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Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Hiiiiii. c:
Yeah, I want top hats to come out!
They are like the only good, main, rare left except for beards, but not many people have beards. 
I don't want top hats to come out just because they look so cool, and they're my dream item, blah blah blah. No. I've had every single color of top at least 5 times, and most likely about 40 different individual top hats. They get boring after awhile, trust me. Currently I own 6, and I'm sick of them!

I want them to come out, because I think it will be better for AJ. Many, many, many people have top hats. More then you think. Everyone says, "I see top hats all around I'm the only who doesn't have one but I'm not rare enough to get one :( whaaaa". You see them all around? That's because they are WAAAAY more common then you think! They are just overrated because they were in Beta days, they are a pretty noticeable, stylish, head item that is accented very well on bunnies and wolves.

Also, I think it would be a good wake up call for AJ. It would say yeah, rares do come out, bad things happen, don't get too attached to your items, because it's just an accessory on a VIRTUAL animal! Ohmyzios, wake up to reality people! o: I think if top hats came out, it would show everyone's true colors. I bet a lot of people would quit, because they would say, "I've spent x amount of time on this game, working so hard for this, and it's all gone!" You didn't see me complaining when my freedom wings came out, did you? Nope. I stayed, I didn't make it a big deal, I still wear them occasionally even though they are 'unrare' now, they are still special to me.

Whoever would quit because top hats came out, I guess they didn't really matter anyways, and they didn't care about their friends, because apparently their friends aren't important enough to stay. Oh, you don't have any friends? Tell that to your 80-100 buddies on your friends list. (On average, I would think a typical jammer has at least 80 buddies) Oh, they aren't your true friends? But you spend a good amount every day, or even weekly with them, and they are nice to you, and that's not a friend? I'm sorry if it seems like they don't care about you, you can't have too high of expectations for an online friend, and I promise you, someday you will find at least one true friend. ;)

And I'll be there, I'll be there when top hats come out. I'll be that one hidden jammer in a room full of whiners, I'll be smirking, thanking whichever employee had the glorious idea to bring top hats out. And I'll attend all my 'friends' quitting parties, who are quitting because they aren't rare anymore, I'll pretend that I will miss them, I'll pretend I'll care, I'll pretend that they were my only good friend and they can't leave me alone on this 'awful' game, but in reality, I won't care. Because apparently our friendship, or any of your other friends friendship, didn't matter, and rares mattered more.

With top hats coming out, it will leave others to creativity. Either still trade for the small amount of rares left, or actually use their imagination and explore animal jam facts, play some mini games with friends, make a cool den, collect sorta rare items, find other friends, maybe even finally complete some of those journey book pages? Who knows. 

Anyways, kinda short post, just thought I'd let ya know my opinion. 


  1. Hmmm -thinks- Top Hats SHOULD come out.

  2. Agreed! I understand, and agree, with what your saying. It's exactly why I said worns should come out, then I said my reason, which was they intimidate other jammers into thinking they're not rare, and everyone started ganging up on me. And guess what. They all had worns!


    Ok, that's why I despise most rare people.
    Hey, I said most!


    1. I'm what some people would like to call "rare" even tho I don't care about them and get annoyed when people call me "rare" I'm really nice and i'll give you a free item if your feeling depressed that you can't get an item. Feel free to add me!

  3. It's all about Obama! Lol sorry

  4. So true, they just almost care about rares. Rares are pixelated items made by adults. Everyone needs chances. Newbies who DON'T have the -rare item here- so that they can a chance to get it. I used to have a Blue and Gold Hat and wig (When they were 'rare') and when I got scammed. I didn't cry out my life. (O.k. I admit I did cry a little), but I went over it. But I didn't Quit.

    And P.s. I voted to Romney :) (My Opinion)

  5. Can't belave that Jammers quit just because that rares came out! Animal jam was not made for rares! It was made to make friends and learn about animals :D :P
    So yea...
    Thanks for reading?

  6. I don't think I'd leave , if rares ( tops ) came back .. I give away rares every day.. Just yesterday a random bunny was cryin .. No one would trade her tail armor.. The items she had to offer where not very good so no one would trade

    So I told her come here .. Away from everyone ( so I could click her tag) and. Then sent her a pink tail and pink dragon glove ..

    1. You nust be super nice! I got hacked 2 days ago of all my rares. I realy miss the rara rino helmet and my rare wings. :'(

      - vinter303

  7. I have had this urge to tell people to go ahead and quit when I hear "I'm quitting when X comes back" or "I'm quitting since I was scammed for my X".

    Go ahead and leave with that attitude. :|

    Last time I checked, Animal Jam is for friends and learning, not collecting hats.

  8. I TOTALLY agree Breathless!! Since I was hacked all my rares, I managed to get 10 new items back from AJ HQ. Those 10 items are now out in Sky High, and I really don't care. They just look cool. Normally I'd wear my worns LOADS more but I HATE it when people are like "Ooooh! You have all colour worns! What for it?! What for them?!" etc. And I'm not rare AT ALL unless you count those now-in-Sky-Hight items. There's only one rare item, no, make that 2 (sorta) rare items that I want now. I want a tan carpet as mine was hacked. And I want my 35 scarecrows back!! DX If anyone looking at this comment has either of those items for trade, what for them PLEASE? (I'd trade 2 pirate (nm) swords for a tan?) Sorry if this makes my comment sound like a whining trading only comment, it wasn't meant to be.


    1. I have a Tan Carpet! :)


    2. OMG, nobody cares.

    3. That is so cruel anonymous.and also, what are talking about hating on
      people? You could state ur opinion other ways, be positive.

    4. Anon 1 and 2, Anon 1, don't say things like that, she/he is saying something. Gosh. Anon 2, you could have responded to anon 1 in a kinder way! =3=

  9. I agree breathless! This is kinda like an old post lol


  10. Ha, I wished they'd come out. A black top hat is one of the only rares I actually WANT, it's so "stylish"

  11. You are so true! I mean animal jam is about learning animals and the world around you and to make friends and just "jam on"! But now its all about ITEMS AND RARES!!! Really?!?!?! Yeah i have items, but i don't go running around saying "I'm not rare so I'm quitting" And yes its true, I'm not rare at all. But i really don't care and people will hate me because I don't have tops and all that which again i really don't care. Anyways yeah i just want tops and ALL the rare items to come out. Many people will think now when they come out, they won't have the looks and the awes like they are now. I think they are cool item, but i don't drool when i see one and annoy the person to death saying GIVE ME IT!
    Sorry this comment is all out of topic and crazy, but I'm a crazy person so what do you expect XD

  12. ya i'd love for top hats to come out! that would be awesome. The only rare I think people should get upset over (not quit over) (I wasnt upset) was when the headdress came out as a monday rare. but it only sold for one day, so I guess its ok. And they only sold one color. But if they bring them out again, I know a lot of people I know would be pissed off.

  13. I want Founders to come out and hopefully for NM too (^-^)/

  14. Breathless, If your sick of tops why don't you give them away to unrare jammers like myself? ~Shadowwolf114

  15. Okay then, if you say so. But what you are so clueless to, is that breathless and everyone else grow stronger with each hater they get. If you ask me, A hater is someone that likes you and wants to be like you. So I suggest you watch yourself, cause your gonna have no friends, and be FOREVER ALONE. :) kthxbai ~Anakin1190

  16. top hats came out today :)

  17. Heya, I think 99% of jammers like Julian2 would crash if they come out. Not hating, Just pointing that out. ~Dark <3


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