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Monday, January 14, 2013

The Answers

Hi Jammers!
Five days ago I put up a post where you could ask me ANYTHING you wanted, and now I have the answers to your questions!
(psst. sorry the spacing between the questions is kinda wierd, I tried the best I could to fix it but it was just blehhh)

Ok, let's start..

Question One: Do you... like pie? 
 Hah, somehow I knew this question would come up. ASKDFLJHASDKLFJA YES I DO. Well, most pies I like. But I can't stand fruit pies. -_- I prefer cookies though.

Question Two: What's the craziest rumor you've heard about yourself? 
 Hmmm... I can't remember most of them, but the craziest one was quite recent. I was in an argument with someone after me and my husband (gaah, still need to make a post about that) pulled a prank on her. She told me that I WAS my husband, and I thought it was the most insane thing ever. Than she started spreading it around, but I don't think anyone believed her.

Question Three: Do you have a spare account that I can have? 
 I'm sorry, I know you keep asking me about it but it's just too risky. A couple of my friends have gotten hacked after doing something like that, and I believe that someone could come in contact with your Parent Dashboard through the IP address when you're playing on that account, and then they could get access to usernames, passwords, personal information, and billing. I'm sure you're a nice guy, meaning no harm, but it's just too risky. I'm sure there's another way you can get a new account!

Question Four: Have you ever been bullied? 
 In 'real life' or AJ? Well of course I have on AJ, every single day I think every jammer gets bullied somehow. In real, yes I was severely bullied through Preschool - Third grade. Then, I went to this place that talks about leadership, confidence, and a bunch of those good values and I got more confidence, made different friends and my life turned around completely. cx

Question Five: What's the rarest item in Jamaa? 
 Honestly, at this point I don't know. Most of the huge rares have come out. To most jammers, I'm sure it's top hats or 3 of a kind beards, but I'm sure someone is hiding an item from AJHQ that not many people know about. Sorry, I'll try to find out!

Question Six: Why do people only get respect if they have worns, top hats, beards, collars, etc? 
 DTAFASDJASKLKHDFAHISD IKR.  Actually, this question made me think back to the first day I joined Animal Jam. I think I've posted about this before, but I saw Glados135 in the Jamaa Township looking fancy with a flag, top hat, collar, and legendary glove and talked to her about rares, and then she became my role model. People give rare people respect for many reasons. One, because they think that they must be sophisticated to get that rare, meaning they're older, cooler, and experienced, and naturally, people want to hangout with those type of people and be seen with them, so they try to act cool and different around them, hoping they will earn they're respect, become they're friend, etc. I've learned this from being on both sides of it.

Question Seven: What is the time you've had the most fun on AJ? 
 Well, I can't really remember a specific moment, but I remember right when I switched from MisterArcticClaw to XxFreeSpiritxX, tons of people gave me more respect, I had more friends, and I had a cool new start, and I was at a perfect moment in rares at that time, I didn't have too little or too much - but just right. That only lasted for about a week, however. But then a few months later I was at my peak in 'fame', friends, rares and parties, which was super fun until it all started going downhill.

Question Eight: What's your opinion on One Direction?
 I sound SO hipster saying this, but they're a little too mainstream for me, and I'm not a huge fan of pop. heavymetalalltheway. I still like them, admire them, and respect them for being who they are, being talented for making good music, and they make a lot of people happy, so why hate them?

Question Nine: How do you know if a guy likes you?
 Oh geez, dear, you shouldn't be worried about this. (I sound like a parent saying that, but I'll explain it in another post). Yet, I'll still answer your question! How you really know if a guy likes you, is if he makes a point to connect and talk with you. Does he text you first, talk to you first, try to hang out? Does he seem interested in you, or himself and his other friends? What kinds of things do you talk about? Do you talk about your interests and his interests, or all about him and his friends?

