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Friday, January 18, 2013

So... Hi!

Hi. I am one of the new authors, my username is MisterChunkybuddy. According to Breathless I am on testing mode, so i suppose this is my test post. So this is me on AJ:
I am Spanish and I live in Spain, I have been on AJ since November 2010 and I´ve been blogging for about a year or so.
So I am supposed to post something to the style of JWT, Breathless said. Maybe made up AJ legends? I have only writen two, but If I become a definite author in this blog then I will do loads more. Note: These are fictional stories invented by me, based on the characters by AJHQ. So here they go:
How Liza became an alpha
Once, in a big family of pandas in the middle of a bamboo forest, a panda bear was born. From her birth everybody knew she was very special. Her name was Liza.As she grew up, Liza had so many adventures. She kept bugging her friends to go to explore, and one day she managed to persuade them to go on a hike to the mountain. Five pandas packed all the things they needed to go for the day, and at last when they were ready, they started walking. And walking. And walking, and walking, etc. They stoped for a drink and a snack, and then continued walking. They arrived to a river and stoped again to play in the floating logs, relax their paws in the cool, transparent water and eat some more food. (Pandas eat a lot). Then they walked some more and suddenly came to a rocky wall, almost vertical. Now, pandas are big animals with big paws, so climbing is almost imposible for them. but Liza was too adventure loving and brave to let a rocky wall stop her. So she took out from her bag a thick rope, tied it to a tree and the other side to her waist, and started climbing and climbing until she managed all the way to the top. She called to her friends to climb up with her, using the side of the rope that she had taken up with her to avoid falls. Not very convinced, three of her friends decided to have a go climbing up with her. But one of them was to scared so he decided to stay behind waiting for the others to come back. So all the others climbed the wall to get were Liza was. After that they continued the hike walking through a plain meadow and suddenly came to a river. It was a giant river with tremendous waves striking towards the shore. Was Liza scared? Not a bit. She kept calm. ``Arent you scared?´´ asked one of the three remaining pandas with her? ``What we have to do is to wade through it, but we need a fallen log´´ said Liza. So they looked around an soon found a suitable one. They dragged it to the shore and eventually they got it like a bridge. Liza entered the river and started wading through the rapids holding tightly to the log. She finally came to the other side. ``Come on´´ she called to her friends. ``It is easy´´. And although one of them was too scared to try, the other two made it. They walked and walked until they came to a very steep hill. But that definetly wasn´t a problem and they all managed to do it really easily. But behind the hill there was a huge forest. The trees covered the sky. It was dull and dim and full of cobwebs. But Liza didn´t give up and started going forwatd. Her two friends followed her. And, after a while, one of Liza´s friends gave up and decided to go back home. So the two remaining fellows continued. They realized that they were going upwards. So, at last, they came out of the forest. They were at the top of the mountain! ``Yay!´´ cheered Liza. ``We made it!´´ But suddenly there was a great beam of golden light. Terrified, Liza´s friend ran away. But Liza stayed calm, until the beam of light took shape. ``Who are you?´´ asked Liza. ``I am Zios, the sky father.´´ the figure awnsered. ``What do you want from me?´´ asked Liza. ``I have made a world called Jamaa´´. Zios awnsered. ``It has many lands, and we are looking for animals to enjoy it. We think you could be one of them.´´ ``Ok´´ awnsered Liza. So she was taken to the magical land of Jamaa, and met Mira. ``This is the land you have beeen asigned´´ said Mira. ``Decorate it however you want´´. But it was very late, so Liza just made a quick hut in the middle of a bamboo forest in her land and went to sleep. The next morning, when she woke up she started thinking about her land. She decided it should be a township with lots of fun for animals to meet new friends. So she made Jamaa Township and put in it a special statue in honour of Mira.

