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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Some people just don't learn their lesson about Plagiarizing

Note: She removed her blog 

Hey everyone!
In my last post, I mentioned how MagicDream had a blog that copied my blog, which she took down.
Well guess what, It's back up! It's been up for about a week now, and I've warned her, and so have my friends. 
Well, let's spin back in time before I start talking about her current blog. Months ago, back in May, her old blog, "Magic797's blog" (That was her old username) was plagiarizing my and snowyclaw's blog! I posted about this TWICE on my old blog, Animal Jam Freedom and I mentioned how this act is called plairgiazing and IS ILLEGAL and I even showed the copyrights that Snowyclaw and I have on the bottom of our blogs! If you would like to see the posts, you can CLICK HERE and CLICK HERE.

Here are the most important parts from the posts:


(Sheriff Badge and a Blog Copying Update)

Well, first of all I think this blog copying has ended- as far as plagiarizing.
For those of you who don't know what plagiarizing is, here is a better definition then I could ever give provided by dictionary.com:

(When searching that, it linked to the real word which is plagiarism)

Which I DO have rights to my blog, and COPYRIGHTED as you guys who actually scroll down to the bottom of my blog can see:

So does snowyclaw.....Which brings me to my next point.
Magic797 has decided to copy-and-paste SNOWYCLAW's Posts now! (Still using the same exact format as my blog although..)

Snowyclaw posted this first... I even have proof:
At 12:22PM

Then Magic797 posted this:


Wow, now read the last enlarged picture.
She says she could care less and that I only want to start a fight. Well, it seems that she doesn't.
A few days ago I commented on everything she copied and how so.
She copied my iPod Nano down to the exact color - light blue.
Now it's changed to hot pink XD
Also, thanks for being so supportive everyone - but please don't be too mean.
I don't hang with mean people, I can guarantee you that.
I just have very supportive readers ^-^ 
You think I won't stop my blog? Oh, please. I will screen record me doing it if you want, if you keep this plagiarizing up.
Well, I'm not going to be posting anything more about this since it's getting a little too personal for the blog. Unless she starts copying-and-pasting my posts again..then I have a right to fine her.
Please tell snowyclaw about this too, as their about of this now. Snowy is my buddy, so I will tell snowy that too.
(Serious Update- Please Read)
 I cannot Believe how Magic797 keeps copying my blog. Here is a link to her blog.
Her blog looks more like the old style of freedom, but that's exactly why I changed it.
Here is a list of all the ways she copied my blog:

  • The Old Background (Stars) She said she would change it after I made her banner, and she did for a day but then switched it back.
  • The tabs style and font. (Thats why the font went back to it's old style after the update)
  • If you look, she exactly copied and pasted her Update post from 5/10 from mine, only leaving out a few things and adding in a few from my Update post.
  • She copied my poll that was my first and that i've always had from January 2011, What is your favorite animal? (That's why all the animals aren't listed)
  • She copied my iPod Nano app and the Jammer of the Week poll idea right after I added them
  • Every time I add a new page, she copies it and Copys and pastes what I have written on there.
  • Her Jammer of the week intro copied mine.
  • ^ Same with the 'Ask Magic Page'
  • ^Copied my exact scammers list
  • ^Copied my 'Contest page' intro word for word.
  • ^And my 'FAQs' page intro.
We have had some other issues going on, so that's why I made her a banner. She then wasn't that appreciative, and kept asking for advantage of. Now she asked me how to make a signature like mine, and so on and so forth. Now for mainly this reason and some others,
Because the only way to stop copiers is for them having nothing to copy, right?
I don't really ask you to do anything, but be aware of my reasoning. If you want to help, you could ask her to stop in comments on her blog. I have asked her many times, she said she would but she only changed the background and a day later changed it back.
 So yeah, those are my old posts that had completely good reasoning. She started posting a lot about me on her blog, and this didn't really get resolved until 2 months later when she finally removed her blog. 
But guess what?! She's plargiarzing again!
 Yes, with her new blog "Animal Jam Life", click here to see it. She put it back up after she scammed Imperative, which you can scroll down to one of my old posts to read about. I guess she thinks that people won't hate on her cause she's "rare" now.