Question Ten: Do you like Cheese? 
 Provolone or Cheddar? American or Swiss? Holes or no holes? I like almost all cheese, except for the really strong tasting kind. -_- I love cheese pizza. But, I can only eat a little bit of cheese at a time, before it starts tasting yucky. p:

Question Eleven: What kind of TV do you watch? 
I don't watch a lot of tv, but when I do, I enjoy Big Bang Theory, Family Guy, South Park, Modern Family, The Middle, and MY LITTLE PONY <3 but nothing really specific since I don't watch TV that often...

Question Twelve: What do you do when someone starts hitting on you on AJ? 
This doesn't happen that much anymore, since I'm non-member and don't wear that many rares, and I don't dress that girly. But, when I do, I usually ignore them, or say "Sorry I'm not interested", but sometimes  I'll start hitting on them back (in a joking way).  hehehehe.

Question Thirteen: If you figured out one of your buddies was a hacker, what would your immediate response be? 
Well, this has happened a few times before. I would immediately ask how they did it, because of general curiosity. Then, I honestly would use that method (if possible) to hack a few inactive beta players, but not any active jammers. I would then spitfire them with tons of questions on how they figured it out, who they have hacked, why, when this started, and etc. But, if I could only do one thing, I would make them promise not to hack any active jammers, because that's just cruel.

Question Fourteen: What's the most meaningful thing anyone has ever said to you on AJ, real life, or any other site? 
I have two kinda serious answers. I think "I love you" is probably the most meaningful thing that my family and other close people to me have said. I hate how people just throw the saying around and take it for granted, because someday you'll actually realize what it means. My parents always tell me it, and when going through hard times as you get older, you'll eventually appreciate it.
My second answer is "I love you just the way you are." I've had a lot of people say it to me, but only a few actually meant it. And I knew it. And I don't know how to describe it, but you just feel perfect and think about it and wonder how a person could love you that way and it's just one of the greatest feelings in the world.

Question Fifteen: What's your biggest fear? 
Two Answers! SPIDERS OMIGAWDJIALUSHSKI. I just can't stand them, I don't know how to explain it. Second answer, the fact that someone close is going to leave you, I think everyone shares that as their biggest fear. Just think about it. Someone that means so much to you, just disappearing and never coming back. I don't think I need to explain it anymore.

Question Sixteen: Has anyone ever called you 'hot' or 'sexy'? 
Online, yes. In real life, no. I think our age group is too young to be called sexy, maybe sometimes hot, but I'd much rather be called 'beautiful' or 'pretty' or 'gorgeous'. I personally don't mind if I'm not hot or sexy, I guess I would PREFER to be hot or sexy, but It's not something that I'll strive to be.

Question Seventeen:  Do you ever just NOT think things through? 
I'm sure I have before, but I'm more of an overthinker, unfortunately. I overanalyze every single little thing, which can sometimes be bad, or sometimes good. Once I was talking to my coach about doing some serious things, and he told me that you don't have to rush to do anything, time keeps running, and you'll always have more time to think it through, so don't rush yourself to do anything!

Question Eighteen: What are some trending sayings where you live? 
Where I am, it's more of who you hang out with. A lot of trending things are using the word "uber" saying, "oooh gir/boi" "I like your face" and of course, the usual wtf & wth.

Question Twenty: Have you ever felt like everyone around you were robots, and were incapable of feeling emotions?
Well, I myself have felt like that/been like that before, until certain people came into my life and taught me to open up, you know? I haven't felt that EVERYONE around me was like that, but sometimes certain people. A lot of times it perplexes me why people don't feel the same sympathy/empathy that I feel...I don't know how to explain it.

Question Twenty-One: Do you ever wish you could be something other than Human?
YEAH. A lot of times I wish I could be a dog, they seem so happy, bubbly, and content with themselves. I always have wanted to have fur, too. :/ But, being a human is great too. We're one of the smartest beings on the planet, capable of so much. Just think about it - We only use 10% of what our mind can accomplish.

