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Friday, November 9, 2012

Lessons of Jamaa #33: Some things NEVER HAPPEN

Hi Everyone!
Today I'd just like to declare something that might sound a bit rude, and a bit harsh, but it's true. 

some things never happen.

Yupp, let's face the facts. I'm not talking about crazy things, like saying that an alien is going to come down to earth and grab me and my computer while I'm typing this, and bring me back to his home planet called Kakaluuz. No, that's most likely not going to happen, but I guess it could. I'm talking about real things, like things that you wish could happen, but they don't. Now, this doesn't apply to rares. No. You can get any rare, it's actually quite easy, it is a kids game, right? It's not really that strategical if you think about it.. I'm talking about drama and stuff. 
For this post, I'm going to tell a story. Now, this story is about Gingerpawz and I's relationship, but in NO MEANS do I mean to hate on Gingerpawz in ANYWAY, I still love her and care about her and she's a wonderful jammer. If you leave any hater comments, they will be deleted immediately, and comment moderation will be turned on and you will have ruined it for everyone. ._. So don't leave any mean comments, k? k.
Anyways, So here's a story from a to z. (Ya wanna get with me you better listen carefully, lol no for any of you who know that song..back to the story >.<) So I made a post apologizing about all this drama that has happened between me and Gingerpawz, if you scroll down you can see it. She commented saying we could be friends If I wanted, but she was quitting soon. I was relieved, and I thought we could become close again. 
Yesterday, I followed my friend to her den and she was there, with some of her friends and a few fans. I was excited, and I thought she would be, too. I went over by her, "GINGER" "GINGER!" I repeated. She said brb, and went to her friends den. Shortly after, she returned. I assumed she didn't know I changed users, and she just thought I was a copier of my Admiral Rockypaw bunny. But after awhile, some random person came and asked if I was goldy, and I said yes, so obviously that wasn't the case anymore. Ginger played and joked around with her other friend named Mel, and I felt quite awkward for awhile. It was a little depressing sitting there, watching my old friend, who's bunny's name is Mister ArcticClaw, after my old username.. 
I tried to break the ice, questioning, "Ginger..?" "Ginger?" after she somewhat ignored me, I didn't know if it was intentional or not, I said, "Ginger, are we good now?" confirming if she was still upset with me or not. She finally noticed me, and said what I remember to be "I think so." or something like that.. anyways, it wasn't quite what I expected. 

I thought we would reunite, hug, catch up, add eachother, and hangout the rest of the night, but like the title says, some things never happen. I tried to send her a buddy request, but the sign came up saying that her list was full. She kept mentioning how she was quitting, which I assumed was why she didn't feel like catching up, or she just wasn't ready to become friends again. I don't know.

But, I respect her decision, and I'm just glad she knows that I still care about her, and miss her, and I finally let out the truth, and she didn't get mad. Even though it's not what I dreamed about, it is what it is, and I've done all I can.

Quick LOJ, but oh well. Had to get it off my chest, thanks guizeeee. o:


  1. Well, I hope you guys are good now.

    I'm really disappointed to hear that Gingerpawz is quitting though.. D:

    That's just so depressing that everyone is quitting.


  2. I'm sad that Ginger is quitting. If that's what she feels she needs to do, we can't control her actions. Glad you guys are good now!

  3. Ok FYI before i say this, it is in absolutely no means to be rude or mean to you Bree.
    Sometimes i feel like this with you.. i mean sometimes you dont answer me and i feel really awkwad and left out. Also, i miss when we always hung out and could laugh about virtualy aything :) ah good times :P But, things have changed. Iv changed, You've changed, Even AJ has changed.
    Change change change.. But Everything changes at one point right?
    When i talk to you, your alays nice and sweet but you seem very seriouse sometimes and its just strange. i dont remember it always bieng like this.
    Ok i Just wanted to say that.. get it off my chest.
    Again, not wanting to hate, be rude, or mean what so ever your still great and friendly

    1. Sorry, I know, I know. I don't really joke on AJ that much anymore, I pretty much go on quick, answer jamagrams, talk to whoever I need to talk to, and then get off. I usually don't answer much because I'm on skype, talking to a bunch of people. >.< Nobody on AJ can really make me laugh anymore.