Just by looking at her blog, you can see that she's copied the basic structure of my blog. Yeah, anyone who works with blogger can use this template, so it's not considered illegal plagiarizing,  just copying. Then you can see that she's copied my bright letters on black backgrounds idea, which yeah, anyone can do, so it's considered copying. She has the "meet the authors" thing in the same area as I do, with images. She has the "search this blog" in the same place I do, too. She stole the images from my sidebar, and placed them on her sidebar too. I got them from Sheesh4's Animal Jam Insiders and I have mentioned credit to her in my past posts, even though we don't own the images, Animal Jam does. So it's considered copying. She has the "Quotes" in the same place I do, too.. which irks me a lot. Anyone can do that, and she didn't copy my quotes directly, so it's copying. (I asked these people their permission to use their quotes on my blog) She also has the scrolling text in the same spot I do, which is considered copying because yes, I did a 'How-to' post on how to do that, but it bugs me how it's just like mine, and just adds to the factors that she's copying.

But look at the top of the blog.
The tabs read, "Home - About Us - Post Requests - Lessons of Jamaa - Rarity Scan - Ask Us? - Truth Is?"
Sounds a bit familiar, doesn't it? Well let's explore a bit further. Click here to visit her "Lessons of Jamaa" page. I created up the term, "Lessons of Jamaa" with my own brain, I didn't steal it from someone else, and no, I don't have a patent on it, but I do have copyright rights on my blog, all blogger blogs do. She seems to have "Episodes" instead of specific numbered posts.. and they all follow the basic themes that mine do. Admitting you scammed before, Losing friends to rares, and one is actually about me. I've posted about her, yes, but I don't recall doing anything to harm her. Sure, I've been a little harsh before, as some of you have witnessed in my recent posts and comments, which I did apologize for. But yeah, everyone can be a bit rude at times. I've never plagiarized her past posts, have I? I think not.

Now let's move to Magic's "Rarity Scan" page. Yes, I did make up the term "Rarity Scan" with my own brain, I didn't steal it from anyone else. First off, I don't mean to sound like a bragger or be cocky, but I don't think she should be writing these kind of posts. She hasn't had a whole year of experience with rares, like I have, and right now is the rarest she's got (3 Average Top hats) by SCAMMING. I don't mean to brag, but I don't think jammers should be trusting her with trading advice, I already feel uncomfortable telling trading advice. >.< Now, scroll down. It seems she's done the same sort of thing I have, and has covered the same items I have, using the same pictures I did. Last time when I called her out on plagiarizing, she copied and pasted snowyclaw and I's exact posts. This time, she used the information that I generated, and just reworded it. Props to her for being clever, but if this was an actual blog that had millions of views everyday, and wasn't about a virtual game, I would most likely take her to court and file a lawsuit against her, and most likely win. (Just sayin'.)

She has the same "Ask Us?" page idea. MANY blogs do this, so I'm not too concerned. Yet, it does add to the list of similarities between her blog and mine.

She does have a "Truth Is?" page. But, it's not the same idea as mine. Mine talks about my past, all the mistakes I've made, and how I became who I am. But her page talks about the truths of other jammers. So far, it only has one post about her best friend, and how amazing she is. But I'm guessing she's most likely gonna post about some jammers that piss her off, so I'm excited to see what she writes about me on this page.  I find this revolting. I'm just gonna speak what I personally think about this. I don't think it's her job to post about how awful and how many other mistakes other jammers have done. I post about other jammers, and what happened between us, but I don't post about them just to make myself look better. I post about them to show what I've learned, what I've experienced, and what I've taken away from it, and hopefully it can help my readers be better jammers. Society is already SUPER judgmental nowadays, and no one likes it that way, yet we are society, and we do naturally judge other people because we're human, but this is just getting insane. And I can't believe it's happening on a scrony game like Animal Jam. If you don't like someone, you can debuddy them and block them, and with all the servers and lands and rooms we have, you most likely won't see them for a few weeks. And who cares if you do see them, and they act b*****y towards you? You report them, go to a different room, to your locked den, and they don't even matter. They most likely live hundreds of miles away from you, and unless you have told them your name, phone number and address (which I hope you didn't) then you have nothing to worry about.

