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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Stories and Hi

Sorry, I haven't posted in JWT in a while, I thought that I was un-authored after I heard that JWT was closing, so I saw the e-mail and I'm back again, I still have some drafts but I'm really not done yet, so I'll tell stories made by some Jammers, and me.

Oh, this is me by the way;

[I saw this on Snowyclaw's blog, and yes, I did ask permission.]

The Forgotten Story
(Credits to JazztheKat)
Nobody remembered what had really happened after Zios and Mira disappeared in thin air. It was as if they never existed in this world...it was as if nothing terrible had happened against the two gods and the shamans. It was as if those tales of the mighty gods and shamans were all fake. Everything seemed... Forgotten. Or was it?
Sir Gilbert and his close brother like friend Greely were standing side by side as they were gazing up at the magnificent statue of their god... Zios. The statue was taking over half a year but it was worth it. There were jades, emeralds, diamonds and other precious stones stuck to the statue that was made with great detail. The statue itself was made of gold! The other shamans were off to work while these two were having a small break from their every day work and admired and relaxed the beautiful statue. Sir Gilbert was getting used to Greely, the wolf himself did indeed helped him defeat the phantoms when everything seemed it was about to end. The two got used to calling each other 'brother'. Gilbert smiled as he spoke, "The Statue is almost done, my brother. Soon enough the town will feast and have a big ceremony to honor Zios himself!" Greely didn't smile but you could tell that he was happy because from how happy his voice sound, "I am happy for the idea of the ceremony. It's strange how Mira and Zios never seem to visit us that much now...do you think I'm doing something wrong?" Gilbert smirked as he elbowed his best friend in the ribs playfully, "Don't worry. You're the shaman of the year! Zios chooses you for a reason!" Greely smiled sadly back at him friend...ever since he had joined the shamans it seemed like the gods had favorite him out of them all. He was worried about what the tiger would think...this was his fith year being the top shaman and Gilbert used to be the one who was top shaman before he came! But Sir Gilbert only seemed to smile as his white deadly teeth glisten like pearls. 
"The Statue is now...completed!" Peck announced as trumpets played their melody. The streets were filled with colorful candles and there were flowers and paper decorations in every corner of the land of Jamma. Everyone was wearing their best clothes and the scent of fresh food filled the summer sky. There was music, dancing, laughter, singing, clapping, stomping and any other sound you could think of going at once! The Shamans were enjoying themselves until they noticed it was about time for them to meet the two gods in the small statue of their goddess, Mira. It was another time for the Gods to choose who the next top Shaman was...and Greely noticed how his close friend Gilbert was acting so impatient. The shamans entered the small temple that held the statue of their goddess and they were greeted by an annoyed god and a quiet goddess. "You're late." Zios muttered as he stood before the shamans. The shamans frowned, their god didn't looked pleased even though they were having a ceremony just for him and his wife! They even spent over a year of their lives to build his own statue! The shamans were quiet as stone as Zios continued, "You fools spend over a year for a party! How foolish! I have created you all to make this world a safe and protected place! And look have what you done...spending one year of your precious time...FOR A STUPID PARTY?!" Everyone flinched from his words. Mira was frowning towards her husband from his actions but said nothing. Zios sigh as he walked towards Greely, "Greely, I have chosen you for a reason, my boy. You have disappointed me. As top shaman you should know your responsibilities! What have you been thinking?! My wife and I have chosen you from how smart you were! You should be ashamed of yourself! I should have ordered Gilbert to have you killed back in the temples when he had first meet you..."Greely stood his ground as the god slowly walked back towards hi wife. The god continued to say terrible things about the wolf shaman and even pushed him to the ground once or twice to humiliate him from his failures! He didn't say a word for he knew if he spoke he would get in more trouble. "All of you disappointed me. You all are an example of selfish animals that only think about partyin-!" "Stop!" Everyone turned and faced Gilbert. The tiger had enough of being lectured by the god and yowled, "If you hadn't noticed, my lord, we have been working our tails off to protect this city! We were making the statue to honor of you creating us all! We were having a feast and party to celebrate after all our hard work and to celebrate you two! And this is how to repay us?! Spitting at us and telling my brother that I should have KILLED him?! I believe we should have just never celebrated for you...you rude...I can't even say the words! You are not even a god to me now!" Zios immediately threw the tiger away from him, making Gilbert crash and fall to the floor emotionless. Even though Zios was known to be all creation...he was not the nicest. He was strong and he was seen cold heart ed in the outside just to protect the animals he cared for...it was for his own people's good. He needed to look strong in the outside so his enemies would not attack his people that easily! Problem was, through this technique the god himself was growing colder and colder and even his kind wife couldn't even stop him from growing powerful and meaner. Sir Gilbert began to fight Zios...a god! Zios was impressed by how strong the tiger became from just from a little cub. Even the god had trouble fighting off the half god tiger. All the shamans were half gods but Sir Gilbert seemed the strongest! There were clashes of blades and claws and bits of blood fell to the ground. There were screams and shouts and Zira tried to stop the two but got knocked out herself from one of the god's big heavy wings. The other shamans tried to stop Gilbert from how much he was hurting the god...but it was no use for the tiger was so concentrated to much to their horror...on killing the god! After the long battle the temple itself was crashed into pieces with the god and half god's attack moves. And soon enough the god was killed, the ceremony came to a canceled and to Mira's horror Gilbert ordered the animals to destroy the statue. Mira was silent for the whole entire time as she watched the animals knock down the statue. Several of the jewels flew off to other worlds the animals had not yet discovered and those stones are know known as today the spirit stones which would bring new animals if an animal finds them. All the animals were sad and depressed from their god's death and many hated Gilbert.Mira was still silent and didn't visit the animals that much from then but did not bring in any revenge but cried tears of sadness and hatred. These tears created the creatures that we now know as phantoms today. Before the day of chaos ended Greely turned to look at her close friend and asked quietly, "Why have you killed Zios? He was our god!" Gilbert only answered him plainly, "You are a loyal friend, Greely. You care and respect all animals of Jamma. And I believe you are not worth treated terribly like how Zios treated you in the temple. We don't deserve a god who has a cold heart." "But he...!" "Cosmo had a vision. He told me that he saw Zios destroying all of us...he killed you painfully the most. If I had not killed Zios you would sooner or later be dead and same for the other animals. It was for our own good. I know I have done one of the most terrible things in history and really, I do not care if I am seen as a bad animal...for I knew I did it for the animals that I care and love. And also," The tiger turned to face the wolf and smiled sadly, "You are my close friend, Greely. And I do not want you to be treated that way and get killed."