Question Twenty-Two: Do you ever engage in Roleplay online?
No. I think I have a couple times before, in chat rooms on blogs or so. I also remember one time I signed up to be apart of this role play wolves blog, but I didn't really enjoy it, and it's just not my thing. I personally think Roleplay is great, it stretches imagination. And, it's fun to pretend to be something else sometimes.

c: just thought I would make it, idk, I was bored

Question Twenty-Three: Have you ever been in a clan on Animal Jam?
Yeah, I think I've told this story a few times. When I was on MisterArcticClaw, I was always trying to be in tons of clans. Until, one time, I broke up with cubanboy, and he turned the whole clan against me, and they were saying things like *punches* *beats* *locks in cage* and I was so done with clans. Until a couple months ago, I got kinda bored on Goldfishypuppy and joined my friends clan, which turned out to be REALLY addicted for a couple weeks, but then it wasn't really my thing, and I got bored of it. I think clans are fun if kept in moderation.

Question Twenty-Four: What jammer in your opinion, has thrown the best parties of all time?
I don't really have an answer. I've attended a few of LoveLost's and Snowyclaw's huge blogging parties, but their not really that fun, because all the attention is focused on getting screenshots with them. I feel selfish saying this, but when I was on XxFreeSpiritxX, I had SOOO many huge parties in the summer. I had around three a day, and I would bring my lion into the Aldan township, and announce a party at my den, and in 3 seconds flat, half the township would be gone. They were full within 10 minutes, and once I got in their, it was a HUGE trading central. All my buddies were in their, trading, trading, trading away. And I had some of the best dens, that I spent 2 hours each decorating with only beta rares. Sorry, I was kinda bragging, but those were HANDS DOWN the best days on AJ I've ever had.

Question Twenty-Five: Do you like the bands Black Veil Brides, Panic! At the Disco, Say Anything, My Chemical Romance, and Bowling for Soup? 
I like 'Fallen Angels' and 'Knives and Pens' by BVB, but I don't constantly listen to them, their not really my type, but they have great vocals. I LOVE PATD, Brandon Urie has such a pretty voice. My favorite song by them is 'Build God, then we'll talk' I swear I've memorized every single word and the whole music video. I haven't heard of Say Anything or Bowling for Soup. I do like MCR, but I don't listen to them Constantly. My favorite songs are 'Sing', 'Welcome to the Black parade' and of course, 'Teenagers'! <3 Sorry, I have a bit of an inner fangirl. ._____.

Question Twenty-Six: In a typical week, how many hours would you say you spend on Animal Jam nowadays?
I'm usually not on Animal Jam for more then thirty minutes at a time, usually once a day. So I guess about 3-4 hours a week? Better than my past.. I used to be on for about 8 hours a day... daaaaaaang. And if you are for about 8 hours a day, that's okay, just try to minimize it a little bit at a time, I promise you, it's just a phase, it seems like it will go on forever, but then you'll turn out like me. :P

Question Twenty-Seven: Do you ever find your fans obnoxious, if so, what is the craziest thing a fan has done to get your attention? 
No, not really obnoxious. Sometimes a little bit, when they spam your inbox begging to add you.. But not really. I feel really uncomfortable talking to fans in person on Animal Jam, I feel like I have to be perfect and seem interesting, ya know? The craziest thing a fan has done to get my attention, was to create a fake profile of my account, an 'imposter' and then they asked me to come to their den, and I was about to BLOW UP at anger to them. But, then they said they were just a fan that wanted to meet me. I was like, "Aww (\^.^/)".