Whoa, that last paragraph got off-topic.
Anyways, some of my friends were reacting to her copying my blog again, and here is what they had to say:

Magic is doing it again. Copying Goldy's blog and what she does. Like every single time. She thinks forgiveness for her "mistake" would be great for her. How is scamming a mistake? You did it on purpose. If you want to fix your "mistake", then give the tops back. You even said you were going to give one back. But you never did. Cause all you cared about is the rares. You did it to all of us. Copying her blog to make you seem like you know what you're talking about. Religion isn't a part of a mistake. Keep it in chruch. You're not a true Jammer, and you'll never be one. Forgiveness isn't going to help you for scamming. You could just give them back and get your own rares like how everyone else did it. Unlike you, Imp was giving the top because she cares about her friends. She top me that you said to Sebrina that you weren't even gonna give back a top. Wow. I would've given everything back by now. You started the drama. I did not start anything about it. She's just telling how you shouldn't be treated like nothing happened at all. You're ingreatful for what you did, can't get your own rares. I can't belive you would do this either.  Maybe be a jammer and actually give them back to her. And then you can be treated like you always have been. Cause right now you deserve nothing from anyone. I don't know how you keep doing this. No one should trust you by now.

(Note: She does use a lot of crude language.. )

Dear magical b****,
Get the f*** off her blog. Nobody likes you. Stop plagiarizing, you know it's illegal. You dont want to be caught doing illegal stuff do you? I mean come on, are you seriously that desperate to get attention? Are you really that uncreative to where you cant make up your own blog posts? Are you seriously that stupid?You are an immature 12 year old who doesnt give a f***. Just wait until everyone on AJ turns their backs on you, saying "hey look we got a b***** up in here!" with a sarcastic tone. I personally think you should back the f*** off and stop stealing. You do you know stealing/plagurising is illegal, right? Or are you just that retarded? I seriously think you should go back to third grade and learn about what illegal things can throw you into jail.
I don't know about you, but I do know one thing: what you're doing now can seriously affect your future. Lets start off with you stealing s*** off of her blog. Now, lets look at your future in high school. All you will be doing, while some get educated and others talk about who had s** with who, who's smoking p**, etc, you, on the other hand, will be stealing from your local stores. You do realize you go to jail for that.. right? I know stealing off the internet and putting it as your own page may not seem like a big deal to you, but it really is.
Long story made short, just stop plagiarizing before you end up doing this but in more severe ways, and you end up in jail, and then nobody will like you.

If she really is a true christian and she really wants to be forgiven than she should give back what she traded it for.

So yeah, that's pretty much all I have to say. All I know is that I'm sick of all this drama with her, I even gave Imperative my own Striped blue top to try and make her feel better.

That's all for now!



  1. Hmm I clicked the link to her new blog Animal Jam Life and it said it was removed. On Merriam Webster, the definition of plagiarize is to steal or pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one's own: use (another's production) without crediting the source. So if Magic just stated her sources, this wouldn't have happened. The US law says that original ideas are protected by copyrights laws as long as the idea is recorded like in a book/online. Plagiarism is ILLEGAL! Wait so she is a Christian? I like your gif at the end :)

    1. Yes, she is a Christian, and yes she did delete our blog.
      And also, I also LOVE the gif of Niall Horan C:

  2. If Magicdream loved to write she wouldn't copy other's things. I just read an excerpt of a post before she removed her blog again and thats what she said. She also stated that she will quit around Christmas time. At least we will finally get some peace here.

    1. She said this before and came back, friend. I don't think she will quit.

    2. Anonymous, be on the lookout for her. Just Sayin'

    3. Actually, she said she was going to quit this time.

    4. AG, she told Cair she was going into hiding. She's not quitting at all. She's just gonna do it again so she can become rare, cause that is all she wants.

    5. I know right? Plus she's cyberbullying so technically that's illegal, and you can be put into juvy for it. If you hadn't learned what cyberbullying is too, look it up!