The End

The next one is a story that I made, it was for an RP blog.
Sunrisen's Life

It was a lovely day at Jamaa, the most famous, fiercest and brave family had celebrated, The Gekkō Family, they were very nice and very rich, they celebrated with the rich and poor, they help the needy, and gave almost half of the whole Jamaa to other kingdoms, they let others live in there huge castle..

One Day, the lovely family's queen, Kerma, was going to have a baby! Oh what a wish come true, it was Sunrisen! In the spirit world, Sunrisen was preparing, "Oh, I don't know, what if I'll be tortured and no one will like me?" Sunrisen asked to her beast friend, Sunseat, "It'll be o.k., believe on what you believe in and it will be...." Just before she could finish her sentence, Sunrisen was born! "Oh what a beautiful baby she is!" Said Queen Kerma, "We will name her Sunrisen, for she is born in the Sunrise! We will celebrate!" Said King Pearl.

That night, five fairies were invited, well, the other couldn't find her invitation because the invitation flew out the window when the mailman delivered it. The four fairies went to the castle and left the other one alone, there names were Thern, Ferl, Erla, and Blu, the one left out was Jewel. Sunrisen was blessed with Beauty, Strength and Bravery, just before Blu could bless her, Jewel went inside and said "How dare thee not letting me to join thy celebration! For a punishment, this very castle shall be burned by a dragon on her eighteenth birthday! Everyone will be asleep and the dragon will burn the place!" and disappeared quickly. "My king and queen," Said Blu, "I cannot reverse the spell, but I may be able to bless her not to be killed." and the King and Queen stopped worrying. They sent nights to kill all the dragons they saw.

Sunrisen was beautiful, strong, and brave, she was adored by many people. She was nice to everyone!

On her eighteenth birthday..
"There's fire! Everyone wake up!" I said, "Mama! Papa! Please wake up!" I screamed to my parents, I had to go out, outside a dragon was waiting. I got a sword and shield and went outside, "Dragon! I will slay thee! I shall not let ye get away! I will seek revenge for burning my home, and my pure treasure! I will slay you for killing my Family!" I jumped on it's back and put my sword on it's neck, it screeched a deafening "Argh!" and went down down down... Until..


"I killed it. I did it. I am the only survivor and the last descendant of the Gekkō Family.. I am now Alone.." I thought, I walked millions and millions of miles telling everyone it was me, but they didn't believe me. They thought I was a poor girl dressed up as a knight to get money. I told them because I was lonely and I needed someone to accompany me.

I thought about it under a tree, "My life is ruined, I'm dead, This is just wrong! Oh Sunseat, I thought my life will be O.k.!" I cried to the heavens while crying. "this is it, I cannot handle anymore! I give up!" I told myself putting my paws on my face. Then, a white thing went into my ear saying "I am Zelda, your spirit fairy, I am now your fairy, and I have something to tell you, Be of good cheer, you are a survivor, you lived, don't give up hope now, I know a castle near here where you can stay, It is owned by Queen Peppy Roil, you can ask her if you can stay there, so don't give up now, you can do it. Believe on what's right and never give up hope. That's what Sunseat told you after you left." I agreed with the Fairy, Zelda, and now Here I am. Living and believing and never giving up hope.

The End

I will be adding more stories soon, when I have enough time. So, have fun and Jam on!



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    1. breathless, instead of Jamaa you spelt it 'Jamma' in one of the paragraphs. Thanks :)

  2. O.M.G. The first story i read was the BEST STORY EVER! I loved it! Sooo creative! (i never knew zios was so mean lol) I can see you beocming a future author someday :)



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