantly. Why do you think this is?
Jammers play from all around the world, all in different time zones, so it's not possible that you've seen every single Jammer. Besides, some hide their rares and don't even like them, or know their rare!
Some only come on for like 20 minutes ONCE a month!
Also, How can you keep it 'till there's none left? I guarantee you if there comes a day that everyone recycled their brown top hats but you, top hats will have already come out three days.
You can't control the rares. The only reason present day things are rare, is because in Beta there was only a few hundred people and half didn't buy anything, and just left this game. Now there are hundreds of thousands, even millions (like AJHQ said) of Jammers who play and want the same rares that you do. Everything will come out except Rare Item Mondays and Member Monthly gifts, at some point. The stuff that does come out won't ever be rare again, because of all the Millions of Jammers who bought multiples of it. It may be rare in 10 years, when twice as many Jammers play, but we'll all be long gone then.
I don't like how people keep changing the trading system, and what's equal to what, because it's not like items can duplicate. Sure, Non-member bat wings did drop due to people taking a reality check and seeing how common they are, because they're only really rare from popular demand.
Can't you see? With the Rare Item Mondays and Monthly gifts, AJHQ wants to CONTROL the rares! They are doing the same thing at the carnival, by putting out strange items at ridiculous prices, so everybody ALREADY wants them, before their even going to be rare! (Since not many jammers can afford them in time)
I don't get why people keep saying Founder's will never come out again. They WERE sold for 45 gems, they weren't given out to special Jammers like the beta eye was. I did a rarity scan on them, the first one, and there is a picture on there from when they were sold. I got the picture from Fuzzy ShyIvy's blog, you can check it out, from September 2011 she posted right the day that they came out.

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  1. I liked it better when they didn't have the "Rare Monday" thing, it was actually FUN to collect RARES. Now the only thing that's always going to be rare is a Founder's Hat. :l

  2. this is aj's plan i guess, to control the "rares"
    Aj is in its third year, eventually we'll all quit, and be long gone i guess, and i guess i'm sorta sad about it, but its the way of life. aj's getting more and more popular, its only about a couple months or so untill its full blown millions of players like club penguin.

    All items eventually come out, i've witnessed this on club penguin, six years after the purple propeller hat, they come out again. thats right. i've been on club penguin since it was called penguin chat, since the beta, the beginning of it. someday, i hope to see the old rares come out again, annually, and see animal jam surpass all other online worlds.

    And you're right. not all beta players bought items. and i can tell you all why i know this. because i'm a beta tester, and nothing proud of it. its sad to see game after game fall into ruins like club penguin and so many before it. i always quit before a year. and i think this routine will continue.

    someday, i hope aj will release the cami's frog again, the founders, gazelles, tops, wings, and everything else. we would all finally be at peace and be happy. i wouldn't mind to give up all my life of founder's and rares. after all, its just an illusion. an illusion of happiness i would give up in order to see others happy and smiling.

    i hope to see aj get better, improve, in the little time i have left on it

    ~SkyFyre, next account of nyanstar, restarted from meowlive, known in beta as wertyui125.

  3. Finally, Someone who understands!-this post was amazing to read

    1. *Holds hands up* Preach it, sista/brotha


  4. amazing post.. i don't want to quit ever :L but i know sooner or later im going to have to. maybe ajhq can make a limit to how many people join?

  5. Well, they said on the paper that the Founder's Hat would never be sold again, right?

    They sold them to celebrate the opening of regular AJ. It's an event item, so it will not come out unless they sell it during the anniversary of AJ...

  6. blahblahblahblahblahmeAugust 14, 2012 at 6:33 PM

    I thought i was going to be hacked, so you deleted me. False alarm, so can you add me again goldy?

    1. I added your new account.. and didn't delete you..?

  7. I saw you with that guy with my Fabgirl12 account, you guys were arguing and he said Pink/Purple/Brown Top hat is rarer then the red top hat 'cause you said that you need a Mira Statue to make it fare.

  8. OK, this is what I think, Animal jam will not bring out ALL the rares because everyday about 1 thousand or more people join. What fun wuld it be if everyone had the same thing? IT WOULD BE VERY FUN >:o Well thats what i think but i hope they bring out tops cuz mine was hacked and i still am managing to get one i have tons of betas if you will trade me even a pink contact me i am wolfqu4321

  9. *This is my opinion* Since nothing may not be rare in the future, the "screaming, reporting and crying" will stop. What i mean by that is that when non-members ask me for my rare bow and i say no, they start crying and might report me. Some may start yelling at me and tell lies like I'm a "bully" or a ""scammer."" Some members do that, too. If all rares aren't rare, all that stuff may stop. But, hopefully AJ will still make things beta, since when all rares wont be rare, the trading will "kinda stop" and be not as interesting unless someone trades a expensive item for a cheap one. But the yelling might not stop, because people will ask for expensive stuff. :T


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