  3. I think she's a total b****, or I think she's a feeler. Definition of feeler: (O.k., this is my classmate's definition!) A person who thinks will happen or something that they thought they own but is not their's. Example: There is going to be an earthquake! I will have 3 iPads! I own 53 iPhone 4s! I will be the ruler of the world! O.k., so I seriously think that MagicDream thought that she'll be a super famous person. But, nope, well yes in her Magic797 Blog, but truly in the heart, she ain't famous. Ugh, she's like my Classmate who's a TOTAL 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 % Feeler. She thinks she'll be the most famous person in class, turns out, she's only known by Grade 6 and Grade 5 and our class, Me, I'm known in Highschool, college, Grade 6, Grade 5, Grade 3, Grade 1 or 2 and my class, Grade 4. Look at the difference. I'm the rank 15th popular person in whole school. I wish everyone could stop copying, I also have a Lessons of Jamaa KIND of Post, But I call it Lessons to remember, if I am copying it, Please forgive me. But I don't do a really large list of copies. I make my own and understand what I need to post. So yes.


    1. It's okay, it's just one post, and it doesn't even have the same name as mine. xD

    2. I'm going to make more post, but of course, it won't be the same as yours, I'll make my own, not like yours. I don't wanna go to jail! :3


  4. omg i have to read this after school rofl i ain't got time to read this extremely super duper extra mega long post X3

    1. ok im gonna start reading this now... it may take a year or two XD

  5. Whos that dude on the gif??

    1. I believe it is One Direction. I suggested Goldie to put it there cause it was true.

    2. Woo!! Yea, it's Niall Horan from One Direction. THANK YA FOR REQUESTING IT!! I-TOTALLY-LOVE-1D :D
      ~AG*Le Directioner*

    3. WOOP! IT'S NIALL! :D

  6. Thanks for the post, goldy! Btw, i like the gif at the end too! Keep posting!!!!!
    P.S. thats my user on AJ...

    1. The dude in the gif is Niall Horan from One Direction..

      I LOVE 1D!
      If only it was Harry Styles AND Niall Horan, boy that would be aweshum!!
      I SEE UR LAPTOP HAS BEEN FIXED! Woop-te-do mine just broke down ;I

    3. oh now i recognize him ;p

  7. OMG I FREAKIN HATE MAGICDREAM AFTER I READ THIS POST!!! (sorry for capz but im really pizzed off at magic lol). Omg she is the laziest person EVER! Being a scammer is being lazy, and plagiarizing is being lazy too. You know how? Read this quote that I found on Bre's quotes list.

    Scamming is a lazy way to collect hard earned rares, be persistent, don't scam, but jam!"~ Goofy8966

    Yes Goofy8966, i totally agree! Scammers don't even TRY trading. Plus, they can really hurt other people's feelings. It makes them feel ripped off because they worked so hard for that item(s) and then basically it gets stolen by the scammer. Plagiarizing is also being lazy too, because from XRawrX's comment:

    Are you really that uncreative to where you cant make up your own blog posts? Are you seriously that stupid?

    Plagiarizing is being lazy because you can't even come up with your own creative ideas! I LOVE being creative and making my own ideas. I really hate plagiarizing because your taking someone else's work and basically giving yourself credit for it. And i think that was very generous of Bre to give Imp her top hat.

    To Magic if she is reading this,

    How would YOU like it if you got scammed, and how would YOU like it if someone took ideas from YOUR own blog? You don't have any creativeness at all, and you are just a lazy sack of poo who scams and steals other people's ideas. Quit plagiaring snowy and Bre!

    1. That is called The Golden Rule.


  8. She needs to stop now >:l
    -Avril70 NOT Avril71

  9. Magicdream in reply to all of Jamaa: I'm a good gal I am!!!!!
    Jamaa- You are not therefore you must be exiled.
    Magicdream- What?
    Jamaa- Send in the train
    =train runs over== THE END==
    Jamaa-Glad dats ovah!!!
    Bring in the wooden statue of Magicdream!!!
    ==fire is set to the statue==
    Jamaa Dances the night away.....