How Cosmo became an alpha
One day, a brown koala was born in an eucalyptus forest very, very far away. His fur was entirely shades of brown, unlike all the grey koalas in his family. During a small period of time, the koala was in his mothers poach. (Koalas are marsupials.) But he wasn´t there for long. He was far too active, full of energy, and cheerful to be still and asleep for 20 hours a day like most koalas do. All the other koalas called him Cosmo because he was always doing something, he stayed awake during the night and his eyes glittered and sparkled like the stars. He loved eating, and because he ended up becoming tired of eating eucalyptus leaves, one day he decided to become a herbalist and discover what other things he could eat. And he found lots of plant with many different utilities. He discovered lots of medicines, teas, insect repelents...
As Cosmo grew up, he became really famous for his encyclopedic knowdlege of of all the plants and herbs. He wrote lots of books about plants and became a teacher. He didn´t show books to his students, but he did love to take them to do a field research. During many years, animals of all kinds from all the different places in the world came to him.
All this was watched by Zios, the Sky Father, and Mira, the Sky Mother. they both agreed that Cosmo had something special. So one day, Zios transformed into a brown koala and came to him. At the time, Cosmo was collecting some flowers to dry and make a perfume, when Zios came to him. ``You are brown!´´ Cosmo said. ``Just like me!´´. ``You have something special, Cosmo. ``Zios said. ``We have been watching you. There´s a spark inside you. Come with me´´. So Cosmo followed him, a bit confused. They reached a clear, sunny place, in the middle of the forest. Cosmo looked at his partner, and suprisingly he had changed! He wasn´t a brown koala anymore, but a golden sun blinding bright. ``You have what we need a shaman to have, Cosmo. This is the magic world of Jamaa. This is called Sarepia Forest, and it will be your land. Make sure to make it enjoyable and educational.´´ Than a big blue bird with a magical look came to them. ``He is Zios, the Sky Father.´´ she said. ``I am Mira, the Sky mother. We created the world of Jamaa, our materpiece. We are picking shamans to make it perfect. Please help us look after it and keep it away from dark forces´´. And Zios and Mira flew away. Cosmo was atonished. He climbed the highest tree and went to sleep.
The next morning he woke up and started remembering all that had happened. He looked at the forest and started to work on it. He made a wooden platform wth slides, staircases and fences. On it he placed games and two huts that would later become the flag shop and Theater Lobby. He even put little lights all over the trees, ad mostly filled his land with all sorts of flowers, herbs and mushrooms. Creating was fun! In the end, Cosmo made a fire pit. He lighted it with some very special plants and you can convoque Mira if you dance next to it.

So hoped you liked that! I hope I can become a definite author so I can do much, much more!


  1. Cool! Welcome Mister!

  2. Wow awesome stories! I hope you can make more! You seem like a good author. It must be an honor to get to work on this blog lol. I hope you have fun here!

    1. Mr. Chunkybuddy, you do the `` things wrong. They're not supposed to be like that, they're supposed to be like this " not ``. You're pressing the wrong button, the real button is actually above the question mark, and you press shift while making the " marks. Sorry, but you're doing it wrong!

    2. Oh, also you spelled answered wrong. You spelled it like awnswered, not 'answered.' Check your grammar. Sorry!

    3. Also, you spelled assigned wrong. You spelled it like 'asigned'. XD i sound like a jerk after all the comments i made....

    4. @ XxDramaxX

      Well Mister Chunkybuddy said he was Spanish, so he may spell things differently...

    5. Sorry, I am so used to writting in Spanish that sometimes I make mistakes or do Spanglish. (A mixture between Spanish and English). Thanks for the advice!

    6. XxDramaxX- I appreciate you helping MisterChunkyBuddy out, lol. But it's okay that he puts ` instead of " just as long as theirs something around the quotes. :D Yes, words are spelled differently in different countries, and there are typos too.

      Chunky- Great job! I'm glad you got my little note, lol. Please email me with a picture and a little description of yourself, like Feelers, so I can add you to the sidebar! Thanks again!

    7. I wont be looking at this blog too often because Kinonga joined my blog and she really is not friends with you. Sorry breathless... By the way I tried to get MisterChunkyBuddy on my blog

    8. By the way again nice post MisterChunkyBudy


  4. I'm Spanish too! Well I'm from Peru and part Spanish. :P Anyway you write very nice. And nice story by the way! -SpinnerDolphin

  5. Congrats on being chosen for an author, MisterChunkybuddy! Your stories are amazing! :3

  6. Welcome to the blog. :)

  7. If you have time..I'd love to have you as a author on my blog as well! Check it out! :)

    (Anyone can be a author because I believe everyone deserves to speak their truth)



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