Question Twenty-Eight:  About 2 years ago I was aware of how immature I was, and I embraced it! It's kind of the only thing that got me by in life, but than I met a guy... I'm not saying it made me mature to like a guy, I was just happy whenever I was around him. He asked me out, and I told him politely; "I really like you, and I know that I'll sound stupid for rejecting you for these reasons; I don't want to have my first kiss to be awkward, and taste like cheetohs, I'm not interested in being driven by your mother on our first date, I want you to pick me up! I'm an impressionable kid, and I don't want to get caught up in the drama of a relationship so young, and I have enough trouble going on already. I'm sorry, and I know if you wanted to get to know me more dating might be the best way to do it... But again, I'm still so young, and so are you, and if you just waited a little longer we might be able to date..." This had absolutely no freaking effect. He had a "girlfriend" in his arms the next day, and made fun of me for being awkward, and gross. Now he likes me again, and I hate myself for liking him back, he broke up with his girl a while ago, and I don't know what to do?! Should I start talking to him again? Because honestly I miss having conversations with him, even if we don't start dating. What should I do?
Hah, that is exactly what I would do. Sure, I admit, the 'cheetohs' part, was kinda gross, but funny and cute. cx You have GREAT reasons not to go out with him, I couldn't of said it better. I think the best idea would be to stay friends until you're old enough, and it seems you suggested that, but he denied. Is he the kind of guy that everyone likes, so in all, he could get anyone he wants? Don't be discouraged that he had a girlfriend the next day, YOU were his first choice. Don't get annoyed that they make fun of you. He's just taking his anger out because you rejected him, and his girlfriend is just going along with him because she feels that's what she's supposed to do. I think it would be a great idea to start talking, he probably misses talking to you, too. And, if you two do start going out again, think of how his past relationship(s) have gone. Were they awkward? Did they actually do couple-y things? Is he kinda a 'playa'? Think about those things, and then decide. If you two do start talking again, and you don't start talking about dating, then be friends! It's not that bad!

Question Twenty-Nine: Do you like any of the following: Squishy squids, pie, or cats?
Squsihy squids seem cool, but scary and creepy. o.e. I've already answered about pie, lol. Cats, umm, I'm more of a dog person. I currently own 1 cat, 1 just passed away, but we're getting two more cats soon! cx

Question Thirty: Do you like Ramen Noodles?
Yeah, they're okay. Not my favorite food, though. They get kinda boring... I like the shrimp kind.

Question Thirty-One: If you were on a giant sparkly pink paper plane going to going to a lion's den in Kenya and the person sitting next to you was an orange alien flying penguin with body hair, bad gas, (I mean some serious B.O.) and ten limbs sitting on a bubble in the shape of a pie and the pilot was a dangerously stupid mutant gerbil eating spoiled mini pancakes while listening to Japanese soap oprahs (oopsies ;)) and the plane was crashing into a 2,000 foot super salty ocean filled with hungry sharks, lions, tarantulas, sharp thorns and brussel sprouts and a really chubby two-year old boy was disco dancing to your least favorite song while wearing a straight jacket with MLP on it and the windows were made of clear jelly and you had to escape the plane right away but the parachute was a blind rabbit with cardborad wings and a giant spikey helmet... -takes a deep breath- what would you do?
(whoa you have a seriously good imagination..)
Lolno I would use my super-awesome secret super power that I still can't reveal and I would escape to the local supermarket in Sydney Australia, and buy the orange alien/flying penguin a hair brush, soap, and deodorant. I would also buy the dangerously stupid gerbil a dictionary and teleport him to Kindergarten so he could earn an education, and then I would sue whoever made him the pilot of this plane that's going to a Lion's den in Kenya. I would also cook that gerbil some non-spoiled Bisquick mini pancakes to fill his empty stomach, because no one can learn when their hungry. ;) I would save the plane from crashing in the ocean filled with sharks and other nasty creatures. Then, I would put the chubby two-year-old boy listening to my least favorite song on a treadmill, and then give him some earphones and compliment him on his MLP straight jacket, because MLP is amazing. I would have the blind rabbit eat the clear jelly, barf it up, and bake it into parachutes so everybody could escape safely from the plane. c:

Question Thirty-Two: What's the most random question you've ever recieved?
The last question. ^

Question Thirty-Three: Has anyone ever stalked you on AJ? 
Not that I know of. o.O
Well, not really stalking, but a few of my fan buddies have constantly followed me around. :/

Question Thirty-Four: Have you ever been in a scary relationship online?
Not really severely scary. But sometimes they want to know personal information which can be a bit frightening.

Question Thirty-Five: Can I copy your animals? 
Of course! I adore when people copy my animals!