    1. That's kinda a little harsh..

    2. harsh but fair -3-

    3. Um, that was too much. We are humans, and humans make mistakes/sin/whatever. We have all felt selfishness, jealousy, greed, etc. Killing someone for being human is not the answer to problems. Then you would be killing me, yourself, and everyone on earth.


    4. Sorry I only intended it to be a joke! I just got references from My Fair Lady and Spongebob I didn't mean it literally I just thought it would be amusing sorry if i offended anyone.

  10. Listen Gold..
    You and your little friends need to get a life. Maybe Magic is younger than 12? And maybe she doesn't know any better? Huh? Ever think about that? I know plagurizing is illegal, but did you actually pay for that copyright? Because to copyright something you have to pay money, right? Think about me Gold. Don't just blow me off like I'm a random bitch who talks nonsense. Magic could like you and your blog. Maybe you don't need to talk shit about her and be nicer. You 2 could become friends. I know who I am. And I know what I say. Thank you for your consideration. :)
    A bad bitch who knows what she talkin' 'bout, girl. :)

    1. 1. I didn't criticize Magic for possibly being under 12, XRawrX did.
      2. The first time, it was okay because she possibly didn't know any better, and I kept explaining how it is illegal. But this was the second time she did so, so she DID know better.
      3. No, you don't have to pay for a copyright. All blogger blogs come with copyrights, since you DO post YOUR OWN writing.
      4. She may like me and my blog, but she never expresses it so I wouldn't know.
      5. We have been close friends twice before, once a year ago, and second after we made up from the first time she copied my blog. We have been friends ever since, but recently when she scammed Imp's top and I told her it was wrong, she deleted me.

    2. Notice at the beginning I said, "Friends" So on 1 I was talking about everyone. :)

      abbwkwstag :)

    3. What did my friends and I do? We're sticking up for what's right, and I'm defending my own rights? Is that considered bad?

    4. Excuse me but Magic did the same thing to me. I may be a good friend of Gold's, but that doesn't mean you have to be stereotypical about it. Magic even said she was 13. I was once 13 and I know how I acted, like a little brat who just wanted everything. AJ is really screwed.
      I am sticking up for Imp's rights because she can't say it cause she's afraid of people who would yell at her and tell her that she's lying. You can't judge someone when they say truth. Neither of us are judging. We said that's she bad, okay cool. I'm pretty sure we only did like 3 post in the past 2 weeks about it and no one really cared. I'm just tryin' to be a nice jammer for one of my close friends.

    5. Lol. Magic knows better, shes 14 i think.
      note this is the second time, before this her and gold were friends because gold was nice enough to step up and say "Hey, im sorry for being a little stubborn, lets make up and possibly be friends?" instead of just sitting there saying "ew no she plagarized im never gonna forgive her lol." Magic knew, she knew all of it. She was just lazy and not creative and said: "Im going to be a ____ and copy from goldys blog! I feel tired and i dont FEEL like writing so ill just copy and everything will be fine in "Magics World!" Dont even try to put golds friends in this, Some of them havent even heard of this K? and dont even try to play it like magics some poor little puppy and we bullied her til she cried. She Knew that she was Plagarizing, she knew the consequences.

    6. I know she's not 15 or 14 cause she doesn't act it. She would act the age instead of being a brat. She told Cair 13, and she loves Cair.

