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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The Loss of Membership

I've noticed several Jammers grieving over the loss of their memberships as if they had lost a loved one. Members are only an upgraded version of your true animal self. When you're a Member, you still have that great Non-Member gut inside you! Now, you pay money so you can have a larger vairety of animals, items, and dens. Plus, you're helping keep Animal Jam alive. When I start a debate over Non-Members and Members, there's always a couple of Jammers who get angry and say that you're helping keep the site up, which is true. But sometimes, I think that sometimes the items they make for Members only isn't worth it! Designer Skirts? Vanities? TABLET COMPUTERS?!?! What's next? Cell Phones and i-Paw Touches? I don't like the items I've named AT ALL. The Designer Skirts are.....odd for the animals, since they don't stand upright. I just don't like Epic Wonders. That shop should be called Epic Human-ly Wonders for Humans. Anyway, the Animal Jam creators seem to be completely excluding Non-Members. "All I want to say is that they don't even care about us." I mean making parties that indirectly say that they're for Members Only is wrong. They're separating the Non-Members from the Members so dramatically it isn't even funny. They're separating us SO much that Jammer think it's the end of tthe world if they lose their Membership! IT. ISN'T. A. BIG. DEAL. It's only a Membership. You can still play Animal Jam, you can still purchase items and such, talk to buddiees, and have fun. So why are you so sad about not being upgraded? Because you don't get better items? Because you get special nametags, and such? You won't die, you won't get kicked off of Animal Jam if you lose your Membership. WE ARE ALL MEMBERS OF JAMAA! We all deserve to be equal, and still have some things for Members Only! HOWL OUT TO NON-MEMBERS! ~Feelers


  1. You know, I don't think people are stroctly member or nonmember, because you'll eventually run out of ur member ship or get a membership. I believe a lot of people think that members are always members and nonmembers are always nonmembers. Odd.

  2. I hate the separation of members and non member.

  3. Yes. Such as parties that say: " Anyone is welcome to come..... as long as they have a certain item/animal/den"

  4. I agree with Rooni. BTW, Isn`t "Be fair to all Jammers" one on the ToS rules?

  5. Lol people r so weird when they have a boyfriend or girlfriend on animal jam.
    people r so deparrate for love, they get to internet weird and they try to act sexy around people... on aj.... and then there r GAY people on aj... im like on aj and people r in love and im all like
    what the hell, that is so stupid lol

    1. well i honestly think dating on Aj is OK... Aj says they don't tolerate INAPPROPRIATE relationships. They never really said anything about APPROPRIATE relationships. I think they do let you date on there... because you know those smileys you can use on there? Well they have that lovesick face... so yea

    2. That's true, but most of the relationships on Animal Jam are inappropriate, probably because they see other Jammers like that too.

  6. I know it is dumb. My friend is like 'Oh if I am a nonmember on Animal Jam I will die' and 'I need to renew my membership before it expires!' It is like she can't even spend 1 minute without a membership.

  7. ya. i thought segreation was illeagle. guess not O_O its like segration.

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  9. I know, right? I mean, seriously. Before, I quit Animal Jam because everyone was un-equal. But I re-joined again :D! Anyway, I used a code for three days membership, and I was quite happy. But when I lost it, I was still happy :p.
    Anyway, who cares about membership or being a non-member? Before I'd care, but no. I discovered that it doesn't matter if you're a member or non-member. Seriously, though.
    Though, I'd prefer to be a non-member. Because, you don't need to spend money on membership. And if you're a non-member, just enjoy AJ! Jam on!
    Oh and Feelers, you're TOTALLY correct! By the way, I LOVE your den. I was like: *searches on Feelers on AJ* then *finds* then: "Wow! The den's unlocked? I must see!" then *clicks* then: "WOW!".
    And, yeah. Sorry for breaking in your den, Feelers. I feel quite guilty for it but anyway, thanks for teaching EVERYONE a lesson.

  10. i love nonmembers. i really do. but most nonmembers these days are either scammers, adoption beggars, trolls, or jerks. i have let my MEMBER den betas get the better of me, and that is the only reason i even have a membership!
    the second reason i am a member is also because of the reputation nonmembers get! im not a "beta activist", but i really do miss the beta when everyone was equal!
    -Cupcakes5072 out!!!

  11. I think the main reason is that nonmembers are all regarded as n00bs and scammers. I don't think AJ is being unfair, more the community. We've built up walls between ourselves, non members and members don't seem on the same level. Members are highclass society and non members are considered much lower


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