Question Thirty-Six: Do you have a celebrity crush?
Adam Levine <3

Now, MY QUESTION to YOU GUYS. Should we have more Q&A like this? How often? In posts?
Let me know!

Thanks for asking, this was really fun jammers, more posts to come & keep sending in author applications if you're still interested!


  1. That was really cool. Maybe once or twice a month b/c we got to learn more about you! Fun :D

  2. Thanks for answering my questions ^^ Maybe you could do these every other week? I hope I'm not asking for too much :O

  3. I somewhat like spiders, except for tarantulas. If it's really tiny, I'll pick it up.

    But seeing a huge animal in deep water freaks me out.

    1. i like daddy long legs XD

    2. me 2. I'm fine with spiders :P

    3. me 3! i love any spider. they are so cute!


  4. Dear Breathless, I didn't want to show my user because I don't want anybody to know. Anyways, I get bullied so much at school. Kindergarten-5th Grade (5th Grade The is the grade I am currently in) Anyways, people make me feel like I'm worthless. Like telling me that I should die... Or making me feel worse and worse about myself... :( What should I do

    1. I made a post about this, here is the link!: http://animaljamgoldfish.blogspot.com/2013/01/when-youre-feeling-all-alone.html

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Thanks breathless i was question 9 but i was embarassed to say my user :p
    i was just wondering cuz EVRYONE says he likes me and EVERYONE says we would be cute together and he texts me alot and we play xbox after school (thru xbox live so i can hear him) i dont think i like him i was just curiouse :P thanks again

  7. You know what Goldy, i think your ideas are coming back to you :) And maybe whenever you have writer's block again, you can do the Q&A again. Or, maybe sometimes you can post questions for us, and we can answer them in the comments :) Oh, and thanks for answering mine (#2)

  8. Breathless... D: I know what you said but...I'll email you - animaljamgoldfish@aol.com, check it!

  9. Yay! I can make one of my animals look like yours :D

  10. Yes, I love the questions! :)

  11. Lol yes do these more XD that one random one made me laugh XD

  12. Hi Breathless.

    I am having family problems. My parents want me to be a pianist, so they force me to practice the piano. I want to be... whatever I want to be! I have time to decide. I feel really pressurized. Also, I have personal problems and stress. I just do NOT know what to do. I want to tell you EVERYTHING,( that's how much I trust you and Feelers), but this is the Internet. You never know what might happened. Can you and Feelers please give me some advice?

    A loyal buddy of Breathless and Feelers,

  13. @psnr123
    My mom thinks I'm destined to be a great swimmer or something, so she sends me to the swim team in summer =\. It's like 20 degrees in that water =/. The first time I joined the swim team, mom told me when the umpire shot the starter pistol, I was supposed to start swimming. But apparantly, the starter gun only fired BLANKS. So I'm way more worried about if I'm gonna have a paralyzed brain or not then getting to the other side of the pool.

  14. Breathless I have a question
    I have a best friend who was really nice, well I have two best friends but whatever. So I guess our group is well, I don't want to feel like bragging but.. " the popular group" we constantly get blamed for bullying... I'm getting sidetracked. So one day she just starts sitting at the other side of the table, not hanging out with me etc. my other BF is coming home from the Bahamas rip tommorow... I wonder how she will react. I hope she is on my side.
    What should I do?

  15. I laughed at the question that asked "what the most ridiculous question was you ever got". Cx

  16. There is a guy on AJ (partyrocklove) who hunts me down to say stuff like "kicks Little of cliff no miss." Or "scratches little in face no miss." I think they do it cuz I reported them cuz I thought they were trying to be mean someone else, but I think it was fake mean.

  17. I don't like the awnser for Q.13. Why? Bc ur gonna hack inactive beta ppl. They may be inactive, but what if they come back on, see their items gone, find out it's you, and start hating on you? You wouldn't want someone to find their betas, rares, clothing, and furniture gone, with maybe half of the items left. And that half are all store boughts. :l


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