    7. She's so immature it seems like she's 11

    8. Why in the hell do you care what age she is! She acted immature, so? There's a lot of mature 11 year old's out there, although most aren't there are a few. Just because YOU acted a certain way, at a certain age doesn't mean the rest of us do! I admit I'm a little girl, know way more than I should, do my homework, cry, pray that I won't hurt anyone by being an idiot, like alternitave rock, and hate almost everyone I know, but it kills me if I hurt someone. I know the spoiled girls my age make all of us look bad, dressing like sluts, arrogance eminating from their very being, but we're not all like that! Some of us are mature enough to know, excuse me for contridicting myself, we're not mature! But we realize it, and we think, "hell, we only live once, and we're kids! We can be immature!" I believe I'll never lose my way of thinking; I'm easily pissed off, as well as easily entertained, I love anything I can cuddle with, I'm not a girly-girl I'm just insanely feminine, I'm shy but once I start talking I'll never shut up, I feel awkward when I'm shopping at my favorrite clothing stores and the employees looked shocked that I shop there, I have acne :P, and I'm me. I've never gone through phases, I've always been this way... So sometimes I feel, oh, I don't know, "different" when my entire age group is categorized to act a certain way, and I don't act that way... I start to wonder if I'm supposed to, and I know I'm not though... And I think that age shouldn't be discussed in society, we're people, and yes some of us don't have as much life expireance, and are shallow bitches, but some of us understand who we are even if we are young. I don't know where I'm going with this I just feel uncomforatable seeing age groups discussed, as if everyone in them acts that way... Oh, and if you were wondering I am only 12, and somewhat of a ditz, so don't take what I so so seriously ^3^

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. (I removed the comment above that I made, had to add some things)
      It's was kinda not on the verge of age, Peppy, but more on the topic about how she acts. At this point, before we posted it, I cared about what Magic did to Imp. After this, I just don't really care about this game anymore. I've realized if people were going to act so ignorant that I should just move on to another game that I may like.
      All I'm saying is that I'm glad I told the public about the true Magic. Now she can do whatever she pleases cause she's still going to act the same way she did before. I just can't wait for that moment when she finally grows up and realizes that friends are more important than being rare. Cause the world ain't what it really is when on a video game. Not tryin' to be disrespectful but that was what my momma told me. To always be honest about things and earn up to your mistakes. And honestly, no one else has done that.
      We're saying what we know is true and what Imperative knows is true. She was there, and she knows what her "best friend" has done to her. She's my friend to. In times like these, you always gotta stick up people with your friends. Cause no one else ain't gonna help you out.
      If Gold seems like a jerk for putting "I regret nothing" on the end of this post, don't be mad at her. I made her put that on there cause I do not regret anything that I have said about her. When I was friends with her, all I heard was rumors and gossip. I don't really like to talk about those topics. I want to be me, and only me. Not like someone who I'm not.
      Unlike Magic, some people just wanna help out there friends, not destroy their lives.

    11. Yeah, don't say "oh ---- must be --- age! she's so stupid", I mean, COME ON! There are some REALLY MATURE young kids you know... Oh, and less cussing/cursing/swearing, k? I mean young MATURE kids are going to be reading this and are going to start swearing and being IMMATURE. Idk how you've all been brought up, but NO ONE is meant to swear. It's B-A-D. Lastly, Breathless, we were friends when you were on Free. Then I thought you quit or something. So yeah. I didn't know you switched etc. Then I found out and you buddied me again. Then for some reason you de-buddied me. Sooooo...then I did a comment on one of your other blogs and you took it as mean. I said sorry and asked you to buddy me. You didn't. :( I guess that was pretty mean. I mean, you say often that you buddied people who were mean to you etc... :/


    12. For crying out loud! Instead of making these ridiculously long comments why don't you friggin post something for us to read!!!! I'm getting tired of this MAGICDREAM SCAMMED IMPERATIVES TOP HAT BUSINESS IT HAPPENED AND WE CAN'T CHANGE IT AND WE CERTAINLY CAN CHANGE MAGIC SO FORGET IT AND MOVE ON WE CAN'T CHANGE TIME THE DAMAGE IS DONE MAGIC PROBABLY HAS NO FRIENDS NOW SO LETS ALL DROP THE SUBJECT AND MOVE ON. Doing this just ridiculous to go on chatting nonsense. It's a kids game and she has no life so we can all get over it!


    14. We haven' swore at least once in this comment tread. And does it really matter to be her buddy? No. You probably just want it to be rare. This is probably just like what we're talking about in post. How people only want rares from the rare people. Magic wanted Imp's top, yep. Okie cool. You criticize her on every post, that's probably why she removed you. Cool.
      Magic hasn't learned anything. That's why we're doing this. To tell everyone to stop hanging out with people like this! It could happen to you any time of the day or night.
      We haven't moved on cause we're trying to at least stick up for Imp. She doesn't have any say in anything anymore cause no one would listen to her cause she's not rare. AJ is getting ridiculous about rares.