    2. I tried making you laugh with my gummy bear ^_^

  4. Haha, I love the Spice Girls. My dad recently started listening to them… a little late for that eh? XD Their Olympic performance was AWESOME!!!!! :D - chorus2010

  5. Hey my name's Bree but spelled differently!

  6. Please don't take this as a hater comment, cuz I'm not trying to be a hater.

    I think Gingerpawz was very overdramatic about the whole thing. And its really sad thats shes quitting because of it. And have you seen the picture on her site? Its kind of creepy. But what I'm really trying to say here is that gingerpawz could have talked to people in private, not broadcast it to everyone, then quit. I think that altogether, gingerpawz actions were unnecessary.

    So, again, please don't think of me as a hater, I'm just trying to express my opinion.

  7. I don't think Ginerawz should've ignored goldy like that. I mean, sure, you're quitting but why not spend the last couple days together? That can't be asking a lot, if you ask me.
    My friend did the same thing. She was going to quit, since she thought she might've been banned because of me, whatever, idk. She turned herself blue, and once she kept on adding me, she deleted me a second later. (Jailyn02), and she turned herself all blue. Another one of my friends claire123, thought she was being neglected. SHe ignored me, deleted me and pretty soon I stopped bothering her. I still hate her for doing that, and I think she's a jerk. Claire, if ur reading this, U DESERVE IT, KAY?

  8. I don't get why people are suddenly quitting. I mean, yes, Aj is changing, but a lot of buddies like to hang out with you, virtually.

  9. Well, I'm not trying to be very mean to you, claire123, but i thought it was rude you just deleted me when i talked to u a lot.

  10. It's good to let it out sometimes!


    1. Lol, thanks! I thought there'd be a lot of haters when i posted my comment. :)

  11. Many people are quitting AJ these days because of many fights :(
    I hope that Snowy and Ginger can reunite because many people are commenting because not only they love Snowy and respect her because she's famous, I'm not saying I hate Snowyclaw, I'd say she's a great Jammer and doesn't make her blog for popularity , I've met her a few times in Jamaa and had a few Buddy Glitches... :( . I don't believe that Ginger is a really harsh person like that, I think that she's just sad and I know she wants this to stop but after telling the story, she just wants to let people know, know to MAKE people believe what she says but just to let them know, I thought that even though that post was a bit harsh and may be true, it sorta taught... thought (however you spell it? How to be careful and aware of scammers. Right now Ginger is really sad and she even posted many things like "TO ALL HATERS, HERE'S MY BROKEN HEART" and I feel really sad to see her just depressed like that because of many people objecting her. We don't know the true story do we? That's why most of the times, let's just try to be nice to those that we don't believe that's right because now ... Look what some of the people who think Ginger is bad did to Ginger, they made her quit and feel bad. Though a bit was sorta Ginger's fault like all that but don't blame it on her, she was just in a very bad tempered mood so she wrote like that, I don't believe that she was really going to say all those mean things, it's just that most of the time when we are angry we just can't keep it to ourselves and we just blabber out everything we say. Be nice to both of them >< and yes I do agree that Ginger was a bit overdramatic but I guess she was just angry, (same reason...) so it's ok.

    Goldy/Breathless, I guess that if Ginger doesn't want to be with you, then... Don't force her too, just be the normal Goldy and if you feel sad about something, just discuss it with Ginger. I'm sure she would be a nice jammer and listen to what you say, right? And if she just continues ignoring you then... Sorry I don't know what to do. :( Good Luck on trying to spend the last days with Ginger before she quits! :)

    *Sorry for the super long comment, sometimes I just type a bit too much, or actually... Too much . You can report this as a spam if you want Goldy, I'm just letting my feelings out though I think that was way too much than usual ... (._.")

  12. If Ginger didn't post that post (about snowy), Ginger wouldn't quit.

  13. Hey Breathless!


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