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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Little Q&A Anyone?

Hi Jammers!
Ok so, yes I know that we have an "Ask Me" page that nobody really uses that often, and is just filled with buddy questions and trading questions. I don't even check it that much either. o:
But, I wanted to do a Question and Answer post where you guys can ask questions in the comments, and I'll answer them in a next post. Sound cool?

Well, I'm gonna try my hardest to answer each and every question in-depth but I'm not going to give out personal information, or answer awkward questions...

Questions could be something like, 

"Hey Breathless, What's your pump-up song?"
"What's the worst friendship you've ever had on Animal Jam?"
"Tell me about the best trade you ever got"
"I'm going through a hard time right now, my friend and me aflkdshfahadsfiluhds what should I do?" 
"Favorite Cereal?"
"How do you know if someone's a true friend or not?"
"What's your opinion on real-life relationships in elementary and middle school?"
"Have you ever been in a scary relationship online?"

and you get the point. I just think this will be fun because the blog has a more serious twist to it now, and I'd like to open up and help you guys out more than I have in the past. cx

Also, it would be great if you guys could leave post requests and youtube video ideas in the comments, cause I'm afraid I've caught a tiny writers block again. :/

short post, but I think this will be fun! ask away! I'll answer every question (but no promises hehe)

ps. a contest is coming up with a huge prize! :D
a huge prize!? o: oh my


  1. I have a very very very VERY serious question to ask you, so be prepared.

    Do you

    Like pie?

  2. Nice picture! Like... really

  3. Ahh that cat scared me lol!!! And my question is, What's the craziest rumour you have ever heard about yourself?

    and hmm... a post request... i can't think of any right now, but i'll try to later. Bai! X3

    1. oh it looks like i said Bail lol i was saying Bai but the exclaimation points look like l's X3

  4. Hey Goldy!
    Question: do you have a spare account I can have? I sent you an email asking, you replied once, I replied but then you didn't lol


  5. Have you ever been bullied?
    Cute cat. lawl

  6. What is the rarest item in Jamaa?

  7. Hello!

    Nice post. Keep reading on!

    Nice pic!

    I love cats!




  8. Hi Breathless… I want to know why you only get respect if you have top hats, worms, collars, etc. thanks!

    1. Well, I'm not Breathless, but I do have the answer.

      They treat you like a king/queen/prince/princess because of rares. They try to be kind to those who have lots of rares because they think they'll give you rares. And secondly; Rares have taken over a lot of kids mind so they try to do everything to get rares.

      --Moonlights out!

  9. I have a question. What is the time where you had the most fun ever on AJ! :P

  10. Hey! AG has a question!!
    What's your opinion on One Direction? :D
    (I love them btw)
    Oh! Meep! Contest! Big prize! Can't wait!
    Cute cat!!

  11. Hey! i was wondering how you kno if someone likes u... because someone i know in real says he doesnt like me "that way" but ALL my friends r convinced he likes me. And he announces to like EVERYONE who he DOES like.. thx ^-^

    1. How often does he talk to you? (Email, outside of school, etc.?) When he does, does he ever get nervous or start to blush! Usually guys will talk and brag about themselves when they're nervous because that's the best and most comfortable way of talking to someone. Does he ever stare at you when you're not looking? Have you ever caught him staring at you? Does he ever lean in close to you? Does he ever seem to be in the same places as you? (School can be an option)

      Hope this helped, I've been experienced, so yeah. ^.^

  12. lol breathless/goldy. i have a serious question to ask you O_O

    ...............DO YOU....


    Ps: le pic de le cat made my day :DDDD

  13. Lol what the heck is that huge cat?! :) it scared me like really Lol

  14. When exploring Jammaa, and a gentleman starts "hitting-on" you, what is your response?

    What type of T.V. do you watch (anime, sitcoms, soap operas, etc...)?

    If you figured out a buddy of your's was a big time hacker, what would your immediate response be?

    What's the most meaningful thing anyone's ever said to you in your real life, on animal jam, or on any other social website.

    What's your biggest fear?

    Has anyone ever called you "hot," or "sexy"?

    Do you ever just NOT think things through? (Ex. Once I wrote the guy I liked a 2 page note, and he threw it away seconds after he recieved it. After that I wrote him ANOTHER note *facepalm*)

    What things are trending where you live? Where I'm at it's saying "Sick Nasty, Bro," and playing with kendamas. I hate both of these things X3

    Have you ever felt like everyone around you were robots, and were incapabable of feeling emotions?