    15. @Anon - Erm... I haven't sworn once in my life actually... :p

      @Rjkingbeast - I really don't care about rares. I know that when I was hacked I lost a TON of rares. Loads of people would have quit. I didn't. I had ONE rare left. Then my awesome buddies gave me a few and eventually I got my stuff back. I don't care about rares anymore. I only want 3 (sort of) now.
      1. Top Hats (preferably all of 'em) to give to my buddy.
      2. Tan Carpet, mine was hacked, and I didn't get it back, they look really cool and I just want another XD
      3. My Scarecrows which were hacked and I didn't get back. I had around 35.
      Ok? Soooo... I don't want to be Breathless' buddy anymore, considering how much she dislikes me. If I ever did want to be buddies with her, it's because I don't LIKE having enemies... People are meant to be FRIENDS... Just think that over.

      P.S I know, I know, I'm signed into my sister's blogger XD

    16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    17. @Kinyonga, You just said you didn't care about rares when you just told me what you want that are rare XD I really don't really think you know what "rares" are. And most people lie about their rares. Saying what they used to have and now they don't have anymore, trying to make them seem cool. I honestly don't care about your rares.
      And maybe she doesn't like you cause you're always critizing her and her blog. Maybe you should do your own stuff at least and stop stalking hers and making every judgement possible?

    18. Erm... You're confusing XD I know those are rare...so? Problem with that? I don't. Most people don't. And look, come on, ANYONE who has a blog, and does a mistake, generally WANTS to know where they went wrong, so they can fix it? Fine, if Goldy doesn't want that, I'll accept it. You may as well just ban me from commenting :p

    19. Really anonymous? If you think she's under twelve why are you cussing? If you have nothing to do but criticize other peeps I think YOU should get a life!

  11. Lol the Niall "I regret nothing" I respect that!

  12. Look. For people who think this is going too far, or think this isn't a big deal, I just want to say something. This isn't over a pixelated hat.
    What?!??! I thought this was about Magic scamming Imp's Top hat!
    No, not really. This is about much more. It's about friendship and sticking up for what's right. It's about not taking advantage of others and friends over fame. It's about being yourself and not copying someone because you're jelous of them. It's about being a true jammer.


  13. omg NIALL :D

  14. I blog quite often and I genuinely appreciate your content.
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  15. Meep! By the way, I just saw a comment and it reminded me to tell you Breathless - once (or more) you put "acting like an 8 year old" or something like that. That's really unkind. Think about it: there must be a TON of 8 year olds who play AJ. Some may look at this blog. And I know personally some REALLY MATURE 8 year olds. So...yeah. Oh, and Magic's deleted her blog again I think. Also, you can't definitely know that Magic copied Snowy's posts... I mean, same picture - fine. Almost same post - fine. But that doesn't mean she copied, what Snowy can think up other people can too. And there's also a thing called INSPIRATION. Meep! XD Oh, and also you didn't HAVE to post all those comments about Magic...it just makes it worth, don't you think?


    1. Cats. Everywhere. Ermehgurd did I just die?! MEOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWDecember 1, 2012 at 8:39 AM

      Uh-huh. So Magic has enough inspiration to think of a post that looks 90% like snowy's.

      so you're defending magic now because you seem to have some sorta grudge against breathless. I'm sorry, but that's what it looks like. in a lot of your comments it seems like you don't like breathless because she changed from the person she was as freespirit. but, come on, people change you know.

    2. It seems like Kinyonga just wants to be against whatever Gold says and tells her what to do.
      Kinyonga, let Gold do what she wants. You can post your own material. Gold has NOTHING to do with the age post. And it doesn't really matter. Just get over Gold, please.

    3. @Catseverywhere - Erm... (I know, I've said that WAAAYYY to many times XD) Yeah, ok, so maybe I don't like Goldy. I was ALREADY sticking up for Magic before I knew Goldy was involved, k?

