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Sunday, January 20, 2013

That Awkward Moment When You Fall In Love with an Item


Hey Jammers!
So boom, I had just made my post and you know at the bottom of my post where it shows other posts that "you may also enjoy"? Well, I saw a picture of myself as a bunny when I had a beta eyeball and I just had a flashback that went like this:

I had just gotten a sneaky, but amazing trade for this beta eyeball. I had lied to a good jammer that I didn't really know about the value of one of the items I had traded. I knew she would find out eventually and be mad at me, but I was too self-centered and happy about my beta eyeball that I didn't even bother to care. I immediately began changing my animals outfits to match the beta eye, and showing off to my best friends. I was so excited, this one of the special big items I had never had before. I had fallen in love, I felt so right in it, but yet my heart had felt so wrong for lying. I decided to enjoy the moment and go to a party to let everyone gasp and fangirl over my amazing item. I never wanted to take it off, I felt it was meant to be. I didn't know the dangers that would come down the road, dun dun duuuuunnn... (the rest of this story is for another post).

So yeah, I just had to let that out. Now, there's a big difference from ACTUALLY loving an item to just imagining/pretending you do. I'm sure most of you have heard me talk about how I once longed for a Solid blue top so badly, that I kinda stole it in a way, made a good friend quit, and got a lot of haters that wasn't even worth it in the first place. Nowadays, a lot of jammers that I see have the same dream that I once did. You know that feeling, when you make a big trade, and you are nervous to see if you actually like the item, and if you made a good trade? And then once you put it on, you're like "eehhhh... this thing isn't really my type..." or you're like "OMG I NEVER WANT TO TAKE THIS OFF IM NEVER TRADING IT EVAAAAR." Yeah, well, I've had plenty of those experiences. The only items that I've really ever fell in love with is my red leaf, red top hat,  beta eye, black worn, and grey spike. Almost all of them are gone now, and there's still a hole in my heart. </3 (dramatic lol)

I remember a few huge items that I've traded for, that I thought I would be in love with but I wasn't. My top three include my first Solid Blue top hat, a brown/redish worn, and the dark purple-ish worn (when they were rare). I had the solid blue for awhile, and I was kinda disappointed by the "feeling" of it, you know? I enjoyed my red top more. :/ I remember the first time I got my brown worn, it was a nightmare. I literally traded almost all my good rares for it, and I was embarrassed wearing it, and I didn't want too much attention, and I had like nothing left. I eventually traded back. But, I got it again later and I had more stuff, yet it still wasn't that great. When I traded for a purple worn, I only had for about 3 minutes, until I gave it away, but the "feeling" still wasn't that great.

I really shouldn't be using the term "falling in love" with an item, because that's just over-the-top. It's not really love with a pixel item, and a lot of people don't even know what love feels like in the first place. I'm just using it as a term that a lot of people throw around everyday in their communication, but what I really mean is 'liking an item a lot', if that makes any sense.

There's really a difference between falling in love with an item just for the attention you get, and how rare it makes you look, and falling in love with an item because you 'feel' great and confident in it. I remember the first time I started hanging out with the "rarer group of people" I was shocked to see that most of them wore some regular, everyday items that you could buy in Jam Mart Clothing on some of their animals. That's because they feel great and proud in them, and they look pretty cool, too. 
hay im a wolf
Gaaah.. this was kinda a pointless post, but I just wanted to rant and get my message out.
see ya later alligator



  1. XxDramaxX (lparents)January 20, 2013 at 2:06 PM

    Yay first comment. Goldy, i was wondering if you could make a post which was actually one of my personal experiences on AJ.
    Well, one of my friends saw i got on, and she went to me. I had a lot of rares, (i quit for a short amount of time, and then i wanted to trade my really rare stuff like the reindeer and jamaaliday bows for rare stuff, but when i got to my den to hang with my buddy again, she said, 'i thought you were my friend' and i said, 'we are.' then she just left. Unfriended me. Deleted me. That's how rares can get in the way of your friendship. The friend feels neglected, you feel rare, and they end up leaving when they're fed up.

    1. Ah, I remember when I got my blue spiked collar. I liked it a lot and would never trade it for another good color or good item. I liked it so much I'd put it on all my animals and show my friends. But I noticed that its not because of the looks that I liked it, it's because of the rarity that made me like it. I now only wear stuff that looks good but not of the items rarity.

  2. Replies
    1. Alligators and crocodiles are different animals...

    2. I don't think you understood what I meant by that.

  3. Goldy did you like the article i sent you??????

  4. Yeah, well I haven't had that happen to me, but I know exactly what you mean. I don't like how items and pathetic rares get in the way.... it makes me want to throw them all out a winder.

  5. Hmm... this post is similiar to what i have experienced. During the summer of 2012 i pretty much wasted my whole summer break by spending so much time on AJ. i was in the stage where i was going trade-crazy. So anyway, i really only wanted a worn because it was rare. I finally got a pink worn by trading 3 headdresses and a bow and arrow. I was so excited when i got it. I fell in love with it. I wore it everywhere. Then i started realize that i never really cared about how it looked. I mean, i like the color pink, but actually a worn blanket kinda looks like something a homeless person would wear. If worns were never rare, i would have never wanted one. Lots of people do this. They only trade for an item because its rare, not because of the looks. But now whenever i'm about to trade for something, i always see if the item i'm trading for is something that i REALLY want because of how it LOOKS, not because of the rareness.

    1. Same with me. :| I never wanted to stop trading or get off.

  6. Guys top hats are back!! in coral pathway click the tore and bam there tops

  7. i agree. if i saw someone kissing their top hat, i would be like O_O.... o-kay.....

  8. :')
    i love how ur not afraid to admit u "stole" items in the past,
    and i have never fallen in love with a item.
    if i ever got a spike i would probely trade it off in 5 days

    i used to be rare, but then i kept doing stupid tradez,
    legend for black bow (really regret that one)
    fox hat for 4 rare item monday rares
    and more

    also the stupidest thing i ever did

    i put my FAVORITE white fox hat on my nm player,
    then the next day i went on her -_-
    relized i had gaven out the pass to my cousin
    and the fox hat was gone.

    plz send may30girl10 fox hat i miss my white one ive only had 2 white fox hatz in my life D:

  9. i like dragon wings and mask (epic dragon mask) and it really is epic on mah croc :) i look just like a dragon :D also, i will say something. I shall not kiss a top hat O_O

  10. Hay im a wolf 2 :D XDDDD


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