    Do you ever wish that you could become something other than human?

    I believe that's all ^^ If my questions come across as silly, or idiotic feel free not to answer, but I'd be grateful if you did! Thanks!


    1. Oh, and 5 more I'm dying to ask;

      Do you ever engage in roleplay while online?

      Have you ever been in a "clan" on animal jam?

      What Jammer, in your opinion, has thrown the best of all parties that you've attended?

      Do you like the following bands; Black Viel Brides, Panic! At The Disco, Say Anything, My Chemical Romance, and Bowling For Soup?

      In a typical week, how long would you say you spend on animal jam nowadays?

    2. Oh, and I almost forgot! I really wanted to ask you this a while back;

      Do you ever find your fans obnoxious? If so what is the most annoying thing a fan has ever done to get your attention?

  15. *facepalm* I hate to badger you with questions, but I do really want to ask another person this...

    About 2 years ago I was aware of how immature I was, and I embraced it! It's kind of the only thing that got me by in life, but than I met a guy... I'm not saying it made me mature to like a guy, I was just happy whenever I was around him. He asked me out, and I told him politely; "I really like you, and I know that I'll sound stupid for rejecting you for these reasons; I don't want to have my first kiss to be awkward, and taste like cheetohs, I'm not interested in being driven by your mother on our first date, I want you to pick me up! I'm an impressionable kid, and I don't want to get caught up in the drama of a relationship so young, and I have enough trouble going on already. I'm sorry, and I know if you wanted to get to know me more dating might be the best way to do it... But again, I'm still so young, and so are you, and if you just waited a little longer we might be able to date..." This had absolutely no freaking effect. He had a "girlfriend" in his arms the next day, and made fun of me for being awkward, and gross. Now he likes me again, and I hate myself for liking him back, he broke up with his girl a while ago, and I don't know what to do?! Should I start talking to him again? Because honestly I miss having conversations with him, even if we don't start dating. What should I do?

    1. I can't wait to answer this in the Answers post!

    2. Thanks? On another note, there's this guy on youtube, Mike Falzone. He give advice, and stuff... and the type of videos he makes kinda remind me of your blog ^^ He's also funny :3 So that's always a plus X3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUwrpt0A46I this is just one of his videos, kind of an example of the type of videos he makes. This might give you a little inspiration, and help you get rid of that nasty writers block! I hope this helps! I really love reading your blog :D

  16. Hiya :)
    Some Questions:
    Do you like any of the following: Squishy squids, pie, or cats?
    Do you like ramen noodles?
    If you were on a giant sparkly pink paper plane going to going to a lion's den in Kenya and the person sitting next to you was an orange alien flying penguin with body hair, bad gas, (I mean some serious B.O.) and ten limbs sitting on a bubble in the shape of a pie and the pilot was a dangerously stupid mutant gerbil eating spoiled mini pancakes while listening to Japanese soap oprahs (oopsies ;)) and the plane was crashing into a 2,000 foot super salty ocean filled with hungry sharks, lions, tarantulas, sharp thorns and brussel sprouts and a really chubby two-year old boy was disco dancing to your least favorite song while wearing a straight jacket with MLP on it and the windows were made of clear jelly and you had to escape the plane right away but the parachute was a blind rabbit with cardborad wings and a giant spikey helmet... -takes a deep breath- what would you do?
    What's the most random question you've ever received?
    Do you like random questions?
    Has anyone ever stalked you on Animal Jam?
    Have you ever been in a scary relationship online?
    ~RandomMe ^.^

  17. So I just watched your vid for high quality scamming and I really like what your animal looks like so I was wondering if I could somewhat look like that animal that u used. And It would defently be ok for you to say no :)
    And one more question:

    I forgot nvm :P

  18. Do you have a celebrity crush? I do! Andy Biersack!

    1. I'm not Breathless/GoldFishyPuppy but I have an answer to that! *Breathes in and out* I have a crush on...

      Orlando Blooom 030 and maybe Diogo Morgado 030

      ..yeah o.O


  19. I do Zayn Malik! XD

  20. Do you read the Warriors cats books?

  21. You know, I love cats! But when I scrolled down to read the comments, I was surprised because of that cat-picture! I screamed then stopped. I just calmed myself down, and said: "It's all right! It's just a cat."

    So, yeah... :P



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