      @Rj - Maybe it seems like that, but that's not how it is, sorry to disappoint you. Oh, I'll let her do what she wants! *does a forced laugh* I don't give a fig about what she does. I'm just sticking up for what I (even if no one else does) think is RIGHT. And you even said it: "You can post your own material." Exactly. I can. And I am! ;)
      And WHAT doesn't really matter? If you mean the age thing, then you've never (I doubt) been more wrong. It DOES matter.

      ~Kinyonga who is STILL signed into her sis :p

    4. Uh, there's a fine line between inspiration and plagiarizing, I think we all know that. Sure, everyone could think up the same thing but there's a difference between taking information from something and copying-and-pasting. I don't think saying "Acting like an 8 year old" is offensive. Our society knows that when you grow older, you get more maturer and sophisticated. All I stated is that Magic doesn't seem as mature as she claims to be, so I referenced the Age that I think fits how she acts.

    5. Hey, hey whoa! Saying "acting like an 8 year old" IS DEFINITELY offensive, in some cases. If she's being really horrible (for instance) then that's REALLY offensive. There are some PERFECTLY CHARMING 8 year olds and you seriously shouldn't compare.


    6. Most kids who are 8 shouldn't be on blogger and talking like they know everything XD

    7. What's that supposed to mean?

    8. It means that 8 years olds shouldn't try to be the wise guy and think they know it all.
      And stop being so mean to goldy. Don't even comment on this blog. There would be so much more peace if you stopped commenting and even going on this blog, kin.
      A very angry drago9- pseudonym-

  16. I like cats. Mwaaah~December 1, 2012 at 8:35 AM

    How did this go from plagiarizing to the topic of age maturity? o_o I mean, people are arguing now about how mature someone can be, when the real problem is/was Magic plagiarism problem.

    What in the world happened. o_o

  17. I was an 8 year old two years ago. I wish I still was. If so, I wouldn't have got mixed up in this horrid world of swearing D: And as far as my experience goes 8 year olds are usually a LOT more mature than 12-17 year olds. It's just a fact.

  18. Hi There..
    *Crowd Stares* :O IT'S IMPERATIVE!
    Yeah, Ok Hi..
    So Magic's older sister (XxFieryWolfxX) gave me a pink w/ brown top.. I wanted to get one for my open sign, and rares, but I guess this will do.. I mean seriously it's ok.. sort of ish.. I feel ok with it. I feel like there should be more words in this comment, but I don't know.
    ~Imperative Sort Of..
    ☼ Sunny Hands ☼
    ♪ Bye I guess.. ♫

  19. Wooooow you could make like five posts just talking about what you people are talking bout in the comments.

  20. Oh, and by the way, you DO have to pay to get proper copyright... I mean, otherwise you could say "blablabla copied me by using this background on their blog when I did" and that would be stealing their background and they could go to prison for breaking copyright which doesn't make any sense.

  21. Lol my comment xD;;

    Well I'm very open about my opinions.. don't you think? Haha well I read it all and I'm very proud of myself *insert ego here pls* and that I agree with everything is in this post: Magic does not have the right to steal from this blog or Animal Jam Freedom. Technically you can get thrown into jail or juvenile by copyright without written permission... Just thought I'd put that out there in case Magic, who I know probably read this post, looks at the comments and sees how much of a douche she is.

    ~Rawr waz hur.jpg

  22. Hey Goldy, Im sorry about being rude... and magical delted everything.. and could you please be a author of my blog. im coming back to animal jam and i need a partner... :) bye and sorry about what happened

  23. Okay, first of all, if Magic is older than eight, I would think she'd learn her lesson. When I was eight, I had learned mine.
    Second of all, for some reason the comments had transformed about an argument about ages.
    And third of all, Kiyonga, that's like standing up for a criminal. Unless you're a lawyer and it's your job, why are you defending the one who can't get their own ideas, so they steal yours instead? "There's a fine line between inspiration and plagiarism."

  24. I think that you should tell XRrawrX that s/he is being mean, and to stop cussing.

  25. Is it just me, or are those '100' that view her Goldys fans